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  1. Alright, well in this one. These guys were horribly hostile towards me as you see in the video. I was following them because there were gun's being aimed in the streets while my buddy and I were in town getting apples. We saw the whole thing. People ended up splitting ways and these guys seemed up to no good. They were hostile towards some guy in town which is why my buddy and I were watching them. I was in character the entire time and they say I was trolling but all in all. I was spying on them as they were entering a town 3 other guys were in whom I knew. I sacrificed being caught to see how hostile they were towards me. I followed his direction and put my bow on the ground but I was hesitant due to the fact being that he has just as much of a right to respect me the same way I was respecting him. They aimed guns at me as soon as I listened to him, thinking he wanted to talk. I acted as if I was putting myself up to be taken in or shot and with the courage of my life, stood up, and ran from the hostile people. At no time did it show me being hostile. -USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST-
  2. Busy Exploring

    [S3 EU] Attempted RDM

    Well, you seem like a pretty cool guy outside of the character you were playing. Being that I am new, I did not think through the fact that you may have been acting. That was literally my first life in a role playing environment. I got a lot to learn.
  3. Busy Exploring

    [S3 EU] Attempted RDM

    Yes, I guess I deserve the ban. I'm fairly new to role playing and that guy was a pure dick as all I was doing was learning how to use the bow and arrow. That's a common thing in my real life so I didn't understand why he was being such a twat and throwing off demands. I began to jog off because my roommate and I were laughing our asses off at how much of a dick this guy was out of no where, haha. I knew nothing of the area nor who he was. After all the highly un-needed shit talking I thought to myself that such a person shouldn't deserve to even walk the lands. I'm fairly new to the game couldn't figure out the 3rd person shooting. The aiming is all wonky and my graphics card needs an upgrade. I went for cover around the door and got stuck in it when i tried to stand up. From how he shot me wasn't how my character looked on my screen. When I tried to get up my got crouched and went through the wall somehow it seemed and then I died. I guess I just happened to get stuck in a glitchy part of the map. Anyways, the dude was obviously a dick, no reason. It was DEFINITELY one of the most hilarious encounters I've come across. We live, we learn.
  4. It seems that I've failed my test on the forums... I tried answering it correctly and even double checked my answers with the rules. I also didn't know the server required you to read an entire book before knowing how to play >.< I'll have to retake the test again tomorrow... I was hoping to get on and meet you guys tonight before I have to sleep but that 6 hour cool down is no joke.
  5. I look forward to meeting everyone of you in the community. I bought Dayz about 3 weeks ago and I love it but I'm in search of an awesome community and this looks very promising. I'll talk to you all soon!