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  1. Seeing the video the 3 most obvious problems that i saw in both mine and Baboo's playing. Firstly the the moments of complete silence and not actually RPing with the person being robbed. Second doing things that make no sense, for example striping the subject and leaving him naked for any longer period of time. And the final flaw, our confusing orders/demands. The easiest way to fix these is, well not actually robbing people until i have alot more experience in RPing and these kind of situations in general. Also getting advice or doing it with more experienced players is in my opinion another good way to do it alot better. Experiencing the situation actually made me realize pretty quick that is was executed awfully and the justified report that came after didn't really come as a surprise to me in the end.
  2. -snip- My reason was a lack of food and utility gear like canteens and such. Also considering that i was interested in such a aggressive play/RP style it seemed like the fasted and most interesting way to do it. And as it turned out i wasn't prepared for it.
  3. Okay this is my PoV. Me and my friends have been interested in a more aggressive playing/RP style for a while and then a Sudden "dream" situation pops up. A lone player already kneeling down and drinking. What followed was a disaster of robbery. It was not mine or my friends intention to ruin anyone's RP experience. This was our first robbery and it was not planned or executed in any good way. Having thought about the situation I know what we did (almost everything) wrong and promise to improve my RP and plan and executed my aggressive action alot better in the future.
  4. It's gotta be some sick Bomfunk MC's beats