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  1. Bye

    Peace bud. have a good one
  2. Newcomer

    Welcome matey!
  3. I absolutley loved tonight roleplaying with the clowns here is my vod for anyone who would like to watch it. https://www.twitch.tv/aaroncoates94/v/98061700 Also who ever holds the name "Zidane Martinez" i want to thank you for one of the best RP hostages ive ever RP'd with it was a pleasure little timmy!
  4. (Ye Olde) Masquerade Media Thread

    https://www.twitch.tv/aaroncoates94/v/98108569 - CLOWNING AROUND #BIRTHDAYWISHES!
  5. DayZRP In-Game / Progressive Timeline:

    Pretty cool idea tbh +1
  6. DayZRP Stream Team

    Count me in on this!
  7. CJ's Open Radio [OPEN]

    [align=center]"it was a long night walking alone, Aaron begins to wonder were his friends/family have gone, He heads to green mountain hoping to get a radio signal. As he gets closer to his destination he hears a static voice speaking over the radio"[/align] [align=center]*Holds Down PTT*[/align] [align=center]"Aaron Begins to Breathe Heavy"[/align] [align=center]*Releases PTT*[/align] [align=center]Says to him self "Wait it cant be CJ". he gets closer to green mountain and the signal gets stronger he begins to realize that the voice that is speaking is very familiar,. that was it![/align] [align=center]*Holds Down PTT*[/align] [align=center]"Cj!! is that you its been so long ive been so alone i hope things are okay buddy i lost everyone towards the castle after the night of the storm if you can still hear me please head north i have food and supplies that will last us months! bring who ever you can find"[/align] [align=center]*Aaron Begins to start breathing heavy*[/align] [align=center]"Aaron Notices someone in the distance and shouts "Hey Buddy" the manly figure sprints towards Aaron"[/align] [align=center]*Grunting and moaning can be heard over the radio*[/align] [align=center]"HELP! - Aaron Repeats twice over the radio"[/align] [align=center]*PTT Released*[/align]
  8. DayZRP Trailer Contest 2016

  9. The Journal Of Rose Elisabeth Vardent

    Nice! also the layout looks dope
  10. To the trolls

    Happend to me a few times but try not to get angry if it happens buddy. its easily findable, like other people just post it in another locations mate