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  1. All good now thank you very much!
  2. Hello guys, It wont let me add my discord account through settings which is rather odd, is there anyway to sort this out. Just an old player returning back, last time i played was back in the team speak days Hope you guys can help me thanks a bunch.
  3. Been apart of this community for a long time. off and on through the years. everytime i return it always feels good to be back!

  4. Needle dick XD 

    1. FalkRP



  5. Sorry mate. working really hard atm. so i havent been around due to not being able to get on computer. ill be active again shortly. the group is still underway were still working on stuff
  6. Merry fucking Christmas guys, have a good one


    Much love x

    1. Joe


      Happy thanksgiving 

    2. OpTempest


      Have a merry fuckin' Christmas mucka!

    3. Walnuts
  7. LMAO WOW good to know Oh really i never knew that it would be cool man Never seen it mate ill take a look Yeah i know that but you know what i mean the actual dayz mod for arma 3 isnt the best i mean from what ive experienced but that was a while ago. i mean this may work but like people are currently saying its failed in the past
  8. Trust me mate. doing this will divide the community in 2. i certainly wont be playing the arma 3 mod unless its as complex as dayz currently is. quick question have you even seen the chernaur map on arma 3? its not even half the size of the current chernaur, but this would be a down vote for me. ive ran the second biggest arma 3 life community in history of arma RP and trust me Arma 3 roleplay is dead, shame like because its amazing and i know it could be good but id wait until we see how far we can go with standalone modding before this is implemented.
  9. Hyped to RP tomorrow night! #synapticfoundation

    1. Saints


      Group looks sick mate. Can't wait to see the rp you guys bring with it.

  10. Welcome mate, Hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Got to love a good nightshift like FML

    1. OpTempest


      Call in sick (I just woke up, fell asleep). You need extra recovery time bro,

    2. aaroncoates


      No chance mate. Unfortunately the mental hospital is very low on staffing tonight so i need to go in. P.S WE ARE GOING ON DAYZ TOMORROW no excuses need to get this group going big time!

    3. OpTempest


      Fairs - Yeah I'm going in tonight. 

    4. aaroncoates


      Good. look for a settlement for our base of operations, cant wait to start getting involved with people and developing our lore!

  12. couldnt think of anything better than a loremaster overseeing it. gives me good vibes and a insane HYPE. Thank you
  13. You too buddy, Glad you like the idea really nice to here positive feed back from everyone.
  14. Thinking of a song for your profile is always a CHORE! I cant be the only one who changes it every 3 days -_-

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