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  1. Curt was born in Dallas, Texas and he was put into karate classes at the age of 3. He excelled quickly and was sooner rather than later he was thrown into the acting scene. His parents enrolled him in acting classes and he took some small roles here and there as a child. Once he reached the age of 19 he began taking roles in B list action films, he was in Tides of blood, tides of blood 2 and tides of blood 3: it's drying. Then he took some roles in Rage of the Burning Fist. That was his biggest break, when he took that role he made 3 more movies and each one was better than the last. He slowly became more and more famous. It was around this time that he was offered some drugs, and Curt being Curt, took them. He got hooked and within 3 weeks, Rage of the Burning 3: More Fisting was released and he arrived to the premiere naked. His face was plastered on every major news media outlet in America and within weeks he lost all of his roles. He was out of luck, and out of a job so he took the only job that his agent could find and the set was located in Chernogorsk. When he arrived his agent told him to wear a gopro to document the filming, what he documented however was the breakdown of a society. These are those tapes...
  2. Hey again, for the second time I'm back after taking a break. I created a fun character and after playing for a day I decided I'd wait for an update before playing, so it's been a few weeks after the update and I'm back! I'm ready to take the plunge back into DayZ. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. See how's everyone and if anyone needs an actor that wants to make all his B-list action movies and perform them. Let me know, if you need some entertainment. :^)
  3. *David takes his radio in his hand after hearing each transmission and pushes the PTT button* "All of you are so hostile, I'm David Hawkins, you would've heard of me if you were from the states. I'm an actor. Doesn't mean I bitch and whine. "Get Mine?" You all are so hostile. Jesus, I mean really, I'm here providing some entertainment to this fucking wasteland. Smile a little bit. I'm gonna redeem my fucking career apocalypse or not. I hope I "Get Mine" and by mine I mean fame and redemption. Now, if you wouldn't mind fucking off my frequency. Careful with that cough, stuff like that could kill ya. Now, I think my priorities are fine, many people out here have some priorities, some people wanna watch the world burn, some people wanna see people suffer, I want to see people be entertained. My priorities are to make each person smile at my movies, I want to make the world a place that is filled with entertainment again. Can you see it? You might not have my artistic talent, but I hope you get to see it one day. I hope you get to see it." *He pauses briefly, taking a finger off the PTT button, he dusts off his jacket and fixes his hair, placing his finger on the PTT button once more and pressing down he continues.* "Now, I know this may seem odd to a lot of you, but I don't want to be hostile, I will gladly sign autographs and take pictures. I want to redeem myself for my past mistakes in life. I want to leave the world with a resounding applause. You'll see, I'll show all of you. I'll leave a mark on this world. I'm not inviting people to see my plays, I'm a traveling man, I will travel to places that will have me. I will not let anything dim my spotlight." *He takes his finger off the PTT button, he looks around at the dimly lit room he has hid himself in. A paper and pen sit in front of him a stack of completed papers sit neatly to the side of the desk. He walks onto the broken glass of the beer bottle from before. He sits down in a corner and begins to cry silently while repeating the same words, "I will redeem my career" over and over.*
  4. David Hawkins takes a cold thumb to the PTT button on his radio he takes a deep breathe in and speaks these words with a hint of excitement behind them. "Ladies and Gentleman, those of you from the US would surely know me, I am David Hawkins. You know me from my action classics like Inferno of Revenge 3: Back for More or Quadruple Death. I know a lot of you are missing that kind of entertainment in the world, so I offer you this, I am forming a theatre troupe. I need people to help me put on shows, but once we have built up what we need I will get the scripts written and we will gladly put on our movies. We'll start by having Inferno of Revenge 3: Back for More. I'll need actors, but once we find those the possibilities are endless. If you want to book us find me on this frequency... David Hawkins is back for more!" He releases the PTT button and sets the radio onto his desk. He takes a stack of paper from under his desk and begins to write the movie scripts that he wants to recreate. A bottle of beer sits on the table, he takes it his hand, "I haven't touched the stuff since I lost my mind back in the States...", he chucks it at the wall and continues writing.
  5. David Hawkins had quite the wild ride of emotions with the Soul Reapers, robbed him, shot him, then saved his life. The story that David Hawkins is very real.
  6. Update Update: David Hawkins attempted suicide as he could no longer cope that he would not be rebirthed since his GoPro was destroyed. He was about to pull the trigger when the men who shot him from before walked in and told him he had so much to live for. They convinced him to start a theatre troupe and take up reenacting his old movies. He has decided that it's for the best that he takes up his new profession and becomes an entertainer.
  7. Update: David Hawkins was out and about, he got robbed put the gopro down and did a sit down interview about the ordeal. He met 2 men on a road and was surprised to learn that they were friends with the lady and guy that robbed him. He was shot for "being disrespectful" to their friends. It literally went through the Gopro, but saved his life. He is currently freaking out on the inside.
  8. He's been surviving in the forest and grew a large beard, he shaved it and decided to head out into the world. His coping mechanism is believing that his dead gopro is going to shoot a movie.
  9. Vendetta of Payback Duke of Blood Triple Domination Maximum Punishment Master of Danger The movies of David Hawkins
  10. It's me David Hawkins, you probably heard of me if you're from the states. I was the major action movie star in Quadruple Death or maybe Inferno of Revenge 3: Back for more. I was huge, but one day I decided to let my mind wander and I did some risky things. News story after news story about the "Failed action star" surfaced. My Hollywood Walk of Fame star... ruined. I was a washed up actor, but that all changed when I got a call from my agent. Someone wants me to star in a new movie that's being shot in some place called Chernarus. I packed my bags and got onto their helicopter, I slept the whole way, but we landed in the middle of a field. They strapped a GoPro to my chest and kicked me off the helicopter. They gave no word when they'd be back, but I'm here now and I guess I have to be my own director, producer, and story writer. I don't know about all this, I also don't know why they chose here of all places. Hell, I'll check it out. Probably set this whole thing up and want me to show that I'm a guy who thinks on his toes. This is the movie that will redeem me... This is my time to shine, brighter than ever.
  11. Trust me, not gonna fuck with the Trust. That's the last thing I want to do. LOL.
  12. I have an idea for how the group is going to get started and everything. It'll start within the Trust as a subgroup of zombie killers, the more violent members would come out with me to go hunting. With that we'll slowly get more organized until we get to a point where we feel confident to take on smaller groups. Hopefully growing with that. It'll be fun to get it to a point where no one knows who is in charge.
  13. My current idea for my character, is very Negan esque. If things come together, he'll essentially get in contact with other groups while being very organized and tax other group for food, ect. Supplies that I feel are under Rp'd as being robbed. It'll be fun to have hostile RP without just being gunned down. I'm excited for having a time to do this. Line them up and take a nailed basebal bat to one. It'll be great.
  14. Richard2guns

    Looking For Active Players To Join My YouTube Series

    I'll join as an enemy group? It would be fun.