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  1. A quick googl e search on days glitches lead me back to the dayzrp forum where someone has posted that it didn't count as dying, I know th rules cover if you die traditionally in game, shot/fall but to the best of my knowledge says nothing about the games glitching, http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Rules-clarification-to-Newcomers Had there have been people there I would have simply retreated and left the area knowing that I was shot, then of course filed the KOS report for being KOS. Because glitch was mentioned is why I went back, finding no body I concluded it might have been looted and hidden, and since you can't pull logs without a report I posted report. I quit playing shortly after that, discouraged that my perfect load out was just done 5 minutes into play time. I do not believe I broke any rules. TO answer you question directly, it was a decision I made on my own.
  2. Less then 25 minutes, I spawned on the corner of the coast. Was able to dead run back (since that doesn't count as NLR right?) Body was gone, I was getting out of car... Probably fell off map then.
  3. Server and location: s1 South Of factory Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Today, 22:55 - 23:25 Your in game name: Mordoc Valenski Names of allies involved:unknown Name of suspect/s: NA Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):Zavera Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I Have the video of me being in car- me dead. Detailed description of the events: I was messing around in a car, suddenly I had a "You are dead" Screen. I went to ask for staff, they said it might have glitched, Zevera however heard gunshots near the car at this time, She had no confirmed it though, or that it was near car, Admin mentioned I might have glitched died, when i returned then to verify that, my body was gone, so naturally im suspecting KOS, I would have no idea who, depends on logs I suppose.
  4. Mordoc Valenski, ace reporter, always on the scene when things go down! Broadcasted from Green mountain by Audio and Video! (There is a quick jump in the comments)
  5. Yes, I sprayed it. Silly me. I'm just glad Puma had given me five rounds for the magnum, or i'd be flesh right now. THere was also a shooting retreat from the city once I loaded my gun.
  6. Ran into some issues when trying to take down some infected, Listen real close for that click. BTW, NSFW (language), My character felt expressive.
  7. We figured out that shifting the gears makes it go somewhere. Then promptly crashed into a tree, threw up our hands and returned to walking.
  8. i seem to be gettign stuck in infinate initializing screen.. somethign wwrong with server? made character alright then got stuck... same issue for Puma as wll
  9. //****this report is on prices of paper scattered throughou he wasteland. Generally left in bigger cities and populated areas. A Tale of Drugs and Flesh By: Mordoc Valenski 12/21/2015 (Probably?) North-West Airfield, Most of you already know not to stray too close to the airfield in the north-west of Chernarus, but I traveled there to find out the real reason why, you should never, go there. A few days ago, the exact time a blur, I found myself sneaking around the abandoned military base, abandoned so I thought. Being only my third day in the country I had heard there would be people to talk to, stories to take, and I found that. Crouched in some barracks, searching for some spare canteens, a man unexpectedly walked in on me. Both immediately declaring ourselves unhostile we calmed our nerves and started to chat. Jimmy was his name, he seemed like a decent individual, I mean he didn't shoot at me, and that's becoming the most decent person you can find. Although I didn't assetain much about this gentleman he did inform me of a gunfight that had recently happened nearby in New Paris. As our discussion went on I mentioned that the 501st might be there to help, then the other voice came. A man behind cover demanding we put our hands in the air. We complied. When they revealed themselves Jimmy took they started asking me questions, how do I know the 501st, and who told me about them. Jimmy, either being a fool or a hero, ran for it. The two captors raised their weapons and fired several times, missing thankfully. The two men then dragged me away. These men turned out to be the remnants of the 501st, referring to anyone else claiming the title in less than positive ways. Jimmy then showed up, he was promptly guns down, maybe he made it? They asked me a round of questions about who I knew wand what I knew about their Fanatical (Russian sounding) Leader. After they were done, they decided to make me a new client of theirs. And so they injected me with Sweetwater. As my vision slowly began to play tricks on me they decided to leave me at that, left me with everything I had, even pointed me back to the airfield. Joke was on me though, by the time I got to the airfield I couldn't feel my legs and the ground wouldn't stay still. I remember gunshots, across the air field, I remember trying to hide. Two men ran by and I took a leap of faith and yelled for help. Next thing I know they're trying to help me, then my friends from earlier showed up, and opened fire on the two individuals. They didn't harm me, even a little though, they sent me off in another direction and in my hallucinating state I simply went. I found myself in an empty New Paris, with a radio in my hand somehow. I remember calling for help, and being told where to go, but other then that the entire town was a blur. Now this is where things get a little unreliable, I would have doubted they happened myself had I not woke up with the injuries the following day. In my state I remember walking up to a group of people, they had flares out, waving them around, I thought they could help. The next thing I know some guy is taking a chunk out of my arm, with his mouth. Another man, was trying to eat me. I think there was people around, but I blacked out at that point. When I awoke I was alone, all of my gear was gone, and I was injured, and well still high. I crawled for a long time, before I made it to help, who actually wanted to help me. So to conclude this field report, unless you want to have the trip of a life, feel the need to get more drugs in your system, and possibly be eaten alive, stay the hell away from the North West Airfield.
  10. Quick on everyone. Where on the forum would it be good to post "news articles"/"journal entries" that I'd be leaving around the wasteland? Like literally poorly copied prices of paper with a story on it. I thought about radio chatter but felt that was wrong... Thanks in p
  11. Where has this game been all my life? Which game on steam? LiF - Your own? thank you!
  12. First night in Chanarus, Met up with lost friend by a seeming miracle... Then another friend of his, Soon found myself up close and personal with a dead infected. She had a name, Victory, and she's really gone now. Victoria.... Not victory.
  13. ursoulreaper

    When the servers come back.

    Seeing that I just got whitelisted... yesterday? I'd like to start RPing! I'm looking forward to this patch, purposefully not reading patch notes in the hope i have some new things to discover. (Played WAY too much Arma 2 mod.) Going to do my best to find a pen and some paper early on, start taking interview notes and getting stories,(Which I'll be entering OOC in my IPAD to post, would people like that?) while searching for a friend (who's already whitelisted) ICly throughout the lands. I'M SO FREAKIN' EXCITED. //rapidly refreshes page to see if servers back.
  14. Hello everyone. I'll be starting tonight.. as Modoc Valenski, journalist. Looking forward to meeting new poeple and situations.