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  1. Hmmm, I am thinking that I had that problem due to server issues as I see that servers 1 and 2 are down for a while again. I hope that things will get better so I can enjoy roleplaying again. You can mark this thread solved if you want
  2. Hi everyone, I have joined this community not long ago. There were unfortunate DDOS attack etc. which did not let me play. Now that I see it is gone, I want to play again but after 5 minutes I get Battleeye error and get kicked from the server. I tried other servers and they work without a problem. Also, only once I managed to play in North America server without a problem for a day but as I am from Europe, my ping is very high on US server (180-250ms) so I would rather not play there. I tried verifying game file cache, I have a clean OS installation, have no unnecessary softwares (I only use Windows Defender as antivirus and have Steam folder excluded), have the latest drivers for ethernet card etc. etc. There is no problem in any other Battleeye dependent game (I also play Arma 3) and in any other server. Is there an explanation to this on the server side or is there anything wrong with me? Thanks in advance.
  3. I personally tried to create a foreign character because creating a native one would give me too many advantages and I want to have challenges when I play. I know most of the map so I can find my way around easily, but having a foreign character gives me more roleplaying options, for example, if I don't have a map and/or compass, I simply walk blindly or pretend to be lost from time to time. I act like I can't read the town names so even with a map sometimes I still get lost It gives me more ways to interact with people. I ask them if they know what town this is or if they have a map they can give me etc. etc.
  4. BluesAdam

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    Green Boonie Hat M65 Field Jacket (Beige I believe) Brown Hunter Pants Brown Leather Shoes Sporter .22
  5. Hi all, Today I finally managed to play in DayZRP server. I had great fun and also took some screenshots on the way. I wanted to share it with you all. Before I begin, I would like you to remember that in all my gameplays I only walk. I never run or sprint unless I really need to, so it might look like a short journey to you but I can assure you that it was a long one for me. I hope you enjoy 221100_2015-12-13_00002 by Gökhan Armağan, on Flickr[/img] I wanted to climb to the highest hill I could see to get a better view of my surroundings, in hope of finding another village. All I could see were endless forests. 221100_2015-12-13_00010 by Gökhan Armağan, on Flickr[/img] Voila! A town and a big one at that. It's a shame though that big towns also have infected in them. I could hardly sneak past a couple of them. Also I hear several shots coming from the east. Also the red hue means sun is setting. Better be on my way. https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5769/23623484872_359a39ef6b_o.png' alt='23623484872_359a39ef6b_o.png'>221100_2015-12-13_00011 by Gökhan Armağan, on Flickr[/img] It was pitch black by the time I came across a single cottage by a relatively smaller asphalt road. It looked so cozy, I decided to spend the night there. Set up a nice fire in there and sang a few of my favourite songs. I was fed, warm and happy. Now it's all about the next day. I like it here too, so maybe I will start farming here, who knows?
  6. >Spawns in Elektro >Runs inland >No hordes >Profits
  7. BluesAdam

    [GUIDE] Making a Video Series!

    About that, I used to record my microphone with Audacity seperately, but it was becoming a nuisance during editing. Each video I had to deal with syncing the two tracks. Lately, I started using OBS Multiplatform. It has VCE support for my AMD gpu and it allows recording multiple tracks at the same time. It records my microphone and the in-game sounds seperately which helps me edit the videos way quicker. If you are looking for such a solution, you might want to give it a shot.
  8. It's gonna take forever for something to be done about it, if ever. Hmm, that's a shame then. Whole day's fun is ruined because a kid is angry. I don't understand people.
  9. So, as far as I understood from several ddos protection services' websites, reporting this to authorities and the server provider can help take an action against the DDOSer. Is that right? If it is true, why don't we do it?
  10. BluesAdam

    Battle Eye kick

    People seriously have no idea how many people they are fucking up acting like angry little kids. I got whitelisted today and as it's weekend, I was going to start having some fun and uh-oh, server is being ddosed. I don't understand people, what gives you the right to take away from 50 people like this. If those kids had one cop knocking their door they would start crying like babies "oh officer I won't do it again pleaseee I swear!" This thing should be a felony and punished. They are not only blocking 50 people from having fun but also stealing money from the server owner indirectly. People pay money to keep servers up for god's sake and you make the servers unusable, basically stealing from the server owner and all the players. I am seriously frustrated and angry right now. If only people had the guts to confront openly instead of hiding behind a monitor like soft-balled infants.
  11. Turkey. It actually helped me a great deal preparing my character's background as it is close to Chernarus
  12. BluesAdam

    Character Theme Songs!

    [video=youtube] This would be mine for sure.
  13. In all the games I tried roleplaying, even in the most acknowledged servers, I had problems similar to what you described in 1, 2 and 3. Of course, no one is expected to be a roleplay veteran, but still, I don't think this could be an excuse as common sense is often enough to keep roleplaying fun and realistic. I just wanted to give a few examples myself. 1. Back in the day, when I was playing Mount & Blade Warband's Persistent World mod, there was this *taxing* thing going on. Whenever someone encountered a defenseless player, they would say "give 500 or die!" There was no other sentence uttered, no well thought conversation... "Give 500 or die." As it happens in every video game, people try to find a shortcut while roleplaying as well. 2. Learning a player's name is another aspect that can yield very goofy moments. You walk up to a player and say "Hey man, bla bla bla. So... what's your name?" and the person responds with his in-game nickname: "Well, it's written on my head, it's *masterkiller69*" This also kills the immersion for me. 3. Abusing the text rp possibilities. Let's say you are held up, your capturer approaches you and a wild string of text appears: "*Knocks the player on the back of the head and makes him drop unconscious*" Oh, really? There was also this "*searches the player*" where they would expect you to spill all the items you've had. Long story short, please keep roleplaying as realistic as possible without losing the fun. I am not saying that you should be an everyday person who can't hit the broad side of a barn with a rifle or anything, but conversations between players should be fun and immersive. I have never roleplayed in DayZ before, so I am very curious as to what kind of an experience I will have but I hope I will have a good one
  14. Hi all, I have been looking for a decent roleplaying community for a while now and came across you guys. I hope I will be see you around soon and looking forwards to having fun together. Just wanted to say hi here Stay safe and stay warm.