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  1. Ok thanks guys finally it works. searching for the server in Remote seems to have done it to where it shows Dayzrp in the regular server browser Thanks again
  2. Hi sorry I meant to say Dayzrp S1 EU server I can find the server by manually typing the ip and the port but I still can't add it to favorites
  3. I know this could be related to the ddos issues but I decided to post just in case this was something different. I was playing on DayzRP US server, I took a shot at a goat wanting some fresh meat when I timed out of the server. I left thinking it was either ddos or server restart. Now all Dayzrp servers have disappeared from my server list. I have been checking every so often the last couple of days on this site to see how the servers are doing and so far they are highly populated, but still do not show on my server list. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Just got White-listed, thanks all!
  5. I was apart of this community awhile ago but College and work has it's priorities. Now I'm in the midst of whitelisting again. it's good to be back