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  1. Felix Night was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Chernarus as an investigative journalist looking into the civil wars. He is a quiet man who has had some skill behind a gun through hunting, although he isn’t an expert. He got his scar on his face through an attempted robbery one day as he was going home from work. His demeanor is serious. In his early life he was always a leader naturally, but that soon faded as he got older and realized that people are usually bad and not worth the effort. In Chernarus he stayed in Cherno.
  2. Can never go wrong with quilted jacket, plus don't need full military outfit or vest to look badass
  3. *Felix rubs his temple and presses the PTT* You talk of all these great things yes, ok we understand, but you have to understand some people aren't here for all that 'fun' I'm interested solely on business aspect of things I understand you try to make this as light-hearted as possible and sure that is inviting, but I'm not a child I don't need to have 'fun', again where is this meeting I'm anxious with all this talk *Felix lets go of the PTT and resumes packing*
  4. *Felix scoffs and picks up his radio pressing the PTT* I'll be the judge of that, yeah but where is this going to be at I need a time a place you know?, I hope you don't say where it is on this frequency for everyone to hear it, if you really care about safety, anyways give me a little more to go on here *Felix lets goes of the PTT still skeptical, he starts packing the necessary supplies for a firefight*
  5. *Felix takes off his glasses and rubs his scar, he looks over to his radio hearing the transmission, he picks it up and presses PTT* hmm, this sounds interesting, *he pauses* ...interesting enough, but sketchy nonetheless, can't trust too many assholes nowadays, people on the radio providing 'help', but of course they have a secret agenda *Felix goes over to grabs his ak and chambering can be heard* I'll give this a go and see what your on about got too much time on my hands all by myself, you have made a nice attempt to try to sympathize with others saying you went through the same struggles as everyone here, only meeting you will I be able to know the truth *Felix lets go of the PTT and tends to his fire as it crackles*
  6. Shoo Ping Yao I think his name was, he was a great rper one of the first ppl I met in rp and we have a great adventure, ahh nostalgia
  7. My own pet peeve is people wearing vests and backpacks like damn that a lot of weight, anyways i think when it comes to rp it just comes down to the creativity and willingness of people who want to make interesting and memorable interactions, sometimes people aren't willing to experience something different, i think everyone just has to be open that just my 2 cents tho
  8. if theres is any way to see it I like to see it as some people who have been around a longtime in the community are leaving for numerous reasons and will come back someday, but a new wave of fresh players are filling in their place and when they grow tired of rp they will leave too, its like a cycle, anyways that's my 2cents, haven't been on much but the GMTC has provided some enjoyable rp from when I been there, it is harder to find people up north now, I feel like we shouldn't restrict our rp to certain locations.
  9. O7 my guy it's been too real this one really hits home, ur the blackest white guy I know and its been good, so many memories and laughs from ur bois from liberation and anarchy I dont have vids bcuz I'm not a snake , ur a day one fuck man idk what to say but have fun erping irl in a piano house, comeback for anarchy v2 #PvPsquadout why u gotta make me cri
  10. IGN: Felix Night Age: 17 IRL, and IG 26 Country: USA English skills: 1hunnit DayZ Mod Experience: like 1k hours but none on rp DayZ Standalone Experience: 2k hours Roleplaying Experience: Played some dank Gmod rp for like 1k, 500 hour about in DayZ, WoW for like a good year, some more I cant remember off the top tbh What kind of In Game role best describes you: My character can play an interesting dynamic in groups, you would have to see ig, but I guess I would describe myself as a enforcer type of role with some cunning traits Have you been in any clan/group previously: yeah Anarchy and lead my own group Liberation Additional notes: looking for a good group that rps decently always up for the memes in ts, and tbh a group who's rp has meaning to it, tbh depends we will see I guess Best way to contact you: poke in ts or mssg me here on the forums Backstory: this has most of my backstory mostly its lore from my pov everything written by me.
  11. o7 yung lad, always enjoyed myself some new memes
  12. *Felix listens in and talks in his Russian accent pressing down the PTT* "Unfortunate events that transpired I agreed, but this bar seems to be a great place and I hope this predicament makes you guys only stronger in your resolve, I like this place and I enjoyed everyone's company to say the least" *Felix finishes eating his venison and continues to talk with a mouth full* "Anyways I hope to come back here soon, and only wish I heard about this place sooner, nonetheless I hope my apple juice helps the bartender out, good luck with your endeavors" *He releases the PTT and closes his eyes and sleeps for the night*
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