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  1. I say leave server 2 open. They are in server two because they want to experience base building without the same old crappy hostile RP that has been plaguing this community. Or they are in server two simply because its one of those days where they are sure they will just say fuck off and blow anyone anyway that messes with them. In all honestly, it doesn't matter why they are in server two but they are, and you should leave it at that. If you cant find people to RP with then maybe its because they dont want to RP with you. There are plenty of people in this community I don't RP with because they are unimaginative or their RP NEVER changes. In all honesty Im tired of the same old and sometimes just want a break from the BS crap RP, so that's why I go on S2. The bases that are built on S2 dont transfer over to S1 anyways (we tried) so they arnt gaining anything from it. So honestly, leave it alone. Dont fix something that isnt broken.
  2. Your talking about fairly but is it fair for people to rob your base when 4 people are technically sleeping it in? I think something needs to be enforced.
  3. From what I have found out... I dont know if it is true. There are no logs for when people destroy bases so there would be no way of finding out who broke the rule even if there was one. But I think there should be a rule all the same, because if you catch someone in the act of do it then they should be punished.
  4. Your beating a dead horse, I have posted so many posts about this that its just ridiculous now. Everyone wants to be military, doctor, or mercenary. Most of the people who choose them dont put any effort into their characters and want to be hero's when infact its just shit RP. You can run from one side of the map to the other and run into at least 15 military and 6 doctors. Its just not fun anymore. MAYBE you will run into 1 person who is truly out of the box and gave thought into something more. But that is very rare. When ever I run into military people I make it as short a RP as I can because its literally all the same. But when I run into that one person who is different... I will give them every minute I have to offer.
  5. I think we need rules regarding bases. If you build a base I think its assumed you also sleep in the base. That being said, I think there should be a rule regarding destroying bases. I dont think we should be allowed to destroy bases mindlessly. When we log off for real life its assumed we are sleeping, so why cant it be assumed we are sleeping in our bases? Knocking down walls and destroying bases shouldn't be allowed because it should also be assumed that someone is always there. I guess this could get a bit difficult because we arnt always at our bases but I dont think it is fare that we should loose our bases because our real lives come before this game. Building a base is a very time consuming project and to loose it because you have a real life is annoying and simply just not fair. Should there be rules in regards to bases and stealing / destroying them?
  6. Crazy_Corwin

    Skin Mask Questions

    All honesty, If I saw someone wearing a mask that looked like that I would blow them away. Without knowing it was a human skin mask, I wouldn't even let them start talk, I would simply just shoot them dead. Because my character doesn't play like that.
  7. Flags would be cool, gives me something to steal and burn.
  8. A 1060 6GB will work perfect for you and should be good for 4 to 5 years. I just updated to the 2080 ti and did some tests just to find out there really is no difference performance wise between the 1080 and the 2080. If you want to spend tons of money I would say go for the 1080 or 2080 but if you are low on cash than the 1060 will work perfectly fine for you. Dont let people tell you a 1060 isnt good, it will work perfectly fine.
  9. Crazy_Corwin

    Make military items less common

    IKR, I never have any problem finding military weapons. If i break something on the military gun, not a problem because I can replace it withing a half an hour. And ALMOST EVERYONE has them. Most of the people I run into don't even know what bullets go into them but they still have them. I would love to see more civilian type weapons, that is something I would pay for.
  10. Crazy_Corwin

    Make military items less common

    Absolutely, by now all the military type weapons would have been scavenged. Make them much rarer. I guarantee you, people would be less likely to hold you up or to get into a gun fight if they have to reload after 10 shots. I would back this change 100%. I am sick of seeing everyone decked out with military gear, its just getting to the point where its flat out unbelievably stupid.
  11. Crazy_Corwin

    Your New Year's Resolutions?

    My resolution is to love the life I am given and accept what comes.
  12. Crazy_Corwin

    Survival mod?

    I agree, food is way to easy to find. If people had to spend a little more time gathering food, hunting or farming then there would be less time for almost all of this toxic, drama filled RP we have been seeing. Honestly, we don't even search for food anymore because we find tons of food while we are looking for the real things we want to find. In all honesty, in this patch I have never even came remotely close to dieing of starvation or thirst. DayZRP isnt a survival game, its a make friends to avoid getting robbed or tortured game. Thats all it is anymore. Most people we meet in game avoid people as much as possible because they are terrified they are going to get KOS'd. To the people who say food is NOT to easy to find... I have 2 water logged chests full of food just for you, come get it.
  13. I don't use either of those weapons, I use a shot gun. I am true to my character.
  14. This is annoying, Now I need to delete and reinstall the DayZRP launcher every time there is an update, no matter how tiny the update is.
  15. So now that we all pretty much spawn in the same exact place, I have noticed a ridiculous amount of geared out characters camping the spawning area. Most of which is for no reason other than to harass bambis. It truly is ridiculous. I would say that it is the crappiest RP ever, over and over again but in all honesty I have seen crappier. Each and every time I spawn practically dieing of thirst and hunger, but it gets even worst the second I run for about 4 minutes because there is always a group of geared out people just waiting for bambis to spawn. And its different groups!!!! its not just one group of people, its multiple groups. In all honesty the RP is exactly the same every time, its them saying something to the affect of "what are you doing all the way out here?". and then it either leads to them being the "big bad group of DZRP" or its them seriously just wasting your time. Its ridiculous. I wish I could say that its new people with little to no experience with DZRP but that would be a lie because its also seasoned long time popular players.Turn the spawning areas back to the way they were before. At least then I had a chance of finding food before some geared out turds ruin my night with crappy RP that leads nowhere but my death from starvation.