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  1. Honestly, I dont really even play that much anymore. I sit here and ask myself... 'do you want to play DayZ tonight?' Then I say 'No'. Because honestly, its the same shit different day. The same people playing the same characters doing the same shit drama RP. It is VERY rare to find someone in dayzRP that isnt X military, or a DR, or mercenary. Hell people are literally playing characters from before the lore wipe. When there is something going on in DayZRP we cant get into the server because there is only 1 and we sit there waiting in Queue. On top of this we need to record EVERYTHING to make sure that people arnt abusing the rules, and sometimes even if we do have it recorded the people that make the decisions side with the people who should be punished, even when there is proof they broke the rules. Honestly, yes EVERYONE is to blame, but there are way to many problems to even think it can be fixed.
  2. Absolutely!!!!! Thank you for saying something about this. It is so annoying when people crash cars then leave them there. It literally takes 5 seconds and one match.
  3. POV Please be aware that I was only there for the first encounter between @Shazzzam and @Erik. During that time I did not witness anyone initiating on anyone ells. I did hear @Shazzzam say that later on he may drown him in acid but I dont see that as an initiation. Durring this whole encounter @Erik was compliant and pleasant to RP with. As for the Second Meta Gaming report: The Seekers report has to do with Erik Meta gaming and telling Anarchy exactly where we were, how to find us, and that we had automatic weapons. If Erik had NOT meta gamed then we would have had sufficient time to move our base after the encounter in Balaya Polana (because the moment Erik left we had started moving the tents). At 12:15 of Eriks evidence, Erik goes into his inventory and there is NO radio there. The last minute of the video Erik literally looks into the camera and asks Louis if they were coming or Not.
  4. I think anything that could make the game more lifelike would be a benefit to us all. Right now there are so many things unbelievable and unrealistic, so anything addition to wildlife would be awesome.
  5. Things are about to get VERY interesting for me in DayzRP!!! For the best? For the worst? Lets see what is in store for "Ryan".

  6. They restarted the server but friends and I are still getting the Bad module.
  7. yeah its happening to everyone.
  8. I just know im going to break my leg again...
  9. The Great Battle Of Novy Sobor - IC PvP Event


    Lol i been 1 in queue since the restart and I’m not even going to the event.
  10. The Great Battle Of Novy Sobor - IC PvP Event


    ABSOLUTELY. Perma-kill, otherwise there is no point to any of this. They wont learn anything because they dont have to have any value for their own lives. They will simply just respawn again. Its a waste of time without Perma-Kill.
  11. *Pushes down the PTT* "Ling, Long, finally your back. The world feels so much better now." *Puts the radio down and smiles for the first time in a long time.*
  12. MINDBLOWING!!! If you have time to watch, it could help how you think of "conflict" in the future.



    1. Felix Corten

      Felix Corten

      OMFG i sow that video as wall it's so good <3

    2. Felix Corten
  13. Weird nightmare.

    It’s been a while since I have had a nightmare that woke me up. I was walking around a small village town. I was with people, I feel like these people I was with were family not friends. We were walking around a town for what felt like some sort of town fair, or celebration. I remember it felt like it was a winter day because people were wearing jackets and there were no leaves on the trees.

    I remember a man in the dream offering some sort of flowered wooden crown to people for the “celebration”. In the dream I felt like this man in the dream was offering these crowns to everyone to celebrate the holiday or celebration. This man seamed dressed like old man winter, or Father Christmas, not the jolly fat, red suited Father Christmas but an old skinny white bearded man in an old winter... gown I guess you could say.

    It was at this time that I first saw the entity. It was odd at first but I remember that I didn’t feel like it was out of the ordinary. The entity moved behind me and hovered there for a moment as if it was looking for something or checking me for something. I feel like it was checking to see if I had noticed it. I feel like it noticed that I new it was there and that’s when it left. I remember details about this entity. It seamed like a black static cloud. It moved quickly and never touched the ground. I remember that this cloud never took a form, it had no feet, arms, body, or face. When it moved it sounded like a statistic sound. It at first moved on when it realized I new it was there and I moved on. It was odd because I remember it didn't seam very odd to me. It seamed odd only a bit but I never asked myself “what was that”. I kind of just moved on. We continued on walking around the town.

    I don’t remember much about what happened next but at some point later I remember my eyes were closed and then I opened my eyes to see the static cloud, it was at this time that the cloud covered me. It didn’t just reach out and touch me... it moved over me and engulfed me. I can feel at this time that this entity was not good. I fall short of saying evil. I felt at this moment that this entity was draining me of energy. In my mind I told myself to fight it. I told myself to punch it or push it away. The longer I waited the more energy it seamed to draw from me. Finally I was able to yell NO.

    It was at this moment that I woke up and I know I for real said no. So after I woke up I felt afraid, I felt scared. I felt like I needed to research this... that was a bad idea. Search results for what I described were not very comforting. So now I cannot go back to sleep.

  14. They mentioned earlier on there w9ll be NO new weapons.