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  1. Come away, O human child!

    To the waters in the wild

    with a fairy hand in hand,

    For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

  2. I wsh I could do a character wipe without letting the staff know about it until after it happens.

    1. Eagle


      You mean the devs? kek

    2. DrMax


      Just thought I'd tell ya, we didn't do the character reset, that was the DayZ devs themselves.

    3. Crazy_Corwin


      We were told DZ did the character wipe and Rolle decided right after to do the total wipe.

    4. DrMax


      We did a persistence wipe too so the server would be all fresh and new as the characters had been reset. Don't worry, everyone is in the same boat. 

  3. When someone’s Pandora starts randomly playing on their work computer and my whole team jumps up and starts dancing to The Tine Warp... SMH get back to work you idiots. God I love my team.

    1. Crazy_Corwin


      The Time Warp

    2. Paradox



  4. People be taking shelter in my basement from the tornado's, meanwhile im here like... Did you do the laundry why you were down there?

    1. Mademoiselle


      You're suicidal 😰

  5. Dear Disturbed 

    Thank you for ruining a great song, every time I hear your version of The Sound of Silence it makes me want to smack kittens.


    1. Chewy


      Damn. I disagree but each to their own.

    2. ExoticRP



    3. Major



    4. Harvey



  6. Hilarious and definitely worth the watch.





  8. Crazy_Corwin

    Adventures journal~

    Poor deer. Good thing we put it out of its misery.
  9. This girl seriously has an awsome voice, don’t usually listen to this type of music but she is awsome.  


    1. Paradox


      *smack with wrench* Get on TS 


    2. Crazy_Corwin


      YOUR NOY MY SUPERVISOR!!! ... wait... who is my supervisor???

    3. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I have goosebumps. 

      Thanks for sharing, added to my playlist. :D 

  10. Crazy_Corwin

    They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    Honestly, I dont really even play that much anymore. I sit here and ask myself... 'do you want to play DayZ tonight?' Then I say 'No'. Because honestly, its the same shit different day. The same people playing the same characters doing the same shit drama RP. It is VERY rare to find someone in dayzRP that isnt X military, or a DR, or mercenary. Hell people are literally playing characters from before the lore wipe. When there is something going on in DayZRP we cant get into the server because there is only 1 and we sit there waiting in Queue. On top of this we need to record EVERYTHING to make sure that people arnt abusing the rules, and sometimes even if we do have it recorded the people that make the decisions side with the people who should be punished, even when there is proof they broke the rules. Honestly, yes EVERYONE is to blame, but there are way to many problems to even think it can be fixed.
  11. Absolutely!!!!! Thank you for saying something about this. It is so annoying when people crash cars then leave them there. It literally takes 5 seconds and one match.
  12. Crazy_Corwin

    S1: Metagaming Belaya Polana - 11/04/2018 20:45

    POV Please be aware that I was only there for the first encounter between @Shazzzam and @Erik. During that time I did not witness anyone initiating on anyone ells. I did hear @Shazzzam say that later on he may drown him in acid but I dont see that as an initiation. Durring this whole encounter @Erik was compliant and pleasant to RP with. As for the Second Meta Gaming report: The Seekers report has to do with Erik Meta gaming and telling Anarchy exactly where we were, how to find us, and that we had automatic weapons. If Erik had NOT meta gamed then we would have had sufficient time to move our base after the encounter in Balaya Polana (because the moment Erik left we had started moving the tents). At 12:15 of Eriks evidence, Erik goes into his inventory and there is NO radio there. The last minute of the video Erik literally looks into the camera and asks Louis if they were coming or Not.
  13. I think anything that could make the game more lifelike would be a benefit to us all. Right now there are so many things unbelievable and unrealistic, so anything addition to wildlife would be awesome.
  14. Things are about to get VERY interesting for me in DayzRP!!! For the best? For the worst? Lets see what is in store for "Ryan".