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  1. Hope you at least saved your character story in a text document. That is what I did and had my friend do just in case.
  2. Hey at least be lucky your car didn't desync into the ground ruining ever part! In all seriousness though, it does suck that someone went ahead and did that, at least no one got hurt and you had the spare.
  3. We were on about 40 minutes ago and there was only 8 other people. The inventory was slow and we were both rubber banding. Normally I would say this is just my friends Internet, but like I said both of us where experiencing the exact same thing.
  4. So me and my friends like to play on the US server (Friend has "meh" Internet), but it is becoming really hard to do anything on the server when we end up experiencing lag so bad. That we are constantly rubber banding every 20 seconds. I know this has happened with someone else I met on said server. Is the servers being ddos'd or does the US server need to be moved? Is the lag usually low on the EU one? The lag isn't every time we connect, but the past 3 days it's happened when we connect and have had to wait an hour or 2 to see if the connection is stable (Which is usually is).
  5. Thanks both of you guys, this helps me a ton as I was very hesitant to use Discord or TeamSpeak with friends.
  6. So when I originally signed up I played alone and after having been gone awhile a friend of mine signed up and got me playing again. I made sure to look around the forums and re-read the rules, but I still am a bit confused. 11.2 You may not use information posted on the forums, said in TeamSpeak or acquired in any other OOC way to get unfair advantage in game. You may however use information acquired through approved IC methods on our website like open radio chatter threads or the DayZRP map. So it states here that I cannot use information said on TS, however I have seen and heard of people using programs like TS for radio purposes. I wanted to ask before I end up doing a rule break on accident. Is it ok to use a 3rd party voice chat for the use of RPing a radio in game? If so what exactly are the dos and don'ts of using said program. I understand not being able to use it in a robbery, but what else dictates it being metagame? If I worded anything weirdly or need to clear up a question let me know. Thank you.
  7. Fluffy Knight

    150x200 non-gif avatar

    If you want a program instead of a website I recommend Instagiffer, and to edit the frames themselves using GIMP or Paint.net.
  8. When comes to the names itself, I don't think it matters to much if the name is based off of a character/person. (For instance my characters first name.) However I think there should still be something original in most of the name and the RP should be based on your own character and not someone from a TV show.
  9. I found an imaginary penny in the back of a car once.
  10. Fluffy Knight

    Game Server Updates Discussion

    I am kinda sad that there will be no US servers, it's discouraged me from playing and bringing my friend on, we both are in the midwest (US of course) and when we reach 60-80 ping on coast servers it's already bad. However that was playable. I don't want to connect to EU servers not because I couldn't RP, but because of RP getting disturbed or if any fight or robbery takes place then they already have an advantage over me when I sit at 180-250 ping. Maybe when Google Fiber gets here or if a US server is made I would play. Also psssst, make the Exile server I've been dying to play that!
  11. Fluffy Knight


    Whoag, It's crazy in this region of the forums.
  12. I had a 1960's military jacket (Forget the name), Press Vest, and Sporter 22 with a mag and like 200 rounds that I will miss.
  13. Fluffy Knight

    Strange Winter Weather

    Out here in Kansas its been pretty decent and not that cold at all, even when Its a bit chilly I can still wear shorts and a T-shirt and still be fine. It's supposed to be in the 50s for me all week long. I have a feeling it will snow in February
  14. So I haven't been playing much DayZ right now and been playing other games, but this came out monday. Been playing it for the past few days and for early access and stuff its been really fun. I highly recommend it as it will go F2P and the E.A. version is on sale for 5 dollars (Cheapest benefits). All in all after some updates this will be a solid shooter. I may not know alot of GitS, but it does make me wanna watch it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/369200/ [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klmGk1CyYyM If anyone wants to play together you should send me a message