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  1. Niiiiice. I'll be updating it in the near future. Keep an eye out.
  2. Hype! Glad this is finally happening.
  3. Haha, yeah we didn't know what was going on either. Everyone was panicking and acted as such. Yeah, my friend and I will be more aware of the server restart from now on, and we understand your suspicion regarding the issue. Thanks for closing the report, and hope to see you guys again sometime. Good luck.
  4. I apologize, as I did not know who fired first because I was behind the house my friend had told me you guys did. Anyways, mainly my intentions were to come to a peaceful agreement, but because my friend was hostile I knew I wouldn't live if I stood out in the open. I still tried to come out peacefully, but I was afraid. Yeah, its all good man. We apologize for shooting your friend as a hostage, but we had too because I was shot first. We truly had no intention on killing the hostage, we just wanted to use him as leverage so we can escape unhurt with our lives. We gave up on the tent at that point, we weren't able to clear and take it in time. We got caught in a deadly situation, and really bad timing when you guys came back to the tent. And I assure you the coincidence that the server was about to restart was just that - a coincidence. I'm not familiar with the server restart times and we wouldn't sabotage a group like that. We were just caught stealing a tent and it ended in a 'Mexican standoff'. No hard feelings I hope.
  5. Hey guys, so my attention and POV is required for this issue. I don't have any 'new' information on the subject but I will give a quick run down on my account: We had discovered the military tent and were excited, as we were looking for regular tents to start our own camp up north. So, instinctively, we started unloading the tent of it's items for us to pack it up. We had NO intention of de-spawning any loot at all, everything was on the ground where we would leave it. The information on how the event took place that 'SerslySarcastic' provided was accurate. - We gave adequate time for our victims group to comply. (not the issue). - No one came out to interact with us. They ran around the house taking up more strategic positions, which is fine. - I noticed one character in the bushes behind the house, I yelled at them to come out, we don't want this situation to turn sour. - They did not come out, and in turn they opened fire on me, I fell unconscious...resulting in my friend to kill the hostage. No rules had been violated whatsoever. - I eventually died there on the ground and logged out. This entire issue was brought up on a 'KOS VIOLATION'. So, the combat logs have clearly disproven your theory and accusations. And you now admit that your group shot first. Case closed. It seems that there is still animosity towards my friend, after your accusation fell through. Now this has turned into another issue of a 'combat log' theory, which I have no POV on. All I can say is that we would never combat log on purpose, and if you see our sporadic logging off and on history, that can be explained with our larger group trying to coordinate on a server. Often the main server is 50/50 and we are trying to meet up to consistently play together. If we can get combat logs that are parallel with our log-off/on logs then we can see that we are not combat logging in conflicts. We have no hard feeling towards you guys or your group, and we had a lot of fun in that situation. It was a genuine, high tension sticky situation that wasn't going to end well. It was awesome, and I even died losing a lot of gear and a weapon that took a long time to build. But it does rub us the wrong way when you try to accuse us of KOS even though YOU open fired first. Now it seems like you are grasping at straws just to penalize us in some way. I hope that's not the case. Thanks guys
  6. Canadian living in the Netherlands!