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  1. The Common-Folk

    Oh no West Rip
  2. Frankie Marquez

    Frankie worked in Dunkin Donuts for three years he was offered a job to become a manager for one of there newly opened stores In a place called Chernarus he accepted the offer in June 12 of 2017 before the infection started the stores location was in a city called Chernogorsk.
  3. The Common-Folk

    rip Reggie
  4. [OPEN FREQ] Inane Mindless Chatter

    * Frankie picks up the radio and presses the PTT * " Suspicious you say how so... nevermind and tuna won't do it doesn't have enough protein. And I doubt we'll ever meet up because you never know you might die a week later but what do I know". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  5. [OPEN FREQ] Inane Mindless Chatter

    * Frankie presses the PTT and begins to speak * " If your looking for some fine dining me and my friend make the finest food we use this specific meat were trying to get more but whenever we come close to getting are last ingredient it also ends up badly for us. And that guy that started screaming i know what could cheer you up some home cooked food sadly like i was saying we don't have that last ingredient ". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  6. Missing Wife [Open Freq.]

    * Frankie presses the PTT * " If you eventually do try to kill yourself John for no apparent reason can you at least tell me a day before with your location so i can just swing by and dispose of your meat... I mean your body. But you know what you should do go out and a find a new one like that one women shes apparently on your side. But like that one guy said your love of your life is dead oh well you can now move on to better things your once again a bachelor. And by the way don't forget to tell me the location once you know... never mind* * Frankie releases the PTT *
  7. * Frankie presses PTT * " You know if your looking for a good place to trade why not head to the " lodge " I know a friend that has settled there you'll get a decent conversation with him if your so lonely he very much likes company ". * Frankie pauses for a moment as he presses the PTT again * " But that's your choice I might be there today and I don't think classifying people is really the way to go it's always good to see everyone in a positive perspective and then see what happens from there ". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  8. * Frankie presses the PTT * " I went to the lodge you were talking about and its looking good didn't see Richard there but I grabbed some zucchini. I'll head back there today to drop some seeds for you also you said there were deers near that area if I'm lucky I'll at least get one maybe you'll have to skin it and Tan it. * Frankie pauses for a second and continues * " But that's if your there but yeah do you need anything because it's going to be a long walk and ill be passing through some towns to get the essentials * * Frankie releases the PTT *
  9. A Bed Time Story - Open Frequency

    * Frankie presses the PTT * " You know what bedtime story would of been a good one to tell Goldilocks and the three bears now that's a classic. But this one sounded a little bit interesting as well I'd consider this a fable but that's my opinion ". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  10. [Open Frequency] The Hunting Lodge

    * Frankie presses the PTT * " Hold up you still got them pelts I been trying to track some deer for some days but I been unsuccessful a friend named West was supposed to teach me how to hunt. But I haven't really seen him lately ". * Frankie stops for a moment as he continues * " Hopefully you do if not I'll have to find another way to get them. But if you do I'll have to make my way up there to get them ". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  11. to Maxwell Tani

    * Frankie picks up the radio and pushes the PTT * " Hold up since when did Greg become a little bitch last time I saw him he acted kind of decent ". * Frankie thinks for a bit and remembers something * " Nevermind I might know why but yeah. That girl that ends her sentences with aye all the time are you single by any chance because if you are you would be perfect for Richard you'll meet him soon because you did say your taking care of this with peaceful actions also known as word not bullets I don't want to die like someone in here I Know ". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  12. Rebuilding a new home again. [OPEN FREZ]

    * Frankie takes off his little knight helmet as he listens he motions toward the radio and presses the PTT * " I don't really think revealing are location to people is really a good idea west but alright you know what happened to the snitch. But this might be a good thing as well If people do come I might find an eligible bachelorette for Richard he deserves something ". * Frankie rethinks what he just said and continues " " Doubt it though most of them are taken or just alone but hey something might come up. That guy that was talking before me what do you mean by " Wouldn't want business to fall " I think i might know but i'd rather not go for false assumptions of mines I'm either wrong or lost. * Frankie puts on his helmet and lets go of the PTT *
  13. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    * Frankie presses down the PTT * " Things are getting very exciting , I hear an unfamiliar voice. I never knew it had friend but you know thats what makes it even more exciting you know more " Holes " so I can feed my cows shouldn't of mentioned that". * Frankie hits himself with his stick as he mutters to himself Frankie said to much * " Ehh For the one who asked my name its Frankie , Isn't that mysterious " I'm only found when I want to be ". That's seems to cliche but I like how your introducing yourself except when you said something about killing shit like me that was just a throw off ". * Frankie contemplates on all the shit he's been saying as he releases the PTT *
  14. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    * Frankie presses the PTT * " Mother always said to be courteous to people I asked a question politely , and I know no one asked me but your friend did say " Alone " Why pass the opportunity to have fun with a new person ". * Frankie scratches his head and nods smiling as he continues * " Why do you care about this individual is she your girlfriend , wait did I go to far am I trying to hard I guess I am. Can I have your name at least , your voice is very fascinating. * Frankie let's go of the PTT *
  15. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    * Frankie listens to the conversation as he presses the PTT * " I heard someone say alone if I may ask were are you intending on going alone , I might swing by and escort you to your "hole" I... I... mean to your destination. A traveling partner is always a good thing especially when your alone ". * Frankie releases the PTT *