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  1. * Frankie picks up his little radio * " So your back or something the last time we spoke was at that lighthouse maybe you don't remember but you left us not that you care " * He lets go of the radio *
  2. Correction dunkin donuts do have branches in many different european countries, you can search that up yourself if you don't trust me. Also you said how could he be involved well maybe i should rework my character and add on " He was forced to put ecstasy and several other drugs inside donuts and sell them to people ". But thank you for the feedback.
  3. Fixed the grammar hopefully its good now. And when you say it needs some work what do you mean graphic's, lore, goals.
  4. " The good and bad things are what makes us as people... change makes us grow ". - Kate Winslet Prolog. The Farm Rebuild the farm to its former state. Have a steady amount of supplies and weapons for the group. Collect information about the people who went missing from the farm. Hoard people who are being persecuted by people with bad intentions. Look for similar minded people to join the farm. Share our knowledge of agricultural to different people Rebuild the farm to its former state. @Western (Updating Mine) @Munter @Frankie @Skyline @SebbePwnYou @DerSchnitzler @BillyR @WillyM @Marci (Waiting for them to send and link me their characters.) Want to Join?
  5. come on ts boi 

  6. * Frankie picks up the radio and presses the PTT * " Suspicious you say how so... nevermind and tuna won't do it doesn't have enough protein. And I doubt we'll ever meet up because you never know you might die a week later but what do I know". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  7. * Frankie presses the PTT and begins to speak * " If your looking for some fine dining me and my friend make the finest food we use this specific meat were trying to get more but whenever we come close to getting are last ingredient it also ends up badly for us. And that guy that started screaming i know what could cheer you up some home cooked food sadly like i was saying we don't have that last ingredient ". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  8. * Frankie presses the PTT * " If you eventually do try to kill yourself John for no apparent reason can you at least tell me a day before with your location so i can just swing by and dispose of your meat... I mean your body. But you know what you should do go out and a find a new one like that one women shes apparently on your side. But like that one guy said your love of your life is dead oh well you can now move on to better things your once again a bachelor. And by the way don't forget to tell me the location once you know... never mind* * Frankie releases the PTT *
  9. * Frankie presses PTT * " You know if your looking for a good place to trade why not head to the " lodge " I know a friend that has settled there you'll get a decent conversation with him if your so lonely he very much likes company ". * Frankie pauses for a moment as he presses the PTT again * " But that's your choice I might be there today and I don't think classifying people is really the way to go it's always good to see everyone in a positive perspective and then see what happens from there ". * Frankie releases the PTT *
  10. * Frankie presses the PTT * " I went to the lodge you were talking about and its looking good didn't see Richard there but I grabbed some zucchini. I'll head back there today to drop some seeds for you also you said there were deers near that area if I'm lucky I'll at least get one maybe you'll have to skin it and Tan it. * Frankie pauses for a second and continues * " But that's if your there but yeah do you need anything because it's going to be a long walk and ill be passing through some towns to get the essentials * * Frankie releases the PTT *
  11. * Frankie presses the PTT * " You know what bedtime story would of been a good one to tell Goldilocks and the three bears now that's a classic. But this one sounded a little bit interesting as well I'd consider this a fable but that's my opinion ". * Frankie releases the PTT *
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