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  1. I would bean all these but I has no beanz.... Much love though! See you guys around <3
  2. *Braxton packs his things in his back pack and then grabs his radio and presses the PTT* This is a message to whomever it may concern out there... I, Braxton Knight, am going to be leaving the country in search of some people... Those who I am leaving behind I am sorry... My family those have became and I hope you all stay safe... This is something I must do though and I hope you all understand... I'll make radio contact when I am coming back... If I come back... Well I got to get going before I get emotional... Goodbye... *Braxton releases the PTT as he throws his backpack over his shoulder*
  3. Well I've been debating my last few weeks here whether or not I'd be making one of these. I finally obvious decided to make one since you're reading this now lol. I've also been debating taking a break just in general for sometime, not only from DayZRP but from gaming all together. I got A LOT of stuff going on IRL that I've been trying to deal with along with putting in the time to game. It's come to that time where I realized that I can't do both anymore and I gotta focus on myself now. I want to do somethings that weren't possible with the amount of time I was dedicating to gaming. I want to work more so I can get me a new vehicle cause my old one was stolen and vandalized. I also got bill on top on bills I have to pay and I don't want to struggle with paying them. I also want to focus on going out and living life and doing things while I'm young. Don't get me wrong it's fun sitting behind a computer half a day but I want to go out and have fun before I get to where I can't. I've barely been here for a year and I've met and became friends with so many. This community was a real great place to be for sometime and It helped distract me from problems that I was having IRL. Some of those problems couldn't be resolved and I am having to still deal with them, but I can't use this community as a distraction anymore. I must go out and get all this stuff handled so I can get the life I wanna live. Doing a little Nihoolious themed outro here because I thought it was cool how he did that. I'm gonna say some things about some of the people I became close to and met being here. (In no sort of order) @Rocka You are like my brother man, one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life, Don't ever change. @Roosky Another one of my brothers, you've been there for me to talk about things and always gave me the hard facts and I appreciate that. I still have your Medal of Honor btw @Nihoolious a awesome guy and like you said in your goodbye, we had rough times but we turned for the good and don't forget to cover your stump. @Shroud Always a good time and don't EVER buy a new sound card dude.. fucking A1 @Squillium Always had shit to say and was always doing stupid shit but had good intentions lol. @Diamond Cool guy and I'm glad I met you cause we did some crazy/funny ass shit in game. @Dodge Don't ever forget your barbecue shoes my dude! Awesome Texas man right here. @Famous ENEMY A-10 ABOVE US!!! Never not made me laugh when you would do the fucking sound effect @Siorre Good friend and you'll still be catching snaps from me from time to time @Wendigojames You didn't speak too much but you were a good shot in game lol. @Alex Vivian "Oh my goooood" That never gets old, Always a good time. @Gatorr Funny af and always had some good memes. @Billy Oh billy, some much I could say but all I'm gonna say about you is "bitch get me a chicken sandwich, with some waffle fries... FOR FREE!" Also Haxball champs for LIFE!!! @Lyca Great woman and an awesome friend, never a dull moment when around you. You ALWAYS know how to make me laugh even when I'm upset. Can't forget about Babby! @Mr. night Good PVP'er and always wanted to talk shit to me, but still a good guy lol. @MR. Day Another good PVP'er and ALSO liked talking shit about me, but a good guy aswell LMAO. @HopeIsHere Don't ever play a female character and use VOIP again please.... Good PVP'er too. @FailingFriendly Great friend and an awesome shot! Always make me laugh and was a really overall good person. Don't forget me OKAY cause planning on seeing you summertime @Rampage My dad, Idol, and rocket memer. Great friend and don't worry, I ALWAYS heard your call outs! @Riggsee Real good friend, streamer, and memer. I'll still be around modding your stream to keep the aids out of there! Hope to see you summertime man! @Mexi LOVED to talk shit and argue but It was always a good time anyways, great guys as well! @Jackieboy The fucking rockstar! Really great guy and you were a legend! Stay gold! @KalebD Another good guy and I'll be around watching your streams as well! @Earthwalker Loudest mic but was still a great guy and a great friend, make staff great again! @Poro Another great friend, also my juice partner for ALL the ladies LOL. See you in the summer my man! @Plank Uncle plank and a great straight forward honest guy, never a dull moment! @Dusty Great memer and an awesome guy. You will be the next cereal bowl girl @Kevin Cool guy but god damn you really knew how to piss me off from time to time LOL. @Undead Really awesome guy and it was a great time RP'ing with you my man! @BlazerPazer72 The only person I've ever met to play DayZ on a toaster... Great friend as well. @Keedz "Mr. Steal your mama" Oh I miss those days... Great guy even though you're a fuck boy @Pebbles One of a kind you are my man. Also don't forget... "I heard that" I've met and spoke to a lot of people but theses are the only ones I can remember as of right now. So please don't hate me I plan to come back eventually but there is no promises and I have no clue when that will be if it ever does happen. I'll probably hop in TS from time to time to still keep in touch with some of you I catch in there. JaKoby and I wish you all good luck and farewell
  4. It's been a great time my man. Go do what you gotta do, we all understand and respect that. Hope everything works out and may you always eat Fruit Loops. o7 Top tier memes ^^
  5. I wish you were here for the Horsemen. You would've loved them
  6. Hodgie

    Horsemen Moments

    Okay I fixed it! Should be good now
  7. I'm going to recreate some of my best moments when I was in the Horsemen <3
  8. Haha man it's all good lmao. I don't mind being used in memes *coughs* for future reference
  9. Had a good laugh with this! I was hopping for a Braxton Knight appearance but I guess I isn't relevant
  10. @CrescentGent Thanks my man, I got a really sore throat and my voice is like gone LMAO
  11. IGN: Braxton Knight, or a new character depending on group. Age: 20 Country: US English skills: Da DayZ Standalone Experience: Nearly 2k hours RP Experience: Little over a year here. RP'd on other servers for a different game. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Depends on the character I play, can pick up a role if it's what the group needs. Have you been in any clan/group before: Horsemen was only real group. Additional notes: Can PVP and sit around a campfire and RP as well. Played good guys and bad guys so I'm familiar with both mindsets. Best way to contact you: PM or TS Backstory: Braxtons
  12. Cpt. Sweatband don't know if this counts as a "name" but someone had it for a little while.
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