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  1. DrShaw


    We likewise have no recorded evidence. Much like Rielth, we (Alex Buendia and I) didn't expect such an incident to occur and were not prepared, being fairly new.
  2. DrShaw


    Server and location: S3 EU IP: s3.dayzrp.com or; Komarovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12/14/2015 18:00:00 (UTC+2) Your in game name: Dr Malisa Shaw Names of allies involved: Alex Buendia Name of suspect/s: Nigel Plaskitt Ching Wang (?) (Two others, one introduced as 'Derrick' who was neutral) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: -Alex initiates with 'Derrick' at the entrance to town. -Derrick offers to be friendly or to go separate ways/questions why weapon was raised, asks for it to be lowered. Alex lowers weapon. Malisa hiding in the bushes nearby, emotes being quiet. -Derrick notices Malisa. She comes out of the bushes and speaks briefly to them both about freezing. (Recently soaked) -Derrick points out that there are others in the police station nearby. -Alex, asks Derrick to come speak with them. Derrick hangs back while Alex and Malisa go ahead towards the strangers. The first and third are armed, the second is holding a torch. -Alex's gun is lifted but he makes no demands, only asks who they are. Derrick approaches and recognizes the group from earlier, which is mentioned. -Gun is lowered, names begin to be exchanged. Malisa is not holding a weapon, hiding and shivering (emoted) behind Alex. -Nigel exits the building, demands to know why Alex was pointing a gun 'at his friend' (before Nigel exited the building and referencing an incident he could not see.) -Alex explains that he didn't know 'who the fuck this guy was and if he'll need to blow his head off'. -Someone begins to shout 'That was a threat, that was a threat' -Shot immediately with an automatic weapon, killing both Malisa and Alex. -Group proceeds to laugh, commenting on the nice weapons they took and discussing whether it was justified killing the two or not. (Derrick not involved.) *No demands were made, only the demand for an answer to a question and immediate shooting following said answer. *No clarifications were given. *All names were not even exchanged.
  3. DrShaw

    To all those Text RPers..

    I'm extremely new and I was just browsing through the forums when I saw this thread. I'm coming from an exclusively text-based roleplaying setting to this and I admit the idea of trying to roleplay via voice is so daunting to me. It seems like acting and I'm afraid I might giggle nervously or, more likely, what will happen if the first person I meet can't understand me due to mic settings or something? Another obstacle for me was how I'd describe what I was doing and whether I was meant to do that verbally or in text so I'm really, really glad to see this. I wonder though if it's a huge problem of people trying to type what they're doing (such as the medical example) and having to pause in their speech to do that or if there's a handy etiquette (type first, speak after) or if people just master the art of typing while speaking. I'm so very nervous and I'm still not certain if people exclusively do voice or exclusively text or if most do a mix.