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  1. Thinking of making a return but need a good character idea Hmmmmmm

    Transsexual maybe could be interesting prob wouldn't go down well with people lol

    1. Hellspawn


      Hey man, I'm sure you can come up with something interesting.

    2. Edyhynot


      thanks man, its so hard thinking of something defferent want to do something thats not really been done

    3. Hellspawn


      Yeah, it is. But as long as you know you'll enjoy RPing as a character I don't think it's a big deal.

    4. Edyhynot


      yeah really need to come with something ill enjoy to get my mojo back

    5. Hellspawn


      Well if you ever want to RP with us you're always welcome my man.

    6. Edyhynot


      thanks man, and great to see how much you have grown lol

    7. Hellspawn


      Cheers. I never expected the group to get this big. xD 

    8. Edyhynot


      its not surprising you guys rock :D and you are very welcoming  to people :)

  2. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Zak Knox Age: IC, 27 Country: England English skills: Excellent DayZ Mod Experience: about 20 hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 845 Hours Roleplaying Experience: Only played here and the redzone but over 900 hours are rp What kind of In Game role best describes you: Always been a good guy but willing to try new things Have you been in any clan/group previously: Forsaken, Lost Souls Additional notes: I am looking for a group that plays UK times, and looking for some deep RP to progress my story and hopefully help others with theres Backstory: http://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/66900-who-am-i-the-man-who-doesnt-know/#comment-1177987
  3. Look at you smile ask for a coffee and light a cig
  4. Mane's scoring all around us kopites singing and having fun Its the season of love and understanding Merry Christmas Everton 

  5. Watched a sad thing on youtube about Dogs killing wolves and how people was bragging about the dog been able to kill a wolf

    Of course a dog the size of a bear with a collar on with spikes the size of knives would win does not make the dogs awesome its like  Bruce lee fighting robocop ffs


    @Daisy This makes me sad lol

  6. Closing s2.

    wish you could put missions in like on the mod lol
  7. Content creators

    Youtuber: https://www.youtube.com/user/xIVERTiiGOIx https://www.youtube.com/user/fubarbundygamer Reason: Really good entertaining You tubers prob my 2 fav Familiar w/ RP: yeah, they RP on public's Additional comments: They are both Aussies Need i say more lol
  8. Our Molly 6 Months old 


    1. Edyhynot


      pain in the ass shes cross between a Boxer and a husky and she's into all sorts of mischief 

    2. Tewudin


      Nice dog but I have to say my dog is the best because otherwise he'd be jealous. ;)

  9. i am a very sensitive guy don't know why and at times when i first joined this community i had problems separating RL from IC i played a character that was very similar to myself and when people was harsh i took it personal. but what helped me is every time i had good or bad RP i would message people on the forums to see how i could improve my rp and started to notice the people who was total arseholes in game actually OOC was super nice people, some examples are @Charlie and @Lyca. in game they made my life hell captured and tortured multiple times but on the forums there some of my fav people. and i decided that maybe playing someone totally different to me would help. so my next char i am going to do is going to be a total sick sob that does not mean that's how i really am in real life i am super against abortions due to personal reason but if someone was to talk about that kinda topic i would understand as its a game that some people use to escape from reality just for bit Summary People who do this stuff in real life are scum bags lowest form of human, but this is a game or words and stories and even though words can hurt they are still only words coming from people who dont actually mean it so just remember its all an act.
  10. Perma Death Rule

    i love the idea of some how getting some sort of perma death rule in as i believe it would bring back the fear factor but i can totally understand people not wanting to hard one to call.
  11. back story

    Nice story deadbeat don't worry about having dyslexia i also have it and had done a few stories and lore people are cool and are always willing to help but cool story keep it up
  12. Таким образом, вы не смогли белый список 5 раз?
  13. BeanZ WAR

  14. Taking a little Break

    Good luck with your Projects
  15. BeanZ WAR