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  1. Reduced punishment for providing key evidence as the accused.

    You call it the adult I call it naive.. Although I agree that it should be this way, I believe that once a community gets big enough these common courtesies make place for personal gain.
  2. Reduced punishment for providing key evidence as the accused.

    Pretty much this. Withholding evidence is anything up to a perma ban. So either provide the evidence and risk a 3-5 day ban, or don't and risk a perma. In a lot of cases it is impossible to know if evidence is being withhold. A lot of players in reports are lone wolves or with just a friend or two. It would be impossible to know if they have some supportive evidence.
  3. Hey all, Currently there is no incentive as the accused of a formal report to provide key evidence, like a recording, of the reported situation (if the accused party realizes they are in the wrong). Because of this, reports are more likely to end in a "word vs word" verdict and might take way longer than actually needed, wasting time of both GMs and community members. By rewarding honest players who help with the report in favor of the accusing party, people who have a recording might be more likely to present the evidence they have acquired.
  4. Tanoan Crisis concept

    I don't really think this will work. If you want to have an open server for everyone, there shouldn't be a complicated lore or extensive factions. This idea sounds fun on paper it's just a bit too much to serve on gamers' plates. Mods are fun, but it is very easy to overcomplicate stuff, either through the backstories or game mechanics. A clear example is A3L, who uses a few of your concept ideas. The mod is amazingly coded, but the mundane task are more annoying then enjoyable. At the end of the day people want to have fun and experience otherwise impossible to reach achievements through gaming. This doesnt mean that I think a concept like yours doesn't work. It could be a great experience, but to get there a journey even rougher then DayZRP's must be completed, and even our current gamemode isn't at the end of it's road. Do you really think you can - and have the energy to - do this all again, with little actual difference?
  5. How To Get BeanZ [Guide]

  6. Altar Radio Media Thread

    Thanks, check out our radio show thread as well for the actual broadcasts!
  7. Altar Radio

    We are, but considering I am on a holiday and the fact that our forum thread isgetting minimal attention we are having a short break.
  8. Altar Radio - in-character news and info! [NEW BROADCAST AS OF 23-07]

    It is a lot of work, but we do it with great pleasure! Thanks for the kind words and your interests.
  9. Make DayZRP Great Again!

    The mod was a lot of fun, but in the days we had a mod and a SA server, both were almost empty. Because of this, the staff of dayzrp decided to kill the mod servers. On one hand, I really liked the old feeling of DayZ(RP) and feel a strong nogalstic connection with the game, but on the other hand I know what the devision of the community will cause for the server. Secondly, I want to tell you something on a more personal level. You don't know me but I have been a subscriber of yours since a long time (think your second DayZ Taviana series). Because of this I know how badly you can handel critique. Your series and enjoyment will not improve because of the return of the mod. The reason you don't really feel anything for DayzRP now is because you do not dedicate any of your attention to the RP. This is proven by the lack of backstory you have put into your character (you are still RP'ing as 'pandy's father', whilst even HE has grown tired of it) and you comment in almost every video how 'you want to kill someone'. If you truly want to 'improve on the RP' like you state, it starts with yourself. Try to look at your behaviour with a more objective and responsible look you will see that there is a lot to change and improve. Other then your current audience, most of the DayZRP community speaks ill of you, whilst this is completely unnecessary. Just work on this and your current experience will improve. I hope you take this to heart. - MM
  10. Altar Radio

    Updated the thread with a link to the broadcasts.
  11. Altar Radio - in-character news and info! [NEW BROADCAST AS OF 23-07]

    We're still looking for a good place to host the files. We might also upload the raw 2 hour long IG broadcasts, if people would be interested. Our focus now is to produce some Forum content
  12. Disclaimer: the broadcasts are providing (and based off) IC information. This means that using the radio show as a source for In Game information is NOT METAGAMING! ACT II Caddy Caddillac "Well hello there, oh my big beautiful Chernarus! This is Caddy Cadillac, back on the air, back in your ears, back in your hearts. Me and the Altar Radio staff got some of these space age wonders here in the radio station up and running - it took a lotta batteries - and if ol' Caddy ain't mistaken, we have mastered the art of recording broadcasts! That's right folks; be it a dead battery, a stolen radio, or just being out of range of the best damn radio station left in the land, you may have missed one of ol' Caddy's live broadcasts. Well no more faithful listener, because we are gonna be running all the greatest hits from ol' Caddy and Uncle Jimmy on a loop on this here frequency - to keep you, oh beautiful listener, company whilst the flesh-and-blood Caddy is taking a nap, a shit, or restocking my beer supply. In the meantime Chernarus, keep up the good fight, and keep this frequency close to your ear - cause even if I ain't home right now, I'm not far gone - and I'm always up for a chat. Stay Beautiful Chernarus!" Caddy let go of the transmit button and gave Dan a thumbs up, who was seated behind the glass in the studio. The man gave him nothing but a wink and a smile back. Dan looked tired and worn out, he realized. A lot has had happened since the original crew broadcasted the first few radio shows. Some call it naive, others think it's stupid; only a week later the radio station was attacked. Dan did not like to go in detail, but rumor is that his friend and the original manager of Altar Radio died in this assault. This tragedy resulted in Dan giving up his position as host and taking up the function of his deceased friend. Considering nobody else on the station was up for the job as radio host, Dan made one last transmission asking for help. Caddy thought back of the broadcast that lured him to the station and there he was, the new voice of Altar Radio. Altar Radio uses two different media. On server EU 2 you can listen to the radio hosts broadcasting on frequency 87.8 (if we have a DJ broadcasting on Altar Hill) You can find the recorded shows with the more important stories on this media thread. These broadcasts will contain more information and have written scripts. Press the titles for a redirect to the broadcasts. EP00 - General Chatter [PILOT] EP01 - Doctors and dynasties
  13. Altar Radio

    Yeah, we might do this in the future. For now, just keep your radio on EU 2 tuned in to frequency 87.8!
  14. Altar Radio

    That's kinda what we do! However we buy the batteries because they're needed for broadcasting.
  15. Altar Radio Media Thread

    [Altar Radio's grand opening!]