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  1. drstupido

    first day

    first day of survival met some fun pips in kabanino and them set up camp when the rain really set of nice day nice community !
  2. I just got my Whitelist accepted and just wondering is any survivor out there wanted to meet up ?
  3. thanks for the info and help but im not new to RP
  4. Hi, w8ting for my whitelist req and why not say hello while i w8, I'm 20 got 500+ hours on dayz and always happy to jion groups I'm gonna play a survivng ex military combat medic called Doc, hope to play with and even maybe against you love DrStupido
  5. Hi so this is the story I'm gonna submit to the Whitelist req and would love some feedback on it. log:304 Today I think I'm gonna write about my backstory,, why not if I'm gonna keep Writing this log book someone should atleast know who I am. Let¨s start with today.. Today I made a camp in a house outside of Dubrovka it's a nice house modern furniture a all that not to much blood, yeah i like it, i did the normal rutine of checking the houses around my camp so i would not get any suprises and maybe even find some food or other good things, i found an old adult magazine so yeah thats a goodie to keep. I met a nice group of guys today not hostile at all, we even shared some food with one and another and then I saw them leave, I'm not hostile or a bandit and most of the time I survive by my own but there a sometimew where I group up with someone, hell i would go carzy if the only one i would talk to was myself and this book,, now then backstory where to begin.. well I'm ex military from russia but my names is Chris Andersson, the name comes from my Swedish father who moved to Russia to be with my Russian mother.. I haven't heard that name in years as my nickname that my borthers in arms gave me was The Doctor. i'm a field combat doctor so thats why ''Doc'' was the thing.. hmm back to the story after the military i was so sick of fighting so i moved to chernarus i got myself a nice house outside Severograd met an amazing women natasha oh she was like water for a dry mouth. lived my life in peace, then the outbrake,, she got bitten had to put her down myself.. hardest thing i ever had to do ,,, now I'm just trying to survive defending myself agianst bandits and infekted, sometimes im thinking of ending it. my life... it's hard to live without your loved one and even harder to survive agianst bandits and infekted, but my plan is to get as north as i can and get myself a good spot to hold up and make a home start a farm so I can survive by my own or with a group but thats for some day, for now i'm just gonna wonder from house to house survive day til the next day and so on.. Log;304 END please help me
  6. i was trying to apply for whitelist and missed one Q on what to use teamspeak for and it was somthing really simple.. w8ting 6 hours.... now the same same Q but tried a new answer and wrong... i really love the idea of this community and the roleplaying on dayz but hell this is just bullshit excuse my lang.. but really !! i am gion insane ...