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  1. Great first sesh back in a long ways! Didnt catch the names of the guys who mistakenly kidnapped Phil and robbed him but you guys were true gents. For kidnappers anyways!
  2. As always had a great run in with Scarlet and Zunn, even though this time we weren't BFF's. Also had an...interesting conversation with Tom the flayer. Top night all in all!
  3. "This is Jim Castle. I'm in position at the drop off. Does anyone read me, over?"
  4. Jim mops his brow after a long, hard trek. He jumps up and sits on top of the barrel he's been carrying around and fishes his radio from his vest. He pauses a moment, catches his breath and thoughts, before holding down the transmit button. "Erm...hello...? Can anyone hear this...? My names Jim Castle, I was told to...procure an item and then contact this frequency when I had it..." Jim pauses, and wracks his memories for any more information he gleaned. "I was told to contact a... Wolf, on this frequency...? Again, this is Jim Castle for Wolf. I have procured the item I was tasked to find. Awaiting further instructions. Castle out." Jim puts his radio back into his vest, and grabs his canteen for a long overdue drink.
  5. Another great nights travel last night. Big love to Armada, who's hand I will have in marriage when I find two steaks and a bottle of scotch! Also to the good Doctor who patched Jim up in Kab, despite thinking me taking a bullet to the face was comedy gold. And as always a good time running with Zunn, especially with him telling badman stories the whole time
  6. Had a great night roaming with Viktor last night; trading tales of the home countries and discussing the pros and cons of a dragon apocalypse over a zombie one. Also big love to Jakob and Kim, always a pleasure to run with the regular crowd for a ways!
  7. Entry Thirty. By the time I woke up it was already night. I guess my last journey wore me out more than I realized. I set off, but without a map and no landmarks I got a little turned around. Eventually I stumbled into Porobo. While I was picking through buildings looking for supplies I found this little teddy bear. Ratty old thing, I guess time and neglect will do that... Anyways, it was the same fucking bear Helena and I bought for Oscar on his third birthday. Boofle bear its called, brought it over from a trip back home. He loved the thing, carried it around everywhere with him, spoke to it, ate meals with it...I didn't think anyone else would have one of them, but there he was. Damp and moldy and neglected... Kind of sad really, thinking about it. Would my Oscars Boofle look the same now? Would he be laying somewhere discarded and forgotten, cast aside by some looter? I'd been wondering for a while now how our family home would look. After all this time, with no one living there and people probably digging through to find things. Digging through our things, our life. That's what we do here, when we raid a house. We invade someones life. We appraise what they had, take what we can use and leave the rest. Memories of so many lives, so many stories. I wondered who this bear belonged to. Was it a girl or boy? Was it a present or had they saved up their own pocket money to buy it? Had it gotten left behind when they tried to run, or had they not had the chance to run...? I couldn't think about it for too long. I could feel that old burning for a drink again and I had to get out, get away from those poisonous thoughts. I left the rest of the town unlooted, it just didn't seem right anymore... I know that's how we get by but... yeah... Eventually I found myself in the shadow of Green Mountain. The town under it had a whole lot of guns. Pistols mostly, Mausers and revolvers and .22's. I guess with it being a base town they had access to them readily. I've still got my 1911 though so I didn't need them. I avoided Green Mountain proper though. You hear tales of the place, the sorts of folk who make home there. I remember just after the outbreak took hold I heard stories on my way south and along the coast that the remnants of the Army and the U.N were holed up at Green Mountain; that they would offer protection to anyone who made it there. It was bullshit though, all those stories were, but we didn't realize until too late... I eventually made it there with a couple of guy's I'd been traveling with. We were so sure we were safe, that we'd found a way out... Its all we'd talked about for days... And then when we got to the gates the first thing we saw was a group execute a man. On his knees, handcuffed, and begging for his life. And they shot him dead. We just stood there, we couldn't believe it... Then all hell broke loose. Some other guy made a break for it, shots were fired and when the dust settled my traveling buddies were dead. All three of them caught in the crossfire... I don't even remember their names now. I guess after a while you can only remember so many dead friends names... But it crushed me. I think that's when I finally started to accept that there was no escaping this nightmare... ... Anyway, eventually I made my way south enough to find a large coastal city. I'm fairly sure its Cherno. I'm hunkering down in a small house on the outskirts to the west, trying hard not to think too hard about the blood stains on the floor and waiting for solid light before I take on a large city like Cherno. I don't want to end up as someones midnight snack, blundering around in the dark and getting blind sided... Entry Thirty One I was right, it was Cherno I camped outside of last night. And I'm glad I waiting for light to try move through it too. Place was crawling with walkers. Turns out I much prefer an AK to my old Mosin for taking them down. If nothing else the AK has a suppressor which is worth its weight in gold! I left my Mosin, the scope, and the ammo I had for it propped against a wall. Hopefully someone found it and had use for it, someone good preferably. I had to take out about 7 or 8 of the bastards on my way through. Its distasteful to me still but it was so much quicker than sneaking round. All the usual points of interest had been raided, the city had been pretty well gutted at this point; and it was the same story down the coast at Elektro as well. I swear there used to be more people in these big coastal cities. Then again, maybe there did used to be.. Dangerous things, the big cities... Anyways I took the road headed north out of Elektro, and wouldn't you know it happened to be stunning. The sun setting, throwing glorious, beautiful light down into the valley making all the trees light up like they were on fire. It was a sea of golds and oranges. And the peace and quiet; the gentle bird song chattering away, and the fading noise of the sea lapping lazily against the coast... If I hadn't been walking down the middle of a road with an AK in my hands it would have been pretty perfect. The perfect day for a trip to the coast with Helena and Oscar, once upon a time. Her singing along to the radio terribly, the boy napping away in he backseat after a hard days running with his bear... Its getting harder and harder to not think about them. To think about what might be waiting for me when I'm done here... Anyways I took a detour down a long dirt road, right through the ass end of no where but eventually found myself in a small hamlet just outside of Novy. As good a place as anywhere to call it quits for the night. Try to get my head together for the next day. I don't know why, but I have this horrible feeling that more shit is on the horizon. Maybe I've just been living like this for too long now. Maybe its starting to get to me... I sure as hell hope so...
  8. Had a kickass nights RP with Connor, Klaus and Hannah! Thanks for a great nights role play and some massive laughs too!
  9. Holy butts! Massive thanks to Ender for informing George what happened to Chloe! Thanks to Zak and Jack for the long travel south! And the biggest thanks to Scarlet and Jakob for the amazing ending for George! Holy crap it was perfect! Big love to all that made George's journey as amazing as it was!
  10. Aww thanks Scarlet! Oh my god though! Well what an ending! I'd be lying if I said George didn't see that sort of ending coming but still! Dam! I kind of hope I never find out IG, I'm sure it'd be another thing for George to blame himself for!
  11. Entry Twenty Eight. After a pretty decent nights sleep I packed up and got ready to move out. Ran into a guy on the road, we exchanged pleasantries and he introduced himself as Mark. He asked me if I'd seen any line because he wanted to do some farming. I helped him find some and decided to just have an easy morning, enjoy the friendly company while it lasted. We got talking properly and he told me he'd been a U.N pilot before the fall, that he'd been part of the relief effort when all hell broke loose. I'll bet he didn't even know the shit he was flying into, so far as anyone on this side could tell the rest of the world had no real idea what was going on in Chernarus. Anyways we got onto talking about our travels, things we'd seen and done. The funny moments that really probably aren't that funny. Like a time when he was at the airfield and some guy just appeared behind him, called out. Apparently Mark span round with his gun out and this guy almost shit his shorts. Like I said, funny but not funny. After a while of talking he shared some fresh tomatoes with me he'd grown a while ago. I've never been much of a salad man but dam where they good! Fresh food, not canned crap! It was the best food I've eaten in a long time. After a while he said he was going to go grab some shut eye, so I took that as my cue to get on with my travels. Decided to head back Stary way, to see if there was anyone kicking around. There was, but not who I was looking for. When I got there it was absolutely crawling with the dead. I don't know how or why so many of them were around but I didn't wait to look for reasons, I got the hell out of dodge. Way too much heat for one man to handle in the daylight. I'm hunkered down on the edge of town now, grabbing a bite and then I think I'll head Vybor way, see what shakes loose. Entry Twenty Nine Well, things got interesting up north... I met a group of three on the road to Vybor, two women and a bloke. One of the women was a Doctor, Dr Pisces I think. The guy introduced himself as Dragoslav Novak. They were a pretty friendly bunch, Novak even spent a little time repairing my tac vest. For some reason though they also commented on my goddam pants. What do people have against paramedic pants...? After some more wandering lost for a while I found myself at the far end of the North Airfield. This is when things got interesting. Night had fallen at this point, and out of the darkness I hear shots ringing out. Automatic fire, and a lot of it. When it all quieted down I made my way over to where it sounded like it came from. Stumbled upon two guys, and one had the other at gun point. Scared the shit out of me. When the guy in control saw me he assured me they were actually friendly, just that the ChernoRussian dude he was coverings friend had attacked and killed his friend and that he had returned fire; explaining all the gunshots. They'd both lost a friend, but they seemed remarkably civil with each other in the aftermath. I guess no one wants to really get into a feud and wind up dead. I left them to wander down the runway as they were helping each other bury their friends. Strange sort of sight really. Halfway down the runway I ran into another guy. From a ways off he did this strange wiggle when he saw me. I was pretty confused but when he got to me he handed me a note that said he was mute. So I guess that was his was of signalling friendly maybe? Anyways the dude had lost his voice with everything that happened during the fall. Not surprising really, I'd seen similar things before. Before we could really communicate though some shots started popping off pretty near to us. I hit the deck but the mute guy, Regan, ran straight off towards them. I started to crawl my way outta there when he reappeared. Wrote down that some guy had been shooting walkers, had booked it when he saw Regan approach, but was circling back towards us. So he signaled I should follow him, cover him. I'm not proud to admit, but once we were in the trees I broke off and ran. I didn't know the guy, I had no reason to follow him towards a gun fight. Although it was pretty hard to shut up the voice inside my head when I heard a single shot ring out not long later... I guess this is how we have to live now though. I can't just blindly follow people towards danger. I'm a fucking paramedic for Christs sake! And I can't die over something so stupid. If that guy wanted to throw his life away that's his call to make. Later on in some barracks I'd missed before I hit the jackpot. Some AK variant rifle, three mags plus ammo for them all and a scope that fit well enough. The scope isn't in the best condition but its better than nothing. I took it all, plus held on to my mosin. I'm not a fan of being so visibly armed but maybe I could trade some of it away. Or give it to some poor bastard in trouble I guess. I'm calling it quits for the day now, in a small house not far off from the base. Its been a weird travel and the more I think about it the worse I feel about abandoning that guy, Regan. When all this started, just after the fall, I'd have stuck with that guy. I'd have been there with him even though I'm a useless shot and would have been scared shitless. I'd have done anything to help anyone. And now, now I think about it I've changed a lot. Less willing to stick my neck out, less willing to give help for free. I know that's how you have to be to survive this world, but it doesn't make me feel any better about it. Or what Helena would probably say if she could see me now. I wonder what she'd say. I wonder if she'd tell me I was doing the right thing, or if she'd chastise me for not being charitable. I wonder how she would have gotten on in this life, if she'd survived the initial outbreak. If her and Oscar could have made it, or if they'd just have ended up like so many other people. Robbed and wounded and scared. Sometimes I think they're the lucky ones, the ones who died. The ones who haven't had to change who they are to get by. The ones who don't have to struggle through every day with the memories of how the world used to be, with all that they've lost. Christ I could use a scotch...
  12. Dam, that was a good read! Can't believe I've only just seen this! Keep up the good work!
  13. Entry Twenty Five. So Chloe and I left New Paris, heading north. I told her about some of my travels, about the people that I've run into. Some of who will be looking for her. I had to warn her about the two cops from the coast. They can be a bit of a shock to the system when you first meet them. She said they seemed like fun, like good guys. I have been lucky with the people I've run into, now that I think about it. Bar a few tense situations mostly folk have been friendly and decent to me. Not like poor Chloe. Shes had a bad run of it, it seems like. She was about to tell me more of what happened to her when we ran into a couple of guys on the road, just north of New Paris. I didn't catch their names at first, but one of them wanted us to hide him. Apparently in the town ahead some guy called Billy the Kid had told his guy to remember his name but the smart ass we were now sheltering said he might forget it and ended up getting chased. Threw a smoke grenade at his feet and booked it. Pretty smart escape really. He introduced himself as James. The other guy didn't fancy hanging around a wanted man and took his leave of us. I don't blame him really, seems like a real good way to get killed, hanging around a loudmouth who's being chased. Anyways he decided to travel with me and Chloe for a while, which stopped Chloe's talk about what happened to her. She showed me her blood bag, the one I took from her just before we were taken. I think James was a little creeped out by it, so Chloe explained to him how we met. It seemed to calm his nerves, she wasn't just a crazy lady showing off a bag of blood. I get the feeling that even though shes okay with me Chloe's a little confused and maybe a little mad about getting stripped and losing her stuff when I got away scott free. She still doesn't understand why they took her when I volunteered to go with them anyway. Neither do I. Either way, James was impressed with how she managed to survive. Which makes two of us, I still cant believe she got out alive... We're heading towards the North Airfield at the moment, apparently there is a military camp up there and James and Chloe suggested we dig through it. Ive never actually been this far north, but I'm happy to follow these two. James seems more than capable of looking after himself and obviously Chloe can get herself out of a bind. Entry Twenty Six. We got to the wall at the Airfield. James offered me and Chloe a flash bang, in case of trouble. I took one, it cant hurt to have an out. I get the feeling from things Chloe has half said that there is more to her story she hasn't told me. I don't want to push the issue, but its unnerving me a little. James is pretty hardcore, he axed a couple of zombies on the way into the airfield. Chloe and I were a little shocked by it. I guess its a different thing to just shooting one of them, beating one to death. I mean it needed doing but still... We saw a guy running down the far side of the runways, parallel to us. Chloe thought it was a friend of hers so we held fire. Its a good job we did because it turned out to be Chloe's friend, Jakob. After a quick look around and finding nothing of any real use James said he'd seen someone skulking around. Me and Chloe hunkered down together behind some sand bags. I was right, there was more of her story that she didn't want to tell around James. Apparently the guy that took her hostage found her again after she escaped, caught up with her the next day. Loaded Chloe and her friends into a truck. After getting driven away in the truck they bundled her into a small shack and threw smoke grenades in with her. She couldn't see, or breathe. God it must have been awful... They repeated it with her friend, and told her that he'd died in there. After that they walked her to a lake, and one of the guys, Kevin, tried to drown her. Then they brought her friend up, the one she thought was dead. They gave her a gun loaded with two rounds, told her to kill her friend. She missed the first shot on purpose, then tried to turn the gun on her kidnappers. They were expecting it, and beat her to unconsciousness. When she woke up they put her in a small room, and fired on it. She only survived because she hit the deck. Then the leader, Lewis, attacked her with a sword. She woke up covered in blood. Somehow she managed to crawl her way to a settlement and get patched up. Even met up with a couple of friends. She finally thought she was free at this point; he thought she was dead, she was with a couple of friends, it all seemed to be going good for her. Then he found her again. Called her like a dog to him, and her so called friends did nothing as he took her away again.. Apparently this last time though he was "nice" and "apologized" to her. Like that could ever make up for all that shit. I was honestly speechless. She got all that crap, had to survive through so much... How she managed it I'll never know. Most people would have just given up and died. But she didn't, she managed to fight and live. She does seem a little Stockholm about it all though, like his little apology makes everything better. Its not really my place to say though I guess... Entry Twenty Seven. We decided to head to Vybor after we left the airfield. Chloe, James and Jakob decided now was the time to critique my outfit, like it really matters when the dead are trying to chew on us... Its strange, the effect she has on people. I have no idea how she keeps her spirits so high but its infectious. Its like with the two cops, just somehow giving your brain a brief respite from the harsh realities of life in Chernarus now. On our way out we ran into a group of four, some more of Chloe's friends. Charlie, Ender, Daniel and Lewis. A different Lewis, not the psycho who tormented her. They asked up for the lay of the land, what supplies there were. Chloe and one of the new group stayed behind to talk for a while. I moved far off, seemed like a private conversation. James and Jakob weren't so concerned, and when Chloe rejoined us she seemed a little bothered that they'd heard her conversation. James told her that what he overheard would stay secret, he wouldn't say a word. Then Jakob and Chloe spoke in another language to each other for a while, one I didn't recognize. Chloe seemed concerned by the talk, and more than a little awkward when we move off. Now it seems like I'm the only one who doesn't know whats going on, and I'm not sure how much I like that. Its not that I don't trust Chloe, if she'd held a grudge and wanted me dead I'm sure I would be by now. But still, this secrecy development does have me a little worried. When we got to Vybor I picked up a pair of green paramedic pants, mostly to shut up the group. Now at least I match apparently... We ran straight into a guy on the street. It was getting dark and none of us saw him. Scared the hell out of us. I gave him a saline bag, he'd apparently been looking for one for a while. Turns out it was Lucas, the same guy we'd run into like three times in the last couple of days. He'd been on about the same course as us apparently. Lucas O'connor he was called. He decided to tag along with us for a while. But as we gained Lucas we lost James; he decided to hunker down for the night to get some shut eye. We said our goodbyes and left. Not before he once again reassured Chloe that her secret is safe with him. This secret is getting more and more worrying as time goes on. Chloe did say she'd tell me one day, but that she didn't want to say much around Lucas, which didn't really do much to calm my nerves. By the time we got back to New Paris I decided it was time to hunker down myself, get some rest. Chloe seemed a little down that they'd be moving on, and gave me her radio frequency. After spending so long trying to find her it seemed strange to leave her like that, but I guess that's how you travel now, after the fall. People don't stay around for too long. And I was lucky that I found her and got my closure one that whole situation, even if there does seem to be a whole lot of secrets surrounding it. But I guess it isn't mine to know. Now I just need to decide what to do with myself. For so long I've only wanted to find out about Chloe, and now I know shes alive I'm a little without direction. But I'm sure Chernarus will decide for me soon enough. Plans don't ever tend to last that long in the face of the apocalypse.
  14. I'd remind George that he can't save everyone anymore, that the worlds changed and you can only do the best you can with what you've got in this world.
  15. Greetings all! I'm currently moving house and will be without internet until around the 26th unfortunately! Ol' George Jeans won't be about in the wastes until around then! Hope to see you guys when I'm back!