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  1. Okay, so I've tried to join the server 5 times, and I got 1 - 2 of the rules incorrectly everytime. I do understand the rules, and I read them like crazy every single time. The reason I would like to join DayZRP is because I think that regular DayZ is kinda sad. The Roleplay part doesnt exist, everyone just KOS. I like to interract with people, helping bambies and play realistic. This is the 3 main reasons of why I would like to join you guys. I dont really know what to do now? Maybe I'll get another chance to answer the rule and lore questions, but I'm afraid of answering wrong again. Ofc I will try my best to do it right this time. But seriously, I would LOVE to join you guys, and play with you through the apocolyptic world "Chernarus". Kind Regards Kparkvil.