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  1. Buendia


    Unfortunately, I don't have any recorded evidence. I was advised in Teamspeak by DustinRay to go ahead and write up my point of view as it would eventually be required so I'm going to go ahead and give my point of view. In the interest of full disclosure, I've been roleplaying in this community for no longer than a week. Already I've been involved in a lot of exciting interactions so far -- not all friendly, but most have been good, tense, and ultimately fun roleplay. The events as I remember them are as follows: Dr. Shaw and her companion Alex arrive at the outskirts of a town. They are lost, cold, and dehydrated. A light from a torch draws them in. Cautiously. Tentatively. With gun raised high, Alex approaches a man who calls himself Derrick. The two strangers distrust each other, trading words from behind the barrels of their firearms for a good six or seven minutes of roleplay. Ultimately, no ill intent is shown on either of their parts, and it becomes clear that both men are simply worried about the other. It's at this point that Dr. Shaw steps in with her hands held high as the chat log shows, and with the advent of a new threat the two men settle into an awkward truce. Near a police station down the road, three men can be seen entering and presumably looting. Alex with Dr. Shaw close behind, and Derrick flanking them on the other side of the street approach the station in order to investigate these mysterious figures. Alex once again is unsure what he's dealing with... They could be Zeds, bandits, psychos. Who knows. He's cold and his dehydrated wife needs water and quickly. He approaches the man with gun held high, and asks of him his name with an appropriate level of panic considering the circumstances. I'm readying myself for some tense roleplay when Derrick approaches and establishes a connection with these men. Derrick states he's seen these men before, and Alex asks Derrick to confirm this several times. He does, Alex immediately lowers his gun, backs up to cover his companion, and lets these men speak in order to assess the situation. He still not entirely trusting, but he's calm enough to back up, stand by his companion, and lower his gun. It's at this point that Dr. Shaw emotes that she's hiding behind Alex. One of these men, holding a sub-machine gun of some kind emerges from the police station and asks Alex why he pointed a gun at his friend in an aggressive tone.The question given the context seems ludicrous to Alex. Alex was pointing a gun at them because he's in a desolate, shattered vestige of civilization in a land surrounded by psycho's and zombies, he's approaching a group of men he doesn't know, and he's trying to protect his pregnant, sick companion. Alex responds with indignation at what he sees as a very stupid question. "Why I pointed the gun at you?" He repeats incredulously. "'cause I don't know him. I'll blow his fucking head off. I don't know who you are..." Now, Alex doesn't even get to finish his sentiment as right about this time one of the people in the group immediately chimes in on Voice chat very excitedly. "That's a threat! That's a threat! That's a threat!" With considerable enthusiasm for someone that was apparently being threatened. Around the same time, Dr. Shaw tells Alex to calm down to try and rein him in from his agitated state, but this is not heard by Infamous and his group as without saying a word Ching raised his weapon and mowed down both Alex (Whose gun is lowered at this point and is simply listening) and his unarmed, shivering companion. As the chat log indicates, spraying with such abandon that he inadvertently or otherwise manages to kill Dr. Shaw first. The loss of what I thought could've been a nice tense interaction was more disappointing than the character death, but worse yet I can hear this group laughing over voice chat over their kill. "Talk shit, get wrecked, kid." Laughter. "I think he was trying to show off for his girl." Laughter. "That's how its done in the UK." Laughter. During this period, Derrick attempts to roleplay presumably feeling some sadness or regret over their deaths behind while Ching justifies the kills and his companions cackle about the loot. "What a nice gun,' and similar things after their slaying. To make some points individually, -No demands or warnings were made during the entirety of this very short interaction. -Dr. Shaw was speaking and trying to roleplay just before she was gunned down. Regardless of whether this was heard or not, she emoted as shown in the chat log no more than a minute before she and Alex were gunned down. The reason she only got a single line of text in was because she was gunned down within a minute of the RP even starting. Though the chat log has her emote at both 17:38 and 17:42 those were before the interaction with Infamous and his crew starts. -Alex did not initiate. He made no demands. Clear or otherwise. On the contrary, he complies readily by lowering his gun when the situation seems safer than at first glance, and responds to the question posed when asked. He was not needlessly aggressive. He was aggressive due to the circumstances established in the roleplay, but kept his gun held low despite his tone after their link to Derrick had been established. - There was no time to actually roleplay as the entirety of the encounter lasted little over a minute. (the first interaction at the outskirt of town between Dr. Shaw Alex and Derrick did not include Infamous and the two with him). Important things that should have been visible in character to this group such as a four-month pregnancy, being soaked to the bone, and visibly dehydrated had no time to be conveyed, though they would have made far more apparent the situation Alex and Shaw were in and the reasons for her hesitation and Alex's paranoia. To capitulate, I'm new and trying to be mindful of the rules while prioritizing roleplay over ruleplay, and it feels like in this instance I was punished for that, and instead of roleplaying a tense encounter faithfully I should've been more mindful of the vague line that gave Infamous grounds to mow my character and his ward down.
  2. Buendia

    The Topic of Tulga. What's your favorite place?

    Black Forest. First time I played DayZ with a pal of mine. I'd never played the mod or anything so my buddy was filling me in on all the different locations. As we're going through black forest he tells me of the creepy things found within the forest and unexplained glitches in the game there that kept occurring despite the developers best efforts to squash them. He comes up with some real outlandish Blair Witch project type things just as night falls and he informs me we need to cross it. It was an extremely creepy experience and the random sounds at the time didn't help. To this day whenever I invite a new buddy of mine to the game I'll continue that tradition and do my best to scare the heck out of them while we cross Black Forest. Sometimes it's the unexplained crying heard there as you pass through... others its the strange bits of meat scattered about. Always a good time crossing it though.