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  1. I was under the impression that community helpers could not help during whitelist applications. I am sorry for this misunderstanding. Also I realize that it wasn't the only question that I got wrong, and after further thought I have realized that I probably could've gotten those right if I had spent a little more time in deliberation.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): You have failed the whitelist process five times! In order to keep the high quality of accepted applicants, we limit the amount of attempts every person gets to 5, as we believe 5 attempts should be enough for everyone to properly read and understand our rules. You may appeal this decision and be given another chance by creating a ban appeal and stating why you should be given additional chances. These ban appeals are handled on case-to-case basis and do not guarantee additional whitelist attempts. Why the verdict is not fair: Of the five times, at least three of them were a result of questions like the one about leaving a hostage with a reasonable chance of survival. Some of the answers to those particular questions are pretty vague and one's own judgement might lead them to believe that the proper answer is "leaving them with a melee weapon to defend themselves" instead of "pointing them to a town where there will be food and water". I approached this question in a way in which I answered whichever choice was the closest to what I would hope my hostage taker would do to me before leaving me. Personally I would prefer for my hostage takers to leave me with a melee weapon, because food and water really won't do you much good if you are being chased by a group of zombies through a city and all you have for defense is your fists. Fighting multiple zombies with just your fists is extremely difficult. My very first priority when I spawn in the game is to find a melee weapon of some kind, because I have had multiple experiences where I would have plenty of food and water but no weapon and end up dying to a zombie in a situation where I would've been fine, had I had a melee weapon. That answer, however, is incorrect. I'm not really sure what answer is correct to that question because it seemed to have multiple answers that appeared to be pretty reasonable. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I understand that you guys want to make the questions difficult enough so that the answer isn't obvious. I realize that a practical solution would not be to say something like A)leave them with food, water, and a melee weapon, B) leave them bleeding with no food, water, or bandages, C) leave them unconscious or D) leave them in the middle of the ocean. I realize that the questions have to be difficult enough that some actual thought and critical thinking skills must be applied in order to answer correctly, however I also don't agree with how vague the answers given are. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be allowed another chance to apply for the whitelist. What could you have done better?: I guess I could've sat for a while longer and pondered the question even more, which I did, but apparently not to a far enough degree.