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  1. So, i have just done my 5th attempt, I have all my lore in tact and understand the lore of the setting etc. I only had one question wrong. I believe the ban should be lifted as I have a friend who plays in this community and I have played Dayz since i was a mod. I am a team player who will play by the rules, and not allowed to join because of a few minor mistakes is frustrating, but also understandable.
  2. Ok, thanks, well re logging seems to have done the job, thanks guys, how to I make this thread as "solved"
  3. Wow, thanks for fast reply, ok well I am logged in and not using a phone, will try and re log in and see if that does anything
  4. So last night i tried to get whitelisted, and got 2 questions wrong, so I am now re trying and trying to find the pas phrase again and have been through the rules over 3 times now and cannot see one. do I have to use the same one i used last night, if so i have no idea what it it is, any help? (plus i have looked at the FAQ section, nothing there)