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  1. If that was possible id see if i could do it Going into autoplay robot mode! Have things to do
  2. mine is still better noooooooooooooooooooooooooob
  3. dont copy the way i set mine up >.> i keel you. actually competition never hurts. Challenge Accepted.
  4. i want council city to work, but if it doesnt ya we can build prud city instead
  5. support the it on reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1fcay2/the_dayzrp_radio_show_hosted_by_the_traveler_for/
  6. Brought to you by the Messiah of course.
  7. ya that was me. your talking about when we had our own server and we built a base at gms and had a clan set up and everything right?
  8. working on the song slection as we speak.
  9. i can come back online just to host some music if you want, but i need to update my playlist, most my songs disappeared. Also, what type of music do you guys want to listen too?
  10. i know at maybe 8 am server time. send in the requests thru the chat. if u use the request they will get sent to me and ill be at school
  11. i got offline. contact the traveler if you have any info to. He will be online and hosting. ill try to be online as much as possible