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  1. Hello, I played here for like two days a year ago and forgot about it. I then joined an Arma RP community. And I forgot the true meaning of RP. I could not RP on the server, so me along with most of the server takes part in a lot of "rifleplay" as they call it. But I came here today with one of my good friends, and he RPd an insane person, and I was his assistant. We went around while he was spouting gibberish and I was his translator. It was a hilarious and fun experience. In the server I was in, they considered bad rp still rp, and it was bad. But I am moving here now, and hopefully gonna stay for good. Thank you
  2. I am so glad I decided to join DayZRP. It is so much fun! I played it almost all day today. I like interacting with other people. And, I also like writing radio chatters. I loved writing stories already, so I definitely like the Radio Chatter forum. Thank you to the staff of DayZRP for helping me get involved in this community!
  3. [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/565fb5b67bc8f.mp3[/mp3] *The song that was playing in the background ends and starts a new song* *As Ethan here's this new voice he is excited, he presses down the talk button swiftly* "Yes! I've learned that music helps you forget about this shit world. That's the best thing I've learned though all of this. I was lucky enough to find some records. Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, the list goes on and on and on. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I found those in a record box in a home. I had to toss some valuable things away to make those fit in my bag. It was all worth it though. And yes, I would love to hear some knowledge you've gained. Thank you for talkin'" *Ethan end's the transmission*
  4. *Ethan considers the man's thought, he decides to reply* "Yes, you are right. There is no hope for this place, and I know that too. We are all goners, the government won't save us. Not this time. Like they have done countless times before in countries across the globe. But not here. They've forgotten about us, swept us under the rug. But, I stay alive for my wife and children. I live on in honor of them. This will sound kinda cheesy, but they we're literally my everything. And to see it taken away from you in an instant is the hardest thing in the world. And the worst part is that I couldn't do anything about it. Those... Things... Killed my whole entire family.. I feel like, me living is the most I can do to honor them while there not here anymore. That is what keeps me going. If you ever think about ending it all remember this... Live because they can't." *Ethan ends the transmission with tears going down his face*
  5. *Ethan hears the man and decides to respond...* "Your right... We've all done unspeakable things, things that keep you up at night, maybe even shit you regret for the rest of your life in this hellish world. We've done it for one purpose though, to survive. It's a cruel world, it's not for everyone. I would like to talk to everyone, even you. I think inside of all of us is a piece of who we used to be. But, we have one thing in common, we are members of the human race. So, if you feel comfortable about it, please respond. I have to be honest though, someone as fierce as you will have no problem surviving in this world. Your right in the head, at least for this world." *Ethan ends the transmission*
  6. VertexGaming

    What is your Character's Greatest Desire?

    Help others, and get back home
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    Looking for movies

    I'll give you my top 5 list: 5. The Shining 4. Shawshank Redemption 3. Saving Private Ryan 2. Apocalypse Now 1. Interstellar
  8. *Ethan here's this and is astonished by Dente's age, pressing the talk button...* "Only 16?? We're you a Boy Scout or something? I'm at shock that a 16 year old would know how to survive in this wasteland. I'm 45, I am way to old for this. I should be retired and chilling out in a boat at Galveston beach. But that's not the way it is. It sucks, it sure does suck. I can't handle it well either. I've only seen one person in this life. And I was too fuckin scared to talk to him. He had what looked like a military weapon or something. So I knew I had no chance with that. But Dente, I think if you we're able to survive here at the age of 16, your in pretty good shape. Don't get down on yourself kid." *Ethan chuckles and mumbles "16 years old" and releases the button*
  9. Hey! Yea I'm glad to be on this server finally! Hopefully I'll see you in game. Do you play on the EU server?
  10. [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/565e1fd419029.mp3[/mp3] *Ethan lays in the bed of his old home listening to a record he found in his closet. He tries to remember the days before the world went to shit. He feels thirsty. He scrambles through his backpack trying to find his water bottle. He then notices a radio he forgot about that he found at an abandoned military base. He finds an old battery in his pantry. "Let's see if this shit works" he mumbles. He tune's it and with the record playing in the background and says.* "I-i-i don't even know if this thing is working. But, I just wanted to take this time to talk to another human being. I am a man from the United States. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. My daughter moved to Chernarus with her husband. Me, my wife, and my son went two times a year to see her living a beautiful life in Cherno. But, I came at the wrong time. I've lost everything. My wife, my children, but not my hope. I keep fighting because that is what they would have wanted out of me. If you find me, my name is Ethan by the way, Ethan Lane. I will lend you whatever you may need. Food, water, clothing, I have it. I would like to talk to anyone about what you we're before all of this. What your life looked like. What you lost. And what you gained maybe? I guess if you hear this you'll reply. T-t-thank you." *Ethan ends the transmission and takes a drink from his water bottle*
  11. Hello, I have already taken my whitelist. It took many hair pulling tries, but I did it. By the way, I have heard tales of Green Mountain. What makes the place so bad? The name sounds great.
  12. Hello there! My name is Jackson. I'm new here in the DayZRP community! I found out about this community through Mr Moon's channel. And I thought it was amazing how every shingle person he met was role-playing. So I just had to join this server! When I visited the website, looked at the forum and saw the massively built up community I was astonished. I am so hyped to meet people in the wastelands and have endless adventures! See you in game survivors!