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  1. Lloyd always liked to travel, you could say it ran in his blood. He and his family always used to take holidays to far away places, America, Spain, India, Italy. He even stayed in Japan for two months after finishing his College course in IT, where he helped to teach English. When he wasn't travelling, he liked to practice archery on the weekends, or visit the local gym. But when he and his family decided to take their annual holiday to the ex-soviet state of Chernarus, little did he know it would be a one way flight, and that last one he would ever take. After all travel out of the region was embargoed, and when Marshall law was imposed, he realised that what ever this "Infection" he kept hearing about was, it was not a normal virus. That was before he saw them, before the military outpost his family were hold up in get over run by hoards of the infected, the bullets never seemed to slow them down... and after he fled the refugee camp, turning back to see it in flames, knowing his family hadn't made it out... He was alone... He was scared... Now, a foreigner in a wasteland of death, with no real practical skills other than bowman-ship to his name, Lloyd turned to picking over the ruins of the old world to survive, bargaining anything he found for food and water. All the while he kept hoping... hoping beyond hope that one day, one miracle, will bring him back to his family... To his home.
  2. Hmmm, I'll keep this in mind. Thanks!
  3. I like how the number of no votes at the beginning out numbered the number of yes votes by a significant gap due to the fact that the people who actually played on the LIF server were the first ones to vote and who actually cared about the server. As time went on the gap between the votes was getting a lot smaller as people who didn't play on the sever and who are not as passionate about this server are seeing this pool and wanted the server to be wiped. Even though the majority of them would have most likely not played on the server even if it got wiped. Anyway, I'm glad the poll turned out like this. Hopefully more people will get back on the server now as they wont be worried about losing their stuff
  4. [align=justify]The problem with people that haven't played to much is that most of them have no first hand experience in how much work is it at the start to create a settlement and develop it. Some people would like to jump in game and arrive in lands already offering places to go and stay. It's not like people that have played already gathered all M4s and RPGs and are already in industrial era. Access to rich infrastructure of already built settlements is a great improvement for a player that just started and would like to either live somewhere with other players, at the outskirts of a settlement or in deep woods far far away. +1 To that man, I see a lot of comments on how people who want to play Lif want the server to be wiped so that its "Fair". Honestly I would prefer to have my own character wiped and every one else's character and their settlements stay the same so that I could actually do something in game other than wonder around aimlessly for weeks until some settlements pop up. New players however do not realise this...
  5. This wouldn't benefit anyone. You say this like it'll happen on the first day of the wipe. People are going to spends days if not weeks rebuilding. Not just that but the admin town is a great place for new people to stay and learn the game while remaining safe and around experienced players. Trading won't happen until the towns are built again and the same goes for warring. Just knowing the basics of the game gives you a 5 second head start when it comes to Life is Feudal. + 1 Can't agree more man, said it right there.
  6. I started to play very early at the beginning of LIF, me and my friends have made a lot of progress and spent weeks (And I mean literally WEEKS) building our settlement. I don't think this is a good Idea because me and a lot of other people wouldn't feel comfortable playing LIF again knowing that it could just be wiped if it gets even more popular. Also, the one thing I didn't like when I started on the LIF server was the lack of settlements. Lots of roads leading know where and apart from the start town, know where to meet and trade with others.
  7. Ikr, that's what I said! +1 to you, good Sir!
  8. So I was on last night when I went to make a deal of 3 silver coins for 3 thick leather, when someone I was with in TS said it was a terrible deal and that 1 silver coin should get me 10 think leather. Regardless of my nativity in LIF economics, I'm sure other people may be wondering how much different items cost due to the work and materials that go into making them. Although the economy is still growing, I would like to make or see someone else make an "average item price" list to help out with trading that can be put on the bulletin board and updated when necessary, I think it might be a good idea. Feedback on what you think about this and whether it's a good idea or not is appreciated.
  9. Do not worry, my dutiful advocate! It would take more then a few of these "Hooligans" to put an end to me!
  10. xXRaider

    Life is Feudal (Medieval MMO with castle/town building)

    This looks really cool, Iv been wanting to get lsf for a while now so I'll make sure to check this server out when I have it
  11. Had great RP with Sunshine (Part of the matchmakers) and a hunter I met nicknamed Merry, shame are RP was cut short ;(
  12. Just wanted to say hi to all of the RP'ers out there and hope that we can create some great stories together that will last the ages. See you in the wasteland! #Not a Bandit
  13. IGN: Lloyd Evergreen progress: "GROUP FOUND" Age: 17 Country: England English skills: 10/10 DayZ Mod Experience: over 100 Hours DayZ Standalone Experience: over 150 Hours Roleplaying Experience: I was part of "Falcon Role-play" Dayz server and was part of the "Willow Creak" survivors, i ran missions for them and took part in hunting trips. I also play "SpaceStation 13" on RP servers regularly. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Kind Hearted Survivor Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes, Besides the Willow creak survivors, I have been in a Arma 2/3 clan called the "Royal Army medical corps (RAMC)". I have also been in Regiments on Mount and Blade Warband, such as the "95th Rifles Regiment of Foot" Additional notes: I'm fine with being given jobs or simple tasks to do, as that fits in well with my current character. But I do have experience with leading small clan groups of 4-8 in both the DayZ mod and Arma 2. Best way to contact you: Just send me a message on the DayZ RP Website Backstory: After travelling from England with his family to his new home, Lloyd Evergreen, at the age of 17, Managed to settle in and find an apprenticeship at a local IT Company. His farther on the other hand started work at the Military base south of Myshkino. While in the rural Country, he learned to shot, and speak some Russian like the natives. When the Riots started, his father phoned him saying that "they" were heading to Cherno, where Lloyd and the rest of his family lived. But by the time they got the call the streets were flooded with "Them" and so they could not escape the city, instead Lloyd and his family decided to hide in their cellar. When they emerged the city was destroyed, and early quiet. Lloyd And his family managed to get out of the city, and find a small refuge camp further up north of the cost. Instead of staying with his family, Lloyd decided to go back, in search of his farther.