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  1. Random Death(s)?

    People arn't allowed to KOS, besides although I am new to dayzrp I have played the game for a while. I was in complete cover behind a wall, no one near me, or at least not within killing distance, and I died entering a house... It doesn't sound like a bug I have experienced before, but I almost find it impossible to be a murder as well.
  2. Random Death(s)?

    Great and fast answering, I am impressed!
  3. Random Death(s)?

    Okay, nice to get my suspicions confirmed… although it’s a shame. Thanks Andrey!
  4. Random Death(s)?

    I am a new member here, so this might be posted incorrectly… Anyways, I was walking from pustoshka to Vybor, enjoying the nice apocalyptic silence and the comfort of my own company. Everything was excellent, I had gotten all the items I needed for long term survival, my weapon was equipped with bipod, sight and camo. However, between Pustoshka and Vybor, there is a small complex of houses - which of course I decided to explore. But as I entered one building (keep in mind my only status update is “healthy”, and I am neither hurt nor anything else) my screen went black and it said “you are dead”. I got so mad, then sad My question is: do random deaths occur? Or can anyone help me explain why I died? There were no gunshots, and besides, people aren't allowed to KOS. I also have another simple question: Where are all the zombies? Haven't seen one single since i joined...
  5. What you are about to read is the first entry in a collection of articles, letters and journal entries written by a number of people from east and southeastern Chernarus. The information contained within these sources represents how little the public actually knew about ‘The Outbreak’, and how survivors have recorded their lives on the run. - Ash Sandersen Part One - Before the Worst To Robert Dan Subject: Mysterious Casualties Robert There is something unsettling about these murders. I expected some sort of violent assault, but the victims are mutilated far beyond sexual abuse. We found three corpses, but the remains we saw were literally torn apart, rent limb from limb. Yet no animals or any of the wildlife in Chernarus would be able to cause such devastation. We've found a trail of leading up into the hills. We are staying in a local bed-and-breakfast for the night, then set out at dawn. We will discover what killed those people, and make sure it never happens again. *** Lopatino Daily Official TV-report: A young couple were last night attacked by a mysterious man that they found wandering the forest areas between Lopatino and Myshkino. The couple claim that they spotted the man, staggering, as if wounded, and then stopped to help him. After talking to the man with absolutely no response, the couple decided to guide him by his hands toward their car so they could drive him to the hospital. However, the man attacked the couple and proceeded to bite the husband on the calf of his left leg. *warning, the following contains graphic images* As seen on these pictures of the bitten leg, a dark infection seems to be working it’s way through the victim's bloodstream. The patient has meanwhile been transferred to the hospital in Serverograd and his situation has been declared critical. The police are looking for any information regarding the man in the forest, and are conducting a search operation to find the guilty. *more to follow soon, just wanted to give a small taste of how this little project is going to work* *larger posts will follow, stay tuned *
  6. Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    Survivor: “I don’t trust lone wolves...” Me: “I am no lone wolf, I don’t bite. I am more like a rabbit - curious of mind and cowardly of nature”.