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  1. Rauer listens to the broadcast and decides to finally ask a question that has been bugging him for some time. He presses the PTT: "Sorry to interupt, but since Lapatino is empty I have no idea where to find a trading post... do you by any chance have an idea as to where I might find a substancial community where I can start my examination?"
  2. To put it shortly: Casper was born to a danish family where he grew up the youngest of 3 brothers. At the age 19 he was picked for the military draft in Denmark and spent 12 months with the Black Beret GHR unit. After his 12 months of service, Casper volunteer to join the Military Police force in Denmark where he worked professionally for 7 years. He was stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan before joining the UN Peacekeeping forces where he stayed for the rest of his military career. Casper was sent to Chernarus shortly before the outbreak due to the hostile actions committed by Russia in regards to the Ukrainian crisis. If you want to know more about Casper, and what has happened since the outbreak you’ll have to come find im IG!
  3. Deed nods at all the insults, grinning to himself, banter is a blessing, he thinks as he presses the PTT: "A wise man once said “Small minded people build prisons for themselves and call them castles”... keep your convictions, and your anger, but don't fool yourselves: no one is safe and no one is innocent. All I want to do is make it clear that survival and faith are incompatible; that if someone - anyone - wants to live in this world they'll have to do so by force. It's dog eat dog, the rest is self explanatory… If you want false hopes join The King’s Men, but if you want to live, if you want to see and ending to all of this. Join us!”
  4. Deed laughs to himself and shakes his head, the ceaseless squabbling of those traders is like sweet music to his ears. After he few moments he simply can't resist the temptation and pics up his radio: “Yes, yes… Oleg was it? We’ve already been over all this; we as in me and not you I might add, and despite your increasingly offended behavior I assure you that nothing is personal. Although I hate repeating myself I see little choice: business is business and there are no angels in hell so stop acting all high and mighty… although we did suffer some serious wounds the last job we did that involved you and The Fangs - a pity, but a well paid pity at that”. Deed surprises himself at how much he actually gives a shit about the discussion, what is wrong with me, he thinks with a grim smirk. “In any case” His voice takes on a more sinister note “I sort of miss your company Oleg, such an obedient hostage... heh, how about I pay you a visit some time? No? A shame, I could use some diversion”
  5. Deed is squatted in his tent, sorting through his equipment and trashing all the things he no longer needs. He listens to the radio broadcast half heartedly, more pissed off at being given guard duty when the others are out doing supply runs than what is being said. He grabs the radio and slings his thoughts on the matter into the mix: “Listen, Tortuga is dead. Vybor is safe and The King’s Men shot your uncle. Who cares about petty politics anyways? If you want protection and safety, you should come to Novaya Petrovka and join The Mad Cackle… if you can stomach it of course; we need people with combat experience”
  6. MummaCandy

    Vybor Market Destroyed (Open Frequency)

    -This User has been cautioned for this post-
  7. Deed smirks to himself as he listens to the radio conversation. He rubs his chin, thinking, then presses the PTT "Well, thats just it isn't it? Where do people go if they want trouble? I can say for sure that not one fucking person alive is trouble free, and from experience I know that the delusion of safety will shatter at one point or another... we arent offering safety, you see, we are offering trade, free of restrictions; be it merchandise or certain... services one should require. There are no angles in hell" Deed nods to himself, then lays down the radio and opens a can of beans with his knife, taking care not to slice of his finger in the process.
  8. Nedrin fumbles his radio into hand, bloody fingers rendering the small metal frame too slippery to easily grasp; after a few moments struggle he manages to hold down the PTT: "My n-name *static* is Nedrin, Nedrin Boyko. If anyone is listening, *static* please help! I’m hold up in Tisy military base, surrounded by walkers *static* that were attracted by my shots as I was fending off a pack of feral wolves-s..." The frequency turns to static for a moment before clearing once more, more audible this time: "I repeat! If anyone is capable of helping I’m hold up in Tisy military base close to the main bunker facility. I’m almost out of food and water sup-sup-plies and I’m in bad shape. For the love of humanity please help!" "My coordinates are 16.31 / 9.94 This frequency is ISO/IEC RF-0004103-7 I repeat: My coordinates are 16.31 / 9.94 This frequency is... ISO/IEC RF-0004103-7 If anyone is listening"… *sigh*.... silence
  9. Deed bursts through the large iron doors to the old industrial block at Vybor, shooting wildly with his glock 19 at the horde of infected following. He breaths heavy as he shouts a series of warnings into his mic: "He's dead! Nedrin's dead, Vybor is-s overrun by walkers and its the only t-thing I can do to hold out. I'm here with another man named Hunt, Lorenzo Hunt and Frank, we are securing the area!"
  10. Deed digs out his radio once more, having escaped the chasing walkers: "His name was Jerin, Jerin Boyko a weaponsmith and armsdealer not to mention my friend. He was in Vybor but 1 day ago, doing supply runs with his buss. If anyone knows I would be greatful for any word of his werabouts"
  11. Deed listens half heartedly to the man speaking on the radio, not caring much for the business proposal, but happy to at least hear a human voice as he sat huddled in the rain all alone. At the mention of Vybor his head snapped up, however, as he remembered the horrors which had occurred there recently. Ever quick to react he grabs hold of his raio to relay a question: “Leatherman” he says urgently through the com “Have you been to Vybor recently? I must know! Is there a man there, wearing mostly green with a high caliber assault rifle dressed in gun wrapping?! Please, I need to know. Also he drives a bus around making deliveries… I must-t know if he lives”
  12. MummaCandy

    Group goals overhaul

    Sounds awesome to me! However, I find the groups almost play too little a role on the server; they fill loads and loads here on the forums, but in the server not so much. So I suggest the implementation of some sort of group system where most people join, or work for one group or another... I'm a big fan of ingame politics and the most awesome encounters are always the ones that are based on some quarrel between the bigger groups. Just a thought at least
  13. MummaCandy

    Stary Sobor Trading Outpost (Open)

    Deed wakes with a jolt as the voices scitter from the static of the radio, banging his head into the cramped roof of the lorry hard in the process. “Fuckign hell” he moans, rubbing the freshly forming bruise. He listens to the radio, soon forgetting the pain as a small satisfactory smile replaces his near constant scowl. He picks up his mic, fidgeting with the buttons as he relays his reply: *Good news indeed! After the Tortuga post closed I thought myself out of work, and luck for that matter. I was hold up in Electro mending this old rustbucket for weeks (He pats the steering wheel of his truck), when I revisited Stary it was all gone and I nearly got my arse bit off for thinking it safe* *Sigh* *Anyways I'll be at Vybor within the morrow with my truck and good intentions. Let's rebuild what was broken eh?*
  14. MummaCandy

    Day of the Dead!


    I'm with Onion; how about people call their posts whatever the hell they want to call them and then none of us have to be upset? And also, you dont seem like you belong on the internet, judging from your posts... no offence but, yea.
  15. Sorry, im not a very patient person as I am simply burning to get back into some high quality roleplay ^^ understanable if you ask me...