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  1. Murry Webber

    Murry was originally survivor from the U.N. forces back in the days, since that time hes joined the odd group for company and traveled around, finding peace in simple work, tearing parts out of vehicles and patching others up. Wary of strangers, and rightly so, he often avoids interacting with strangers when possible, especially in larger groups. If he does approach, its usually while attempting stealth or from a position of power. Otherwise, even when traveling with others, he rarely speaks. On a side note he has picked up an entertaining hobby over the years spent alone. Sometimes he will find other survivors in trouble, hungry or wounded. He will tie these people up and keep them as pets, either eventually forming a friendship or releasing them some where if they are simply too hostile.
  2. Horrible RP experiences lately

    Maybe...... I suck at meeting people, because I suck at small talk, the main reason I got in with this group is I was traveling with another wanderer when we met up, and we joined, but he did the talking and it took a few days for Murry to open up more...... I have been dropping lines with other players asking if I could join them IC, but they've been rejected so far, either because they don't feel comfortable with letting a potential bandit/spy in their group, or they don't have one to begin with, like I said, almost no one I run into is "with any group at all" until they are a hostage and suddenly start coughing up names and radio channels for us to negotiate over...... Maybe if I leave my gear behind and dress more..... civilian and start carrying around wrenches and tools again, I will be a more friendly looking guy?
  3. Horrible RP experiences lately

    Every time I have felt guilty and let some one go, they immediately try to attack me, or come back with friends to attack me, even though I had no part in the torture/capture, all I did was give them food/water and patch em up TT.TT the guilty by association Also one guy in our group "Tyler" Was let go just a few days ago, found a gun in the next building over and shot his captor in the back. You can't trust anyone it would seem, and mercy is only punished <.< Makes Murry not only a coward, but a twitchy and paranoid fellow
  4. Horrible RP experiences lately

    I feel you, more or less I AM one of those guys traveling around in big groups "looking for action" I am sick of being a bandit, and it makes my gut turn and me feel guilty that we torture and execute so many people, I certainly never liked it when people did it to me! Our group started with noble intentions, all we wanted to do was to trade goods and have sit down camp fire roleplays, and we got the occasional good role play or two, but too many groups like vista and the gamblers just run around, pick you up, take your shit, and either execute you, or release you naked. Either way, just by TRYING to survive, we have to A) Travel with weapons/armour where ever we go! (If we where our faction cloths, we are attacked on site, so can only wear military gear now) B) Assume even the most lonely roleplayer is a booby trap (Too many times we would be talking with a guy all friendly like ( usually in vista ) and it turns out hes just stalling for the rest of his group to surround you/show up in greater numbers! C) turning loose hostages with an appropriate amount of gear! One day our group picked up two hostages in two different locations, the first one tried to run, and I was ordered to chase him down and kill him, I chased him down, and his begging for his life pulled at my heart strings, so I gave him some of my gear and let him go, asking him not to tell anyone, change his name, ect, the second guy who was more compliant got a torture session that I could not even stand to be in VOIP range of, I escourted a hostage to safety, made sure they had plenty of gear, and even offered to travel with them until they felt safe. Turns out both guys lied to us, they were in some bandit group, who immediately rolled up on us and started shooting indiscriminately The lesson's I've learned are A) always travel in a group B) always tell lies, never identify yourself or what group you are with C) Always kill anyone you can D) better safe than sorry If anyone actually knows a place where I can play more friendly like, I would love for you guys to shoot me a PM so we can hang out, I am SICK of banditry, I am SICK of torturing people and hearing screams/people beg, but I am also SICK of being on the OTHER end of that. I just play a cowardly character who doesn't wanna die! TT.TT
  5. KOS Battle on Server 3

    Hey! Just starting this off by saying it was the most fun I've since we met that feudal lady near Grishino Our Group boss was looting around in server 3 while the rest of us were screwing around in camp in server 2, when suddenly some one opened fire him and broke his legs before finishing him off. Upon the admins telling us that KOS is sort of allowed because the rules are not really enforced ( forgive me admins/gms if I am not using the correct words, it was merely what I understood based on my second hand hearing of the story) the rest of us immediately switched over to server 3 and bee lined it seeking vengeance and to recover the corpse which is important to our group. It was a long trek through the harsh rains in the late night / early morning of the game. It was rushed and our load-outs were geared more for roleplay then for combat, especially as I was wearing bright colours. Our mate Tyler reached the base first and reported he was watching the guy in the tower, and soon tossed out a few shots before reporting it was quite, the guy MAY have escaped, and he was going to sit tight until the rest of us showed up. just over a minute later, three more of us (which included me) ran into the area ( the tents north side of Tisy ) and me being half blind/bad eyesight IRL, I basically charged the last known position of the enemy, either hoping to confirm a corpse or to get shot at while the enemy revealed their locations There was no corpse and soon there was the loud bangs and pings of shots being fired and bullets slamming into the tower around me as I just started screaming in panic. I bunkered down as my team mates started shouting observations and reports, moving through the tents to engage the FOE. I prefer waiting in ambushes than moving into them, my eyes suck too bad. Eli was the first one to charge in like the veteran he was, and was then gunned down by the enemy. Once I noticed the shooting was no longer firing up at me hiding in the tower, I dared to poke my head over the railings of safety to see what I could see. Which wasn't much, heavy rain and little blobish shapes running towards where the enemy should be, but I could not find him. A few more shots later and radio confirmations started going out that the enemy was down, and that Eli was confirmed dead. After a quick patrol of the area, our survivors started giving our comrades their last rights with the holy bible (we could use more if any ones got one to trade?) when suddenly Tyler was shot in the back, apparently out of thin air, a second enemy appeared wearing nothing but a t-shirt, sneakers, jeans and wielding a loaded Winchester. My panic stricken eyes could not let me separate the shapes from each other, but lucky for me, Sam's young eyes are still capable and he shot our enemy before I had time to start shooting at shapes. I turned my attention to Tyler and found a weak pulse still existed, wishing our Doctor was present, I immediately went through Eli's bags for medical supplies, and soon bandaged and cleaned Tylers wounds and built a fire to keep him warm. We waited a while longer, Tyler soon woke up, and we finished taking care of our dead, and grabbing the bounty of victory before moving back to Base. I may not have been terrible useful as a combatant, but I was glad I could be apart of that and to have survived! The admins won't tell us who those guys were, ( so probably registered players? ) But if either of you happen to read this! GG, it was a good fight! Glad to be apart of it. Since Server 3 is a KOS server, maybe we can organize battles or something again? Maybe bring your entire group next time! or let us bunker up some where and you come get us? Either way. Cheers! Murry Webber
  6. asking for ammo straight away.

    Either IC or OOC, asking for gear immediately upon meeting some one is setting yourself as low class in my mind. After all, with the number of bandit interactions daily IC, it doesn't seem like strangers are expected to be generous and friendly
  7. Hello!