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  1. DatBlueWolf

    Heavy Fog for the Irradiated Zone

    Pros: -Clear marking of the radiation zone with thicc ass fog. -AMBIANCE, get the place feeling like Silent Hill. Cons: -Low visibility in a large area of the map.
  2. DatBlueWolf


    Updated Jame's character backstory after most recent events in RRRRrrrP

    1. Vandal


      Well this is exciting.

  3. DatBlueWolf


    TFW you have the flu OOC and cuz ya sound like shit have to have the flu IC.

  4. DatBlueWolf

    Message for Eddy Chung (Private Frequency)

    *James turns on his radio for a brief transmission. His flat tone crackling through the light static.* "Afternoon Ed, James here. Nothin' to report. Over n' out." *The broadcast ends with a click.*
  5. DatBlueWolf

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Back atcha bud.
  6. DatBlueWolf

    To Hayden and associates [personal frequency]

    *James tunes in one more time.* "James again. Though our meeting was tense I'm glad we've reached a cursory agreement." "However, if it's to last longer than a week I expect professionalism from your men as I'm sure you'd expect from mine." "As I'm sure you'd say, respect is a two way street. Let's obey the laws of traffic on this one and I'm sure we'll have a smooth commute." *James tunes out.*
  7. DatBlueWolf

    To Hayden and associates [personal frequency]

    *James tunes in.* This is James, I'm with Hayden and she gave me some details. I'll be just South of the Grishino gas station. However, as I don't know you or your people. Only bring yourself and a person you trust and I'll do the same. Keeps the playing fields level. *James finishes speaking, but keeps the radio close at hand.*
  8. DatBlueWolf

    Counselor Available - 87.8 (Open Frequency)

    *Reluctantly, James responds* "...If you really needed my help you would have followed my instructions. Have a good evening."
  9. DatBlueWolf

    Counselor Available - 87.8 (Open Frequency)

    *James dials in one of the bulky long range radios.* "Uhh, hi. Just putting this out there for those who may want or in some cases need it." "My name is James. I'm a counselor by trade... err, was. It's been awhile since I was paid to do it." "If you want the help I can give, say so, but I have a few stipulations, ehh more like restrictions for my safety just as much your own." *A piece of paper crackles near the microphone* "Ahem... No criminal insanity, no cannibalism, no sexual deviance of the criminal variety." He continues, "My training is centered around the talky talky stuff and my supply of medicines is LIMITED. Just as well, I am NOT certified to diagnose..." "You are responsible for your behavior and if you attempt to harm me during a session I will put my life before your 'help'. The same would understandably be expected of you in any other situation out in the real world." "I DO NOT do group work. If you feel unsafe coming by yourself, bring a friend. Do not bring your entire clan. I will not show up if you do." There's a brief pause as the paper is put away, "I understand there are those of you who have poor experiences with mental health care, and rightly so, as no system is perfect... However, I am not the doctors of the past. I am not a nurse or an orderly. I'm a dude with a shitty beard who will ask you about your feelings and what you want to change about your life. If you have a mental illness, changing up your environment or routine may be helpful. Consider me an unbiased observer to help re-frame and re-evaluate what you may be struggling with." "If that appeals to you. Please list your first name and a frequency I can dial in on." "Over n out." *James ends the broadcast and shifts himself away to something warmer.*
  10. Ed went to SZ to try and find his sister who had been travelling abroad during during her time in university, but mysteriously disappeared. US authorities hadn't been able to track her down, nor was there any attempt at contact for ransom. She had practically fallen off the map. The only lead he had to go on was that she was going through some old Soviet block type country backpacking before eventually attempting to get a flight home when she reached Kazakhstan. In a naive attempt to find her, Ed flew out to the area where she had last been seen through her Instagram feed. Some backwater country by the looks of it. Soon after arriving, he was caught in the outbreak and trapped in a fight for survival. Within the first year he struggled to stick with a consistent group most people either abandoning him or he would slip out during the night if they seemed unsavory. There was a particular family of three that he had been with for a few weeks before they had been taken by bandits. Without any gun knowledge Ed was mostly helpless. During his lonely excursions he managed to figure out pistols, but the rest were either too unwieldy or complicated for him. Goals: Find a Group, Find his Sister
  11. DatBlueWolf

    RDM/No Time to comply Grishino - 20:25 - 2018-10-28

    Witness (Joseph Divone/Homeless guy) POV: I was there when the initiation first dropped after the execution. Execution occurred and I started running since I got the vibe it was going to be a bloody mess. From what I saw both sides were firing at each other pretty consistently, not much hostage taking. Additiaonally, it was a VERY Chaotic situation involving what appeared to be 2 groups and many neutral civvies that got caught up in it.
  12. DatBlueWolf

    One Group

    Do it.
  13. DatBlueWolf

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    Mainly I'm just hyped for basebuilding / reinforcing existing objects and how groups will use that. Being able to lock down a campsite by rebuilding fences would be pretty cool (instead of tons of tents). Even with the improvised walls, I thought player created settlements were pretty rad as you could clearly tell where people were establishing themselves and who had their act together. For instance, if a huge military group actually sets up a refugee/prison camp (possible lore reason being to finally set up emigration for foreigners or some such) would be pretty cool. The struggle to keep everyone there contained without a riot. Fending off escape attempts n such.
  14. DatBlueWolf


    *The sounds of peaceful snoring echo between the mouldering walls of a small cabin. The building's blown out windows let in a chill breeze that invade the rips and tears of layered jackets clinging to a sleeping man. Another night closer to winter.*

    1. Brayces


      All you do is SLEEP. Wake the HECKIE UP!!! 

    2. DatBlueWolf


      "Huh... man, sleep is good tho."

  15. DatBlueWolf

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I'm sorry about your nose my dude.
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