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  1. DatBlueWolf

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    Clarification: Mish mash of general statements as well as a response to ya. Ultimately the player chooses what happens to their character. If they're fine with it great, but the idea of having a finger cut off might squick someone out. Kinda like in a DnD game there are certain content that players have their limits on. For example: sexual content and gore. They just may not be into that hot business. Having the understanding of "oh maybe they aren't super into this. How can I make this work for both of us while still having fun" is essential for this sort of thing. As some folks I know who love hostileRP say, they want to engage their captors just as much as they want to have fun and do memorable shit. Otherwise the person will shut down in order to just get it over with. Heck, some players might even WANT certain folks to permascar em. That's the butter on their kinky croissant and more power to em. As you said, middle ground for sure in how it's done. But just like my Saturday nights, consent is king.
  2. DatBlueWolf

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    I'm down for hostilities to be more loosey goosey. Conflict is the spicy sauce that really brings flavor to the RP dish. Struggle n such is the essence of a realistic and compelling story, even if it's a plain ole robbery. I fuckin love getting robbed. Especially if there's some personality and UPMH to it. Like, OH SHIT, these dudes are freaky and desperate and their guns are in my face! The RP of attempting to defuse a situation is what I love about the robbery just as much as the people that do it. I was paranoid as hell back when I first started out in this game because you never knew who was going to try something. Like others have said, you just walk around and mostly have casual conversation because there's no sense that UNKNOWN DANGER that used to lurk under each hesitant conversation. I know that none of these people have run into me before. They have no reason to be hostile to me specifically, nor do I have the sick gear to be extorted out of. @Sylvester Todd #BringBackTheMasq #MakeRobbingGreatAgain EDIT: fixed some spelling errors
  3. James Bonluff had originally traveled to Eastern Europe to provide counseling in under privileged areas. He was an amateur counselor fresh out of school. He had worked in a few hospitals after getting his bachelor's but he had started to really get the itch to travel. His search for a job had brought him to South Zagoria where he worked in Elektro for a few months as a counselor in their hospital. It was basically the job of an orderly, but it paid for rent and the daily bread. When the outbreak hit he was tossed out of Elektro, labeled as a foreign spy who had poisoned them. Thankfully, he wasn't killed. After multiple harrowing run ins with the infected he started to feel a bit off. It was one thing to be anxious and even afraid in situations like this, but the growing suspicion that he was being followed started to really sink in. There were signs everywhere that someone had been tailing him. Footprints outside the windows of the shacks he would sometimes sleep in. Voices over the static of his walkie-talkie even though he had been the only one on a channel. Some days he could even see them in the distance, watching through binoculars before quickly ducking down. They'd be gone by the time he ran over to investigate.
  4. DatBlueWolf

    Call to action (open Freq)

  5. DatBlueWolf


    I have returned.

    Tortuga. Buy some books folks.

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      Well where else am I to go EH!?


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    The Establishment of a Community [CLOSED]

    *Joseph returns to the airwaves.* Heyo.. I think I'm supposed to ask for a Mr. Pond. Talked with one of the dudes over walkie talkie, said I should contact ya on here. Uhh... I think I'm close to the right docks. Hard to tell since I don't really come up this way. But, yeah, I'm here. Over. *He finishes transmitting.*
  7. DatBlueWolf

    The Establishment of a Community [CLOSED]

    *Joseph Divone tunes in.* "Yooo... I'll try 'n make my way there. I'll have my walkie on once I get closer aight?" *He finishes transmitting.*
  8. Joseph was always a bit of a slacker. Or at least looked like one. He just didn't really care overly much about occupation and would just work to get enough money to make it through a tough patch or save up for travelling. A majority of his family was back in the United States and in general disproved of his lackadaisical attitude to just about everything. The more removed portion of his family were Chernarussian by descent. Looking to get a change of pace he got in touch with his third cousin in South Zagoria. He arrived in the country around a year prior to the outbreak. He spent the first few months hanging around with his cousin and causing general mischief around the townships. Soon his funds started to run dry so he found a job working for one of the local farmers. The communication was minimal at best, but he could understand the gestures and caught on fairly quickly to the trade. It was hard work, but an easy job and he enjoyed finally having cash in his wallet again. A few months later and the infection descended upon the area. His extended family had attempted to flee to the city to take cover with the military there and were able to take refuge, but the armed men had turned Joseph away, claiming that the foreigners had been the one who caused it. So he went back to the farm where he worked and did his best to lay low and fortify. Most of what he had were farm tools and the like, enough to make do, hardly enough to survive with. Soon, he was alone, the farmer having run to the military camps as well. Now he waits on the farm, tending to the crops and hoping to wait out the storm so he can return home. --- Recently, Joseph has turned to the bartering life to make ends meet. Selling books and piles of random bullets for whatever he could get. Eventually turning product into food to keep him rolling into the next day. Fairly safe form of survival all things considered. However recently he met some less than savory individuals claiming to be mercs that would sow the seeds of chaos and rebuild. Considering they seemed to know what they were doing , he made himself available. A small step along a slippery slope. He would sell weed and smuggle goods for them when they asked. In return, food and protection. Solid trade in his eyes. He wanted to stay on the outskirts of their operations, ready to book it if things turned ugly. Only time will tell how deep down the rabbit hole he falls.
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    Updated Joseph's Backstory with more recent events. Scroll all the way down.


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    shall we mod the server?

    I really enjoyed the enhanced movement mod from the last iteration of this. PLS AND TY!
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    How to join our Desolation Server [Updated! Including TFAR]

  12. DatBlueWolf

    How to join our Desolation Server [Updated! Including TFAR]

    How many DLC's do we need?
  13. DatBlueWolf

    "You've been taken hostage for our enjoyment"

    I mean, if a robbery suddenly turns into a 2-3 hour movie reenactment it sounds like their reason ACTUALLY was for the entertainment. Taking guns and such was probably so that they didn't get gatted by you. Sound logic.
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    New profile music.

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