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  1. Copy/paste Whitelist - Never

    We all wrote them together in a google document, we could all see eachothers. we wanted them to be similar so you'd get that cool same goal different person feel.
  2. Copy/paste Whitelist - Never

    Why the verdict is not fair: My friends and I all wrote our Back stories together, We submitted everything together, and we all got in together earlier this year. We hadn't changed our answers when we resubmitted to get accepted after a wipe that happened recently. I did the same thing that I did to get in last time and I banned. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I've been whitelisted before, I've logged a lot of hours on the server, I think it's unfair to ban me. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get unbanned and play on the server again, or at least get another chance to apply to the white list. What could you have done better?: I literally did the same thing I did when applying last time. If it worked once I don't understand why it wouldn't work again. There's nothing i could have done better because I was already up to your standards.