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  1. What is there to not look forward to is the better question! I'm anticipating a lot of fun roleplay to come in the near future.
  2. Divinity

    New World Mafia [MEDIA]

    Nice screenshots!
  3. Divinity

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    Very good read!
  4. Divinity

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

  5. I strongly disagree. Your playstyle determines whether or not you run into people; and if you got caught by surprise that's just a part of the game. Just be glad that we have rules on initiation, compared to Pub where you just get shot.
  6. I enjoy Life is Feudal quite abit and am very interested in what direction this takes! If you folks need any help developing lore, generating event ideas, or building a functioning economic system then shoot me a message! I'm eager to see what this community has to offer in regards to architectures and politics between nations and settlements.
  7. Once again; since I was told to stop cluttering the other thread, despite being involved, I'll tell my POV. I arrived in Kabanino before the majority of the others, and ran into a bloke with a lab-coat and one of the festival masks (specifically the one in bojanglers signature above). He seemed like the odd sort and as to avoid robbery and creating any sour encounters, I offered him some food at the hint of him being hungry. Declining my offer, he ran into the large warehouse buildings. I left the street and returned about three minutes later, and he wasn't around. Instead I met several other survivors, those included in this report and the other; being the friendly gentleman I am I continued to trade and give away equipment that people need, and sought desperately for a Hunting Scope. After about five to ten minutes of chatting, bartering, and general introductions we all were about to head our separate ways. I had been finishing up a last minute deal with one of the folks, and hand no weapons in my hand (had to look inside my ammo box / protector case). It was extremely sudden, with no forewarning or form of initiation. Everyone had been on good terms, and even if it were KOS rights from another encounter, I was shot in the arm / chest (?) having both my High Capacity Vest and M65 jacket ruined, the Ammo Box inside also ruined, and barely keeping the items inside from the same status. I was not bleeding and didn't have any broken limbs, but with a blurry screen I promptly rushed into cover, peering back for only a moment to see an unconscious / dead player in the street. More gun shots rang out, and I quickly departed from the scene. Just north of Kabanino, after hearing the majority of the group shouting in communication to rally at the Piano House, I stopped near a bush as to break any line of sight and bandage if I was bleeding. (Was lucky) I heard someone on the other side of the wall, panting and footsteps, then him speaking in VOIP about "what just happened? did that really just..." and so I spoke up and travelled with him (Brandon Steel). We travelled for an extended period of time, my compass having been shattered in the encounter. Finally after almost an hour and plenty of solid roleplay, decided to work up the courage to go back to Kabanino and greet the survivors, or pay respects to the fallen. On our arrival there was a Blue Mountain backpack where the encounter first occurred, down the road towards the arch to the Piano House there was an Improvised Burlap Backpack w/ Stick, and inside of the house we found two or three bags. All the corpses had been stripped of loot of value, and were hidden. Only ruined backpacks full of equally as damaged parcels; it was apparent by this from an OOC perspective that they effectively wiped the majority of the group we had been with, and hid their bodies. Judging by what was found they were shot /a lot./ Ruined gloves even. All in all, I'd like to request hitlogs as to who shot me, so I may either file a report of my own, or have it handled along side these other two reports.
  8. Although I didn't die during the previous transgressions, there was literally no reason that I should have been shot. And if there were people uninvolved, and especially unarmed at the time in the crossfire-- you should have waited to initiate properly through text or vocal. There are plenty of ways to achieve this, including the hand radios, a messenger, or outright confronting the subject in question. I would like for all parties involved as casualties or affected to be able to receive some form of justice for the actions committed.
  9. POV: I had arrived in Kabanino just a few minutes prior to the influx of players. We were chatting, and everything in this report so far I can confirm. There was no initiation and I was shot aswell; luckily my High Capacity, M65, and Ammo Box took the blow. I ran off with Brandon Steel and looped back around to the town. Found a total of four backpacks; assuming these were hidden corpses. One confirmed to be the OP and several others in the Piano house. This was a complete violation of rules; for if I were told to comply I most likely would have.
  10. Divinity

    Show off your new wheels!

  11. Divinity

    Show off your new wheels!

    Literally my life, can't ever get enough pieces to fix up a car. And when I do, I crash into trees or fall through the earth. I fear the cars, shoes for life.
  12. My overall view of the events that transpired are that at this point in time they are truly irrelevant. Our servers have been down for several days, a new update is out, and any gear you lost during this conflict is null and void. Personally, I think bygones should be left to bygones, and everyone should move forward from this with a positive outlook on how to move forward from this situation to build an immersive and proper experience for the playerbase as a whole. As for my POV; the events to my recollection are as follows in chronological order: * I overheard and was nearby the first encounter where the pumpkin was thrown at the house. * A short engagement of words occurred where they made it clear to stop. * Uninvolved parties began participating, despite warning and threw apples / pumpkins at the house. * Once again, warning was given, more stern this time. * Minutemen began throwing pumpkins and apples at their own house, as to loophole their initiation on them. * Shortly after, another third party (to my knowledge and digging on TS) that had just logged on, saw the mess and added to it. * He was promptly shot, and those who originally engaged in the act of throwing / attempt to draw weapon were killed. * I was present inside of the main building by the well; I saw several people get killed, (three to my knowledge) then a fourth was shot about a minute (at most) after the gun shots stopped. He seemed uninvolved, and unarmed. Several people were looting bodies when he was shot, talking about how petty the dispute was aswell as calling out to the hidden shooters that they weren't resisting. * After the fourth person went down, and they began looting his body aswell (NVFL imho) I pulled out my Longhorn and fired a single warning shot at the group, and retreated back into cover. Overall; POV is this. Pumpkins thrown at the house, told to stop, more pumpkins and apples, warned again. Threw them at their own house instead, uninvolved party didn't heed warning. Multiple casualties and several counts of NVFL from third-parties. Hope this cleared things up, let me know if I am needed again.
  13. Once again, it can create immersion but it doesn't break it either. If it were an easy task I'm sure many more people would be providing this experience for you APureGamer. However, as quoted above not everyone has the ability to voice change for their character, let alone simulate a gasmask / face cover. But an RP reason as to why or how you came across said item, no matter what it is, is something people should definitely try to provide.
  14. I can see where you are coming from, and personally I think that a change of voice would be ideal. Although, there will be people that are incapable of maintaining the same muffled tone through their mask from a OOC sense for a prolonged period of time. I feel that it doesn't necessary disrupt the immersion if their voice isn't changed due to their mask, but I also agree firmly with your previous statement. If you are wearing a gasmask, military gear, or anything on a Pub server that you would consider "high value", you should at least develop a decent answer as to where you got it or why you keep it. Most people do not flesh out details like that, and the result is a half-ass answer. So I agree, players would do well to formulate abit of information about their character's appearance aswell as mannerisms.
  15. Text roleplay is something that I find difficult for the genre of gaming; everything can be very fast paced and for example if you are being robbed / held up, you'll be put on the spot to respond rather quickly-- this limits the quality and quantity of emotes aswell. I personally come from a long background of Forum and Text roleplay in several different games and canons, so if you have any questions I am more then willing to apply some of my experience towards a good cause. My main tip is this; Ensure that when you have time, to make your emotes quality and detailed. Explain your facial expression, your posture, what your doing with your hands, and your reaction to things happening around you. A lot of people forget to describe the tone in their characters voice aswell, which is a really decisive factor in some situations. Just some food for thought.