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    W.I.P. French Foreign Legion: The Civil War

    Hey Joff or Denver is there a update for the civil war. I have been regularly checking this thread and haven't seen anything in reference to a updated player list due to people dropping out and unable to attend. Also is there a date that is close at hand in the minds of either of you. I am not looking for a exact date but perhaps mabey a idea of a week within a month somewhere. I am going to be starting a new job soon and will need to have a idea of the event time and date to be sure to attend. I am looking forward to this event and really want to be there for the action if I am able too. Looking forward to this event.
  2. MeonaDesktop

    Dynamic Group: Manticore Mercenary Crew.

    OK I am ready to hear the details of the contract you are proposing. I will be down in 99.9 within the hour. Jack Hellscream out.
  3. MeonaDesktop

    Dynamic Group: Manticore Mercenary Crew.

    Elton john is in the building Hellscream, please get in touch with this nice lady and setup a meet if needed today. Yes sir getting with the client to work out the contract I will get in touch with you in the near future to work out the details of the contract that the matchmaking services of chernarus would like to propose. This is jack Hellscream signing out and will return shortly. // I am dealing with a small family thing but will be free within 2-3 hours and will get down into the TS room and get the details of the contract for you suinshine.
  4. MeonaDesktop

    Dynamic Group: Manticore Mercenary Crew.

    Jack Hellscream looking for a bit of paid work here. Is that name badass enough.
  5. MeonaDesktop

    W.I.P. French Foreign Legion: The Civil War

    Grigor Everage Team: Joffrey
  6. Oh ok thanks for letting me know that I appreciate you doing that. the name was mentioned in the reports and the only reason I asked was because I didn't know if the person was posting a PoV on the wrong report so I was confused. But thanks for putting a reply.
  7. ... really. I wasn't being rude about the video or mean about it. I was just wanting to see the entire video for my own personal reasons that have nothing to do with this report. If you don't want to show me the entire video that is fine I was simply asking. Also I didn't make a report on anything. I have yet to ever file a report against another person who plays in RP so you cant say that I have done that.
  8. is there a way I can see the entire video. Not just the last 2 minutes. I have heard though sources that there is a much longer video and it has been viewed. So if there a website or somewhere I can go to see the entire thing.
  9. George do you have another in game name because I just went through the entire hit and kill logs that are provided for this report and I have not seen your name. I does seem as though you know about the situation and were possibly there but that you didn't actually participate in the gun fight or the actions that lead to the gun fight. So I am not entirely sure who you are suppose to have shot in the head. As the naems of the people who died are clear as the people who killed them are as well. SO what other ingame name could you have been playing under during the time of this occuarnce.
  10. I would also accept talking in teamspeak as well my name is teamspeak is meona desktop. So whenever anyone wishes to get in touch with me let me know. That is it you wish to talk to me if not I would understand.
  11. My PoV. A previous situation involving those gentlemens house had started while I was idling sitting standing and generally moving around in the area of there house, the estate house, and my house which is next door. they got irritated at the situation and told everyone to get off ther property so we complied. after getting off there property they said the next person to step on there property they would shot. I made a remark about that sounding threating. I still got off the property and moved over to mine. A pumpkin was thrown onto the house. they got angered by this and a second 1 was thrown to which there side also started throwing pumpkins and apples at my house. As far as ingame RP it basically turned into a food fight between neighbors. They then said the next person to throw a pumpkin will get shot. We shopped throwing them at ther house and started throwing them around my yard. the citizen that they had initially started argueing with over a separate matter of entering there house made a comment about playing baseball. he took out his bat and barracuda started throwing apples and they started RPing a little sports. The other gentlemen at the house continued to get angery with us. We complied left there property complied and stopped throwing food at there house. NOw Yes I have a blue armband yes I am a minuteman but I also don't take kindly to being threatened with being killed for throwing a pumpkin. Also The commendant who is in charge of the town came down from his estate house and checked the scene happening. They told him there side that we were throwing food I told our side that they threated minutemen and random citizens. The commendant said that he was tired and retiring for the evening and we could settle the situation between ourselves. so we did settle the situation peacefully. Lucas then came into teamspeak as me and barracuda and a few other unnamed people I wont mention were talking and laughing about the situation in ooc communitcation. he said he what is going on everyone and we were just laughing and talking no one heard him say that. he logged in somewhere in Kab saw a gathering of people came over looked at the scene and joined into the food fight. IC he didn't know of any of the threats and the situation was resolved. he started throwing apples. I didn't hear a warning issued to him if 1 was. then a guy stading next to him raised him weapon and shot him. He is in the brotherhood which is allied with the French and when he was shot I raised my weapon and returned fire in defense of a ally. I took fire and was knocked unconscious. when I was unconscious I heard someone saying this man is hurt and bleeding he needs help. I thought since the situation resulted in a fight and both sides took injuries that the issue would be finished. I was then informed that I was killed while unconscious. On a side note the only thing I have as far as video or screen shots is someone sent me a picture of my dead body. I should mention that all pumpkins thrown came from MY garden and were rotten and weren't able to be eaten.
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies that has given me a lot of advice to look to for when I do start a alt character. I am enjoying the character I am playing right now and am also loving the group I am with but I did want a alt so that I can get out and look at other groups and learn from other peoples different play styles for some ideas on how to get a great character and a great back story. If I do make a alt at this point it will simply be for the purpose of exploring rp. My current main is the 1 character I do have and I enjoy playing with him so I will keep him. However this did raise another question while I was reading through the replys. When 0.59 comes out I know there is going to probably be a wipe. Does that mean that my character and memories are going to be wiped with him and I am able to continue the same character with the same name and just make new memories. or does everyone stay the same from the wipe. I was curious of this because I am not sure how a game wipe when major updates works with dayzrp.com
  13. Hello everyone this is Grigor Everage with a question about characters. I have been talking a lot to people in TeamSpeak using OOC mechanics to get ideas about how to do good if not great roleplaying. I have heard a few times people make comments of previous characters they had and what they roleplayed as also I have heard of Alts. My question is concerning Alts. Should I decide to create a Alt character and work a new rokeplay with a different voice and idea and personality idea how would I do this since I would spawn in with the same character model including weapons clothes and such. Would I need to die on my current character to run a alt or can I simply switch between the 2 by simply changing the name of the character when logining in. thanks everyone for the replays I will receive. And shout out to the entire DayzRP community the best RP community I have ever had the pleasure of roleplaying with. Meona Desktop ( Grigor Everage)
  14. Sorry I don't have a video
  15. Before posting my PoV I would like to comment first: You and your friends came into Kab knowing OOC that it was occupied by a force. OOC I'm guessing you probably knew there would be a lot of people in Kab considering recent events. You enter town and immediately claim real estate for yourself, and aggressively act towards anyone saying you didn't own it. In my humble opinion it looks to me that you came to Kab looking to start a fight. Which is completely fine. However, instead of initiating outright on the town, you decided to RP first, and get folks riled up. When you are successful in getting the folks riled up, a fight breaks out. Albeit not a great fight... mistakes may have been made.. but none the less a fight broke out, something which you were very clearly intent on starting from the get go. You then, after the fight... put up a report... What? Here is my PoV: There was a lot going on and the situation looked like two groups trying to get each other to intiate. The groups were our groups of minutemen and legionaires against there group (floor 11?). During the confusion the thing I was hearing about was they were name calling and generally being rude but it was being done in rp as to force initiation from our side and that is fine. I then hear about the puking scenario and that was funny I will admit. after that they came to the green house I was in with 2 other members of our group. they ran in and started being rude and saying it was there house get the fuck out. so we did and upon leaving they started calling us pussies and one of them even called us faggots. ( I don't know what country you are from but in my country that is a very horrible word used to down talk a homosexual). After hearing this escalation, I joined in on the name calling and hostile words with the other members of my group. I didn't get a great look as to the events of the shooting and death, but I was present and participated in the verbal hostilities back and fourth.