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  1. Won't be online for a while. In the hospital with a collapsed lung and probably won't be out until the 27th at the earliest. 


    Sucks I can't RP with anyone while I'm away but when I'm better I'll hope right back into things 

    1. Psycho


      Whoah what caused your lung to collapse?

    2. TateRinefield


      Damn man, I'ma miss you

    3. groovy nate

      groovy nate

      Hope you get better, man! Thinkin' of ya.

    4. Canon360


      Thanks for the concerns guys, I've had issues with my lungs collapsing befor when I was younger so it's nothing I haven't already been through. it's like a vacation in the slums of costa Rico. I'm always on drugs, laying in bed for most of the time and strange men and women I've never seen befor touch and stab me with things 

      And I was swimming when it happened 


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