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  1. This is amazing. So glad to be apart of this. Can't wait to make my character and get rolling with this group.
  2. POV I met up with ken and a few others about 20-30 min before first bumping into the Black Fangs. After the black fangs came across us, the group I was with was very quiet. we all played along with the chat as well as building everyone a camp fire that we sat at for about 5 to 10 minutes. During this time I was interacting, sharing stories and being polite to the group we ran into. After some time of this Ken @Mr. Blue, Wolfie @SnipZ and I told the group we where leaving. We said our goodbyes and started to jog away. After a few moments we realized we where being chased down by a large group of them. The three of us decided to run, trying to avoid danger. After they managed to catch up to and told us "stop or die" ken, Wolfie and I turned around and walked towards them. After them chatting to us about making us work for them as slave labor. At this point Luke @Infamous told us about a radio call he received and that one of Ken's group members were trying to start a revolution against the black fangs. after this we where instructed to put our hands up. Up to this point as well as some time after putting my hands up I was trying to have a peaceful talk with them so we could discuss this situation we had ourselves in. Then Orion @Dio Brando came out of the woods to my left and began shooting. After Orion downed about 2 or 3 of the black fangs, ken reached for his gun which was when he was shot by Luke who was wounded by Orion. After this I was beginning to get lippy with my captors (which Logan has done many times before when being in situations like this). Once some of the mess was sorted out that was caused by the shooter, Luke directed Wolfie and I towards the apartment buildings down the hill from where I was standing. After a while Leo @ExoticPlayer came into the apartment that wolfie, luke and I where in and began questioning Wolfie. At this time i settled down a bit but was still not taking kind to my situation. Then when my captors where done questioning Wolfie, I spoke out against them in an aggressive tone, which is when Leo shot and killed me. My death ends my point of view. I have no issue with their reasoning behind killing me. This was later discussed with the black fangs last night OOC in TS but I feel as if my death could of been handled differently RP wise. For example I would of appreciated a //perm to perma kill. Or them beating me or even stuffing a sock in my mouth to shut me up. But like I said I have no problem with they way they handled me. It made sense rule wise.
  3. Canon360


    Been playing it with @Jarvis and I've been having an awesome time
  4. I know I'm late on this but watch Arrival, didn't make me cry but holy shit did i leave the theater leaving felling something good. Its a great film that you can keep at face value and enjoy but also really think about too and it gives the film some a good re-watch experience
  5. Home sweet home. If I have the energy I'll be getting on tonight for a bit.

    I was lucky and didn't need surgery but if this shit happens again then i'll be on that table for sure. so fingers crossed

    1. TateRinefield


      Dam son

    2. Psycho


      Glad to hear that you okay!

  6. Won't be online for a while. In the hospital with a collapsed lung and probably won't be out until the 27th at the earliest. 


    Sucks I can't RP with anyone while I'm away but when I'm better I'll hope right back into things 

    1. Psycho


      Whoah what caused your lung to collapse?

    2. TateRinefield


      Damn man, I'ma miss you

    3. groovy nate

      groovy nate

      Hope you get better, man! Thinkin' of ya.

    4. Canon360


      Thanks for the concerns guys, I've had issues with my lungs collapsing befor when I was younger so it's nothing I haven't already been through. it's like a vacation in the slums of costa Rico. I'm always on drugs, laying in bed for most of the time and strange men and women I've never seen befor touch and stab me with things 

      And I was swimming when it happened 


  7. Was gunna make this last night but was too tired but thank you too @jangoskull, @Stoobs, @Coreena, @Anaconda, and @SoalXtractor You guys mad a shitty day and a pretty shit rp day into an amazing one, You're all amazing. Thank you!!!
  8. Had an amzing day of RP. Started off with a beautiful send off to one of my characters Morgan with @jangoskull and @Coreena. (Video recorded by @Coreena. She's freaking amazing!! Go follow her) Then had some good laughs meeting up with @Drbeans, @NinjaGriffon, @Nathan Osbourne and @Jade at the book club. That was a lot of fun and a great little moment before I got off. Can't wait to see what I have in store tomorrow
  9. Had a great time RP with my bro's @jangoskull and @TateRinefield. The hostage situation that we ended up getting in with @Coreena, @Stoobs, @NinjaGriffon and @N-Tox was a blast! so much fun getting caught in that situation and all of us making it out unharmed (well mostly) I'm also really enjoying the little group dynamic I'm having with @jangoskull, @Coreena and @Stoobs. I hope we can keep up with our little group and have loads more adventures you guys are the best!!
  10. Nice profile pic and yea that was me!!
  11. Had an awesome time with @jangoskull, @Coreena, @Stoobs, and @TateRinefield!! Looks like I'm now the local cop Hope to RP with you all again very soon!!
  12. Canon360


    First two where definitely the best in my opinion. Nothing beats the death mask scene in saw two. That is what i would call a quintessential saw trap. But I know what you mean with not going in with high hopes
  13. Canon360


    Try your best to hide from spoilers lol
  14. Canon360


    I've been so pumped since the trailer was released.
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