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  1. "Would you like to hear a story? How about my story just so you know exactly who I am. I hope you're listening because it's the only time I'll tell it to you." Alex took a swig from his water canteen. "Before this world fell apart there isn't much to say about my life. I did fine in school and I was pretty decent at my job. I was a wildlife journalist so surviving in foreign lands was never an issue for me, but I could of cared less about the job. No, I loved to travel and explore. Walking through deserts, jungles and freezing landscapes was something I just loved to do. The job was just to maintain my travel addiction. I had no care in the world when it was me out there in the open, that was until I met Emily. I ran into her during one of my treks into Central Asia when i was tasked to write a piece on Snow Leopards their dwindling numbers. I was just getting some supplies from a local market and that's where I ran into her, and my god. It was like Cupid punched me in the face" Alex chuckled to himself in amusement of his own joke. But his smile quickly faded away. "She was in her last year of university and was a Cultural Studies major from the UK, she was studying abroad. It's safe to say that we both fell head over heels for one another. After that things seem to blur, and we later got married. That was so long ago now, we where so young." Alex looked distant, staring into the fire in front of him as he sighed deeply. "Then one day, the world just fell apart. Emily and I where traveling through Chernarus with a group of close friends we made through the years. We where all planning to boat around the Black Sea and make our way to Turkey, but then those crazies began to tear this world apart. We had no choice but to take refuge in a barn where we would sleep, eat and survive. Then one cold winter night about a year ago we where all ambushed, and held captive at gun point." The grizzled man drank some more water, trying to choke back his anger. "We where robbed, and all completely terrified. But then something horrible happened. Whether it was an act of cruel fate or just pure bad luck, Emily and I where singled out. The bandits let my so called friends go. They abandoned us and left us for dead, never to return to that barn where we were being held. Then, for what i can only assume was for sick entertainment, the bandits began to beat the hell out of us. I tried fighting back but that got me no where. And that's when the horrors began. They did unspeakable things to Emily. I can't remember when the screaming stopped or which one of us stopped first, but when it was all over and I collected myself, all i saw was my poor wife, naked, carved up and left with this hunting knife stuck in her ribs." Alex pulled a hunting knife out from a sheath attached to his hip, the same knife that slaughtered his wife. "It wasn't easy to find those bandits, but I did. It took almost all of my tracking knowledge, but I did it, and here we are today." Alex looked over to the shot up and bloody corpses of the bandit members. He got up and stalked over to the last man with the knife in hand. The man sobbed and screamed but to no avail due to being gagged and bound. Alex grabbed the man by the hair and got close to his face. "Do you remember this barn? I hope to go you do." Alex calmly spoke as he pulled hard on the mans hair. "do you remember this spot? The spot your sitting on right now. DO YOU REMEMBER IT!" Alex screamed in his face. The man cried as muffled begs for mercy barely escape past the rag that was stuffed in his mouth. Alex took one deep breath then plunged the knife deep into the mans chest. The man struggled and wriggled around but soon slowed and stops cold. H e then wiped away a tear he had shed, cleaned of the knife, packed up his back, and left the barn. Where he'll go and what he'll do next is completely unknown to him as he faded into the darkness of the night.
  2. Edward Ford grew up in a small town but from a young age was destined for greatness. While he grew up his intellect surpassed all of those around him including: students, peers as well as many of his teachers he had growing up. Knowledge came easy to Edward, but people where a whole other story.People where cruel, cold, harsh, unrelenting in there abuse and taunting. No matter how hard Edward tried, he just could not seem to grasp the concept of "fitting in". Over his years of adolescence, Edward grew up alone and isolated to nothing but his thoughts and his anger. It was this anger which propelled him to work harder, become smarter and count on no one. After high school Edward went straight into university to become a surgical doctor. This role felt natural Edward since he had always been calculating, and was fascinated with the insides of small animals he would open up and examine on his spare time as a child. Through many years of studying and practice Mr. Ford became Dr. Ford. He began excelling in his surgical field, but his achievements in his surgical Career were mostly neglected. Dr. Ford's drive to be noticed for the brilliant man that he was lead him down the road of micro biology and virology. It's there where he studied some of the most deadliest pathogens known to man kind. He studied there intricacies, the beauty of bacteria cells dividing and how virus's would take control of their host's cells, gradually dominating and killing the host. It was through this field where Dr. Ford was approached by the Synaptic Foundation, a medical research and pharmaceutical company. It was this company that opened up Edwards world. They where willing to give whole laboratories and teams to Dr. ford for research and experimentation. The big paycheck was never the lure for the Doctor, but the endless possibilities that his mind could explore. How much he could achieve with all of the equipment and test subjects at his disposal. After working with the company for a few years, Dr. Ford was appointed head of medical research, being given the title "Chief Medical Officer." With this tittle came new, untapped potential for his research for the company as well as a field trip to a small country. Rumors where spreading that there was a new virus spreading. This was only the beginning for the Doctor.
  3. Canon360

    The Synaptic Foundation [Recruitment: Limited]

    This is amazing. So glad to be apart of this. Can't wait to make my character and get rolling with this group.
  4. Canon360

    S1: Invalid Initiation and BadRP in Dubky - 12/3/17 3:30-4:00 Server Time

    POV I met up with ken and a few others about 20-30 min before first bumping into the Black Fangs. After the black fangs came across us, the group I was with was very quiet. we all played along with the chat as well as building everyone a camp fire that we sat at for about 5 to 10 minutes. During this time I was interacting, sharing stories and being polite to the group we ran into. After some time of this Ken @Mr. Blue, Wolfie @SnipZ and I told the group we where leaving. We said our goodbyes and started to jog away. After a few moments we realized we where being chased down by a large group of them. The three of us decided to run, trying to avoid danger. After they managed to catch up to and told us "stop or die" ken, Wolfie and I turned around and walked towards them. After them chatting to us about making us work for them as slave labor. At this point Luke @Infamous told us about a radio call he received and that one of Ken's group members were trying to start a revolution against the black fangs. after this we where instructed to put our hands up. Up to this point as well as some time after putting my hands up I was trying to have a peaceful talk with them so we could discuss this situation we had ourselves in. Then Orion @Dio Brando came out of the woods to my left and began shooting. After Orion downed about 2 or 3 of the black fangs, ken reached for his gun which was when he was shot by Luke who was wounded by Orion. After this I was beginning to get lippy with my captors (which Logan has done many times before when being in situations like this). Once some of the mess was sorted out that was caused by the shooter, Luke directed Wolfie and I towards the apartment buildings down the hill from where I was standing. After a while Leo @ExoticPlayer came into the apartment that wolfie, luke and I where in and began questioning Wolfie. At this time i settled down a bit but was still not taking kind to my situation. Then when my captors where done questioning Wolfie, I spoke out against them in an aggressive tone, which is when Leo shot and killed me. My death ends my point of view. I have no issue with their reasoning behind killing me. This was later discussed with the black fangs last night OOC in TS but I feel as if my death could of been handled differently RP wise. For example I would of appreciated a //perm to perma kill. Or them beating me or even stuffing a sock in my mouth to shut me up. But like I said I have no problem with they way they handled me. It made sense rule wise.
  5. Canon360

    S1: Invalid Initiation and BadRP in Dubky - 12/3/17 3:30-4:00 Server Time

    Making POV tomorrow
  6. Canon360


    Been playing it with @Jarvis and I've been having an awesome time
  7. I know I'm late on this but watch Arrival, didn't make me cry but holy shit did i leave the theater leaving felling something good. Its a great film that you can keep at face value and enjoy but also really think about too and it gives the film some a good re-watch experience
  8. Growing up my life has been a rotten hell. And the only thing the kept me going was music. My parents never understood how important those bands where to me, how the touched my soul on the deepest of levels. High School was also a joke, rich kid pricks, muscle head jocks and preppy bitches made the school my worst nightmare. Luckily i found my salvation within those halls. I found the closest thing I could have to a family that actually understood and shared my pain. Thankfully they all shared my love and true passion for REAL music. Together we formed the best fucking band you could imagine. I was the Bass Guitarist and when ever I played you could feel my dark heart beating. Each strum was a cry and scream from my beautiful guitar, the only one true thing I could love. Our band was amazing but of course the mainstream fucko's would never hear and understand our message. Through time, playing gig after gig we got the money to set up a world tour. It was about time the world heard what real music sounded like. Our next stop is in Chernarus and we're going to ROCK THEIR FUCKING WORLD
  9. Home sweet home. If I have the energy I'll be getting on tonight for a bit.

    I was lucky and didn't need surgery but if this shit happens again then i'll be on that table for sure. so fingers crossed

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      Dam son

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      Glad to hear that you okay!

  10. Won't be online for a while. In the hospital with a collapsed lung and probably won't be out until the 27th at the earliest. 


    Sucks I can't RP with anyone while I'm away but when I'm better I'll hope right back into things 

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      Whoah what caused your lung to collapse?

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      Damn man, I'ma miss you

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      groovy nate

      Hope you get better, man! Thinkin' of ya.

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      Thanks for the concerns guys, I've had issues with my lungs collapsing befor when I was younger so it's nothing I haven't already been through. it's like a vacation in the slums of costa Rico. I'm always on drugs, laying in bed for most of the time and strange men and women I've never seen befor touch and stab me with things 

      And I was swimming when it happened 


  11. I guess it all began when I was young. That man changed my life life when he played his "innocent" games with me. My mother did always say that Uncle Tom loved the kids. Since then I've always had this strange feeling, like he never got the justice he deserved. Prison just doesn't seem enough. And that's when the fascination started. I became addicted to psychology and philosophy stories about morality. Stories about people scathing death and coming out better people. Just imagine putting my uncle and other sicko's in a place where they can taste death. That taste, if they live, will last with them forever. I kept on imagining, and fantasising. This feeling of rage, disgust and intrigue consumed me. I began writing down ideas and plans to stalk and trap these monsters so they could face the karma they've ran away from there whole lives. My first idea was clean cut, and simple. Pit two predators against each other to see which one had the fight in them to make it to another day. I remember I was twenty when I was messaging back and forth between two older men online. They had no idea that "Amanda the 14 year old girl" was actually me, luring them into a hell of their own making, as each of them tried to lure me. God the rush, the thrill of the hunt was intoxicating. In a way I could almost relate to these two pathetic men. The months prior to the men's justice had consisted of careful planning. Scouring over every angle. checking and double checking the small abandoned warehouse with its perfect concrete room. The room was box, no widows and one door. Completely empty. All i had to do was remove the wooden door and door frame and replace it with a steel one. Far easier said than done, but I got it done. I was dedicated and nothing was going to stop me at this point. The day had finally come. I drilled a hole just big enough for me to sit from the outside and observe. Big enough for me to see bu just small enough to blend into the rest of the wall. I had to keep in mind that this wasn't for my enjoyment, because then I'd be just like them. No. I had to cut all emotion from it and let things play out. I messaged the men to meet me and hour apart so I had enough time take any weapons, cell phones, or belts off them so it would be a fair fight. At home I learned how to make chloroform from basic household chemicals. When they where out I dragged them into the room, turned off the lights, locked the door from the outside and waited. But not before adding my final touch. A note on the floor that read "TWO PERVS WAKE. ONLY ONE CAN LEAVE. FIGHT TO SURVIVE" God it felt like hours until one of them started to stir. The two woke up panicked, screaming and yelling until they finally mustered the courage to pat down the walls. Soon enough the lights where on, the note was read and the two stared at each other, thinking. It was like these two where looking into a mirror. They tried the door with no luck and began to try and figure a way out. Hours ticked by, and with each story each of the men spewed to try and rationalise the situation and the acts they planned on commuting, brought them closer and closer to the finale. Like a flip of a switch they turned into animals. Scratching, punching, kicking, biting. One even tried to strangle the other to death. But then it soon came to an end, one was spread out on the floor as blood leaked from his head, and the other sat there wounded and bloodied. I let him sit there and stew in the act he committed for over an hour. I took the winners phone and sat it outside the door, then placed the key in the door unlocking it. I never ran so fast in my life. First I wanted to get away without the man seeing me as he scrambled his way to open the door, but also all the adrenaline that had built up over the past six hours just exploded through my body and I was gone. All of the tools i had used like the laptop, burner cellphone, drill as well as the dead mans phone, the belts, wallets and pocket knife i found on one of them, where tossed into a pit, set on fire and buried. What a success. I was so proud of myself I began drawing up my next plan. My next trial, but it all came crashing down on me. Police managed to ID me from a homeless man that was squatting near the building a while back. I'm now on the run, heading to Russia then this little country called Chernarus. But I feel as if I've found my calling. Maybe I should branch out once I settle in, target not only the sick and persevere, but the weak. Those with lacking and flimsy morals. But time will tell.
  12. Was gunna make this last night but was too tired but thank you too @jangoskull, @Stoobs, @Coreena, @Anaconda, and @SoalXtractor You guys mad a shitty day and a pretty shit rp day into an amazing one, You're all amazing. Thank you!!!
  13. Had an amzing day of RP. Started off with a beautiful send off to one of my characters Morgan with @jangoskull and @Coreena. (Video recorded by @Coreena. She's freaking amazing!! Go follow her) Then had some good laughs meeting up with @Drbeans, @NinjaGriffon, @Nathan Osbourne and @Jade at the book club. That was a lot of fun and a great little moment before I got off. Can't wait to see what I have in store tomorrow
  14. Had a great time RP with my bro's @jangoskull and @TateRinefield. The hostage situation that we ended up getting in with @Coreena, @Stoobs, @NinjaGriffon and @N-Tox was a blast! so much fun getting caught in that situation and all of us making it out unharmed (well mostly) I'm also really enjoying the little group dynamic I'm having with @jangoskull, @Coreena and @Stoobs. I hope we can keep up with our little group and have loads more adventures you guys are the best!!
  15. Nice profile pic and yea that was me!!
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