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  1. Hi, I'm currently learning French in school as my third foreign language (next to English and Russian, I'm German myself) and therefore I thought that I'd just learn it like I did with the others, by speaking to people in that language. Basically, I'm speaking with my parents in Russian, and there are plenty of people on the Internet to speak English with, but I don't know any French people at all that I could talk to. I already thought about joining some French role playing community, but for that, my French is simply not good enough yet (around 1 year experience now), that's why I'm afraid of doing so in this early stage, and before doing something like that, I'd like to simply talk to individuals that know about my situation. So now comes the deal, I don't want to just 'have French lessons for free', but I want to play games while simply communicating in French, having real conversations. I have a big list of games in my Steam library where you can pick from if you're interested, it really doesn't matter to me which one, and maybe this will be a wonderful internet friendship at some point. thx
  2. It was terrifying. First hostage died - His hand was nailed to a tree with the force of himself, head-butting it in with a helmet, then punched to death by Jacobus’ fists. Second hostage died - Beaten till death by his own friend with a baseball bat, around 10 times before he finally passed. Most brutal death ever seen. Third hostage died - The guy who killed his friend had a brawl for life and death with the forth hostage, the traitor, and then was crushed and choked in the mud. I will never sleep again.
  3. Well then, since it is the happiest time of the year, let's get started with some fake presents! What would be your personal present for the person above you? Socks? A tank? Or just love :3?
  4. Entry 2 Silence. The Forest at night. No sounds emitted but the leaves slowly crackling under my feet while I am in search for something to eat. Green mountain seems to have lost its attraction to people, so the wild had time to repopulate .. there it is .. a deer, probably a lone one, wondering where the rest of them are .. I don't care, one of them will be enough for now .. adjusting my aim .. one noiseless shot of the crossbow and it is dead, another life fades away from this earth just to save mine. Finally it's time for me to shine. Let's cut this motherfu- We're not done yet. We have to approach the body first and make sure nobody's around .. just a few more steps .. let's use our splitting axe, we wouldn't care for some damage in the meat, chop of the head and rip out the guts with your hands while nobody is looking or I will start freaking out when we're around people again. Stop this Satanism, you made me a promise back then when we almost killed that child for a rock- You pathetic little cunt can't tell me I'm not keeping the promise if you're doing it right now. You said as long as nobody's around I can do whatever I fucking want, and you know what? .. I will fucking slice us up with that fucking knife. You wouldn't dare doing such a thing to our face. You want people to think that we're crazy? ZBOR kills people for being crazy and god knows that I would never want myself to be seen on the same level as the Pestilence Brotherhood. Now, let me- .. Holy shit! Blood, so much blood .. did you just cut our .. Did you cut our cheek open .. I'm not done yet .. Ah- the .. I can't feel our face .. You see that? The blood, beautiful, dripping down onto that deer's corpse. I love the feeling of pain .. How about I cut off one of our fingers? .. You're quiet, what's the problem Emmerich, opened up your mouth too wide? I will never forget what you did to us. I will never be your friend again. Oh, so you are threatening me that you would just let me have our body? Well then, thank you a lot, ladies and gentlemen, for your 20 years of waiting for this moment. Showtime begins now. I will banish you from this body for eternity .. Wait, you're leaving this deer? What the fuck are you doing, can't you feel how hungry we are? I can't feel anything anymore.
  5. ProDog

    What is your Character's Greatest Desire?

    To find some of that damn garden lime. God damn it. I've been searching for days. Please kill me.
  6. ProDog

    Best Parts Of 0.59!

    Finally I can enter that god damn yellow church!
  7. ProDog

    Show off your new wheels!

    The Memories.
  8. It's been a lot of fun indeed, thanks for all the love after I respawned at the coast! Even if I was mad after dying because of being afk, I'm glad I've met you down there!
  9. ProDog

    [SA] Show us your character!

    I drew my character's signature look!
  10. In my opinion this wouldn't be a good rule. It would be extremely annoying to not have a walkie talkie and would force you to put looting over RolePlay until you have one. It wouldn't improve any RolePlay either. Groups that want to be realistic can have this rule, but that's none of my business. I'd say there is no point in having such a rule until the game hits a much, much more mature state.
  11. *Emmerich looks towards his radio, sitting in the tent for quite a while, not sure if he should respond or not. He takes a deep breath, holding down the button as he starts to speak* Some people will try to gain your trust, be friendly, just to gain advantage over you. Trust nobody, expect you know them. You can either learn it the easy way by respecting this advice, or the hard way by experiencing the 'why' part yourself, but the odds in dying while trying are very high. Your choice. *He releases the button, clipping his radio back to the chest pocket of his green checked shirt*
  12. Ok, I get it, I've made my decision, but I still want to thank everyone spending his or her time to write down a reply. Thank you for your opinions.
  13. Emmerich's mental journal Entry 1 Thinking used to be my only communication when I was a kid a lot of the time. I can remember having a few friends back then, but I never liked having friends. Even though my brother was similar to myself, he never did anything with me, never played with me, and never helped me with my homework, never talked to me. Do I regret not doing things with my brother when I could have? No, you don't. After all, it was his decision too. He never wanted to have a brother, you were just a burden and you should have killed him in his sleep, remember his pills? You could have easily changed the contents of his pill box with something poisonous and nobody would have suspected you. Please, you know I don't want you to interrupt me while I'm thinking, so mind shutting the hell up? Anyways, I do not think that I regret any of my decisions. I mean, I've always spent hours of my time just thinking about my decisions to make the right one, and often, no, always I picked the right choice. There is something that is bothering me though, Emm seems to take over control at some points. This has never happened earlier, and it kind of worries me at- Why do you think that you are the apex predator in this brain still? Have you forgotten? You forget many things, but how could you have forgotten this? It changed us, we aren't like we used to be any more you moron. Times have changed and you should know, I thought you were supposed to be the smart one. I've held myself back long enough, I wanted us to be intelligent and finish school properly, but now? It is the end of the fucking world and we can't afford to be friendly or a helping hand, why are you so blind. Open our fucking eyes and look around yourself. The period of your control has ended, it is finally my turn to get us out of this hell. No, stop it, we are still human and you can't just take over me, I am Emmerich and you are just a disease, an illness that has to be taken care of, nothing else. How about I smash our fucking head against a wall and crack our skull open, then we could escape and go on in different directions? No, that would be a waste of valuable keeper. I need us to survive and you know I could just force suicide whenever I want, smarty-pants, so you fucking shut up and let me take over control myse- Silence! You had your time and I have enough! You can't just take over like that you god damn imbecile, I am in charge and I will keep in charge, got that? .. I asked you a question, I request an answer! .. Hmm, looks like you learned your lesson, again, just like always. Where was I again? Guess it doesn't matter anyways, there is nothing important to think of so I can just have my sleep. Good night, myself .. good work showing that idiot his borders.