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  1. windog578100

    DayZRP servers are moving

    Kinda glad for the wipe since I haven't been on since the first night of the new update but still kinda sucks, hope the new servers are better
  2. Hey man, hope you enjoy your stay on DayZRP. Can't wait to meet you in game pal.
  3. Looks like a cool idea. Hope to see it in effect in game
  4. I can't wait for that bow and van man. Finally we get some more cars to drive. Hopefully it won't be a running simulator anymore.
  5. Born in the US of A. Red White and better then you
  6. Welcome back man, can't wait to see you around ingame.
  7. Hopefully this happens, I can't to use my good weapons for once and actually kill some people even if it has no effect on my character.
  8. Once I started playing I felt like this cause I was traveling alone, but once I started meeting people I began to have a good time and enjoy it again. It's just a small phase man, you'll get out of it soon.
  9. Hope to meet you in game too man! This server has done the same for me, I'm really having a great time with it. Boosted my DayZ hours by 50 lmao.
  10. Hey man can't wait to see you in game
  11. windog578100


    Crawlers are already there. You just have to disable a zombie and it will start crawling. Looks creepy as hell if you're not expecting it. Didn't even know that, thanks for the heads up dude. Gotta try it out soon and see for myself.
  12. I found people in Novo and the new hot spot is "New Paris" however I don't know where it is exactly. I also found some people along the coast but usually I'm alone.
  13. windog578100


    I love to see zombies with no heads and zombies that have a chance at dropping some good loot. Children zombies and crawlers would also be pretty cool too!
  14. Thanks everyone! Hope to see you guys around! Nice to meet you Sort Old lmaoo, can't wait to meet you man