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  1. hello im new to this community and waiting for my whitlisting and wanted to say hello to the community. So HELLO!
  2. The name is ash kovernski if you find this letter, it was hopefully in my camp i Vavilovo and I'm not around anymore, please enjoy my camp and survive as long as you can. You may ignore the rest of this letter but here is my story. I was with the border control for Russia but was sent in to Chernarus on a black ops mission to gather information, as having no family or friends to return to my squad was perfect for the mission. We where sent deep into Chernarus into a the city Kozlovka and where given the orders to scout and gather as much info as possible but a day into the mission everything went wrong we got over run by infekted adn almost the whole squad got killed and turned into to creatures. Lets jump ahead I hide til i knew i could run and save my own as and from that point i knew, the strong survive and the week are the ones we left behind in the old world, I have done some really bad things to be able to survive but never would i waste someone on the streets as long as they don't try anything. This is my story in a small letter and for those who read til the end, in the green house south-west och the camp is a weapon and gun stash. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ feedback please
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