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  1. *Nick stands at the edge of his experiment pit, and tosses a small metal sphere down into the pack of ravening biters below. He cringes slightly at the sounds of snapping bone, ripping flesh, and squelching organs. He's run out of paper, so he decides to record his results orally, and then begins to relay the sounds over the radio.* "The thirty-third test of the razorball proves just as viable as the first. Since I'm bored, I'll leave that alone for now. So far, the antidote I'm working on has proved lethal to the biters and all the other living things I've tested it on. My dearest is trembling on eggshells at the moment; log listing, shopping note fifty-two, need more coolant and a clean, fresh batch of machining oil to make sure the containment room maintains equilibrium. Subject has shown signs of healing, after stable introduction of various nutrients and proper fortification of muscle tissue. I still don't have long for her, unless I find some miraculous way to fix the bone marrow problem and find enough materials for a whole new batch of catalysts to start re-fabricating her lost tissue. Unfortunately, the most recent subject was simply too young to withstand the strain of testing, and has succumb to the Earth at the early age of nine..." *Nick starts crying, then it turns into hiccups, and then a lilting creepy tone invades his speech* "He was turning... I didn't know what to do. Don't give me that, it wasn't any more my fault than his own, he got bitten and I did my best to help. No, no, no, you cannot make assumptions like that. It worked on the hedgehog, at first; it only died a few weeks later, after what happened to that boy Hamat. Alright, I'll give you that it wasn't suitably tested, but nothing here has been suitably tested yet! I didn't have time. Besides, this clueless group of apes running around with guns pointed at anything that moves has several barbaric members I can use for these tests and still make the world better for it." *His voice suddenly dies down, and you can hear the sounds of a walker gnashing wordlessly and a faint crackling noise as he starts meticulously separating bones from the body and then welds pieces together* "God, this is disgusting. I cannot believe I ever tasted zombie meat. Bleck! People taste so much better, and I can't even stomach that anymore. Yeesh, I'm becoming a fucking pansy... Oh hey, I forgot this goes out to everybody. Hi, everybody! Hahahahahaha! It's been a while since I touched the radio, I've been kinda busy. Mostly with work. Also with inventing, so I guess that's just more work. Anyhow, I'm up for a chat if anyone likes. Meet me at my rockside emporium! Bits and bobs for sale, in exchange for useful things. Not that bullshit you all use out there, either, I don't want guns or ammo or cigars or any of that bullshit. I need metal and chemicals, preferably things that you don't wanna put anywhere near your mouth." *He ends the recording with him sawing up the leftover parts on a table and humming some obscure song he only barely recalls from the corners of is memory*
  2. *Nick shakes his head.* "I'm a friend, and I know better than to ask where you are. I just wanted to know how you are. I'll help if I catch you guys around, but I'm don't want you guys to get hurt any more than you do. Take care, friend."
  3. *Nick smiles and pokes the transceiver button on his radio.* "I am just looking around for a couple of people I consider family, at the moment. I've been training in medical studies for the past few weeks, mostly just field surgeries and such. I'm hoping I'll learn more as I go, but I figured someone may need my kind of help sooner than later, so I went ahead and packed up again. Glad you guys are holding up." *He thinks a moment about the cigarettes.* "I don't have any cigs at the moment, since I don't use them. If I find any, I'll keep a few in case I see you around. I'm looking for more bits of metal to cold forge and tinker with, myself. And if you find any pajamas, let me know, because I've been trying to find some the entire time I've been in Chernarus."
  4. *Nick grabs his radio and cleans off the receiver. He pushes the transceiver and bandages his arm.* "I'm just hopping on my radio to check on my bro and sis. Logan, and Miranda, you guys keeping okay? I can actually help out now, I hope. I figured out how to do some surgeries, and this book I found helped a ton. I patched up a guy named Jacob, and he is still up and kicking, so I think I did well. Anyway, I have presents for both of you guys. If I can catch up with either of you sometime, I'll deliver them to you. Sorry I've been away so long... I wanted to make sure I could be useful before I got in your business. I love you guys; keep your heads up and your feet moving... Oh... And if you're gone, don't tell me. I don't want to know if you are... Just to see you if I can help."
  5. *Daniel smiles. His voices becomes much less recognizable and much more quiet in tone; he seems subdued, but his voice is warm and has lost all its rough edges, when he sends a short transmission.* "I am hopeful."
  6. *Daniel McLaggan sits in a foxhole under a tree, managing his supplies as he keeps a steady eye on the surroundings of the bunker* "Look, friend... I happ'n to have run out of my pers'nal stash. You should know your target's hidden in a bunker, 'ere with a man I presume runs the place, who let 'er in. I'm trying to find a way in on my own, and I may have a workable plan. If you don't hear back from me in a month, I'm dead or may as well be. Should I get back to you in the next month, I'll just say to be ready. I'll be on the run with your girl, so you should get prepared to grab the target an' go. That, an' you should have all of my payment ready on that boat, so I can retire." *He fans himself, and glances over to his pyramid of guns, laying on top of his jacket and gloves.* "And let me repeat what I said before... You try an' cheat me outta my retirement, and you'll be the first person I kill on purpose. Then I'll get blutered."
  7. *Nick just smiles* "Glad for that. I'll see you when I see you."
  8. *Nick checks his pack to make sure he has all of his food, water, medical supplies, guns, and ammunition. His hut and operating table are on fire, and he panics for a moment, looking for his radio, before he sees it is in his hand. He flicks on the transmitter button.* "Hey, I'd like to check up on those of you with the Roamers and the Trust. It's been a while, and I've been... Practicing medicine. I want to make sure that you good folk out there are still around for me to help out. I hope to meet up with you guys again soon. I've listened here and there, and I hope you all have managed to stay, well... safe enough to say you're alive." *He flicks the transmitter button off and sits, hidden in a bush, to watch his short-term shelter burn.*
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  10. *Nick smirks darkly at this* "Hopefully that'll be taken care of without me making my own effort. I do like the idea of using a radio for some starting procedures, though. Thank you for the inspiration."
  11. *A mumble is heard in the transmission as Nick talks to someone else, before he speaks into the radio, with a voice unlike his own* "I've not been here long. Not long at all. And yet, I can already tell who the demented are, who the tormented are. I can tell who the battered and the batterers are. I can see in the faces that kind people make, the sorrow caused by happy villains. I can see the small happiness in the little gifts, that before all of this, would have seemed trifles." *A low, strange, unreal-sounding growl is heard, and then a barking laugh. Silence stays for a moment, then something that could potentially be considered laughter, if laughter could sound so horrible, causes a crackle from Nick's end.* "Some of you attacked, and hurt, my friends. There are things happening in my head that cause me pain, but ohh, not like what you'll get. I have half a mind to kill you... And the other half agrees! But first, you'll get to see the faces of the people you hurt, if they want. They get to do what they want with you. And then... Then you'll see why I never carry my heart around... If I need one, I'll rip yours from out of your ribcage!" *Nick breathes heavily into the radio, and calms down before continuing. When he does, his voice is back to that creepy tone, masking it so it seems like someone else's. A much more disturbing someone else's.* "Sometimes things are not so clear as black and white. Sometimes, though, they are. I'm on a hunt for some specific items, right now. After I find them, I'm sticking with the friends who'll point me in the right direction. I'll harm no friend of mine, or a friend of theirs. The ones that harm them, though... I'll show you what your bones looks like, one by one. Usually, I don't hurt anyone... But I get a little different every now and then. It's 'now and then'. Sweet dreams, darlings. Soon enough, your waking moments will share my nightmares."
  12. "Yo, Creep Show. I said we would manage to make it through. Lighten up your murder-y vibes, too. You sound cheesy; if you want to be intimidating, speak little and say things to chill the spine. You just made me snort-laugh into my canteen." *Nick laughs maniacally, ending the transmission halfway through his giggle fit.*
  13. *Nick sits next to a pump, filling up a cooking pot. He is depressed, but he is kind of relieved at the same time.* "Things will never be as they were. I think that this truly is an apocalypse, and possibly not the last one coming. I do think humans will make it through, though. We're too resilient, even when we're killing each other at the worst times. I just killed two men. One held a gun at me while the other tied me. He stabbed me, after I was tied, and so I fought, and got really, really lucky. I am glad to be alive; I want to stay that way. I wish I hadn't had to kill those two, though. Even if they were evil, I feel like there are few enough humans as it is, nowadays... Such is life. The reason I am saying all of this, is because... Even though I wish I hadn't killed them, and even though it was necessary and I feel guilt... I enjoyed it. That scares me. Does anyone have any advice?"
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