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  1. Maybe a bit late to the party here so lets just get this over with Nijole "Nikki" Zuraw POV: Me alongside @Oisin and @jason hunter arrive in the hill to the northeast of Electro at around 20:25 server time, give or take a handfull of minutes. As has been stated in dozen or so POV:s before mine, this was to provide overwatch for the UN (Last light) and Viridian. In any case, we make contact with @ExoticRainbow if im not mistaken (The Ghille in the video provided by @cheeks ). He asks where i'm headed, etc. etc. In the middle of it his friend, which again, if im not mistaken, was @Puncture, dissapear, and Rainbow go off to find her. After Rainbow left me and @Oisin leave the hill and go back down to the church. We talk to @Razareth for a few moments before we just stay around the courtyard. Moments after that, as the video shows, the church is initiated on and due to where me and @Oisin is standing we had no choice but to comply. We are taken somewhat closer to the church, and where @Oisin starts speaking to the captors. A few moments later a large group of people come out of the church with their hands in the air and are shortly thereafter marched off in a line towards the coast, me alongside them. After what im guessing is halfway there the ghillie catches up with us looking for me, and then takes me back to the church where @Oisin and @cheeks are standing, just infront of the fountain. After a bit of dialouge we are told to leave towards the coast. So we do. But once we get to the fence on the southern side of the church @cheeks is told to stop by @Puncture, only to be shot in the back by @Dusty. Me and @Oisin continue over to @RogueSolace after the aforementioned events to continue RP I do not have any kind of video evidence or any screenshots, just putting that out there.
  2. Nijole Zuraw

    Nijole was born on the 19:th of September 1997 in Chernogorsk to a younger couple. Dad was around 27 when she was born. He was a dockworker, a hard working man by the name of Miroslav that still tried to find time for family whenever he could. Mom was around 25, and the family's paper pusher, so to speak. She worked as a teacher, in fact having gotten the job just a few months before she found out that she was pregnant. In any case, She grew up living in a smaller three room apartment in Dubky. There wasn’t anything overly glamorous about her upbringing, started school like any other kid, in which she did fairly good in fact. Everything changed once the civil war broke out however. In the fighting once the Red Star attacked Cherno Nijoles father was killed. As a consequence her grades fell among other things. To make a long story short, at the age of 18 she enlisted with the CDF, that rather than finding some odd job as a mechanic or the like. (This page, and the backstory, is a WIP)
  3. Felicia Lindell

    Felicia was born in Eskilstuna, Sweden the year 1994. To a loving mother unfortunate to die at childbirth. The plan her father had was never to have kids, but one thing led to another i suppose. Either way with the mother dead he raised and took care of Felicia. And in all honesty made a shit job of it. At the age of 12 she was already around the wrong kind of people, doing the wrong kind of things. It wasn’t anything other than shoplifting and the like, yet anyway, and she still stayed in school. But that would change in the coming years. At 16 she’d already had more than one sleepover at the local detention, and community service was about as normal as household work for her. But things just kept getting more and more serious as time passed by. Simple shoplifting and vandalism turned into break ins and robberies. It eventually got put on hold, since she started taking more risks, and eventually got caught breaking into a jewelry store. Dad obviously knew, but he never really thought it was this bad. And in all honesty it was him trying to deny it rather than ignorance. At the time of the sentence she’d just turned 19. She had just graduated at this point. Prison life isn’t too hard in Sweden, and most of the time was spent either doing some form of work meant to keep you busy during the day, or study, lunch, more work or study only to get locked up in your cell again until the next day, and repeat. Study seemed the better choice for her. Mostly the problem was dealing with the infernable boredom of staring into a wall most of the time. Fights were common believe it or not, mostly they weren't violent, but it did happen. Either way, there's no need to describe prison life here. 14 months later, she was finally out, and quickly found work to be almost impossible to find due to having served prison time. And no amount of looking was going to find her honest work that wasn’t a rip off. There was nothing left in Sweden for her anyway. She couldn’t look her dad in the eye again, she couldn't and didn't face the disappointment in his eyes more than once before she got on a plane heading for chernarus. I’ll be honest, Chernarus wasn't exactly the first choice, nor the second, third or fourth for that matter. But where else was there? She knew people in the country, older friends who’d moved there for the newly found opportunities. Took up residence in Chernogorsk to begin with, in fact living at a friend of her dad's place while she got on her feet. Found work at the same friends small tavern, guy was scottish if that paints a clearer picture of the place. around 35, built guy with a red beard to match. He could stand to lose more than a few pounds. Work was okay, in fact it reminded her a bit of home. In some weird, distant way, probably the alcohol and the drunks. Played the guitar while sitting on the bar whenever she wasn’t serving drinks. Scotsman knew a few chords, rest she figured out herself, youtube and tabs mostly. She found better paying work as a paper pusher for one of the larger industries working out of Elektrozavodsk. Meant less fun, but it payed better than the scotsman. But she still spent most of her off time helping or hanging around the Tavern. She always felt like she had a gratitude debt to the owner. It wasn’t true, at least not according to him, but she wasn’t one to listen to reason anyway. I’d be lying if i said that was everything she did, she wasn’t exactly a law abiding citizen if that hadn’t dawned on you already. However, she had no intent of going back to jail, therefore she never really did anything with any kind of real risk to it. Worth mentioning however. But, as Geoffrey Chaucer once said, or rather typed into a poem that nobody has really read these days. All good things must come to an end. And so they did, roughly a month ago. With the outbreak. Felicia was lucky to have taken the day off, and spent it in her apartment in the Novoselky complex. By the time she’d realised the town was quite literally going to hell most of the town was already gone. She grabbed a pistol along with a backpack and walked downstairs to try and figure out what the hell was going on. And that's when she had her first encounter with an infected person. Freaking out she had no choice but to shoot the poor thing, since it was rushing straight for her. ignoring her warnings to stay away. She stared for a good while at it, dropping her pistol on the ground, hands shaking. She thought she’d just killed someone. Which technically, she had. Even if it was a walking corpse. She’d obviously heard of the outbreak, but discarded the fact that corpses were getting up and attacking people as nonsense. She quickly left the city after that.
  4. Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    @Ron @Terra Thank you both for the warm welcome, hoping to be able to get in game soon
  5. Alexandra Johansson

    Alex grew up to a Swedish mother and a Takistani father, at first in Stockholm. They lived fairly well due to her father being a rich buissnessman. But he and her mother were always fighting, sometimes the reason for the fight didn't even make sense, and it was always about something. Eventually they hit a wall, and the divorce soon followed, when Alex was only 11 years old. Her mother won custody of her, and that lasted untill she fell i'll with cancer, only a year later and was stuck in a hopsital. With nobody to take care of Alex she was forced to leave the country, to go live with her father in Takistan. While the man was a loving, conciderate person, his ways of "looking after her" Usually meant she was stuck in the house most of the time. Overprotective would be a good word, but also smothering. It eventually ended in her counting the days to her 18:th birthday. But she didn't wait that long. At the age of 17 she left both her father and Takistan, lifing with the first train she found to chernarus. When there it did take her long to settle in at first, finding employment in Chernogorsk at the docks to begin with. After a month of sleeping in the cargo holds of the docks however she finnaly scraped together enough money to afford a small appartment in Dubky. Work on the docks paid well, but eventually she decided it was time to find something else. And after almost two months of searching she found work at one of the taverns in cherno, it paid similarly, but the working hours were less taxing, and the work in and of itself wasn't as exhausting. With more free time, she took to hiking whenever she had time. But having little to do she spent most of her time working.
  6. Johanna Bohman

    Born in Uppsala, Sweden. Grew up in the city to a middle classed family. Teenage years could be put as mostly any others, alcohol, parties, the lot. Never dropped out of school however. Originally intended to be a teacher, but that changed once she found an interest in Medicine. Finished Med school at Uppsala universitet at the age of 26 then decided to specialize in Haematology. Once the 5 year training period ended, at the age of 31, she joined the World Health Orginazation because she wanted to make a diffrence. Sent out to treat the Ebola outbreak in congo 2014, but other then that spent no time offshore. She was part of the 300 medical proffesionals sent to South zagoria by the UN. -WIP-
  7. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    -20 / 10 Didn't know toes could create DayZRP accounts
  8. Hearing Rikers voice once more on the Radio Rebecca decides to hear him out, for old times sake. After he finishes his response she sighed to herself, and just before she had time to start talking Lemons decides to reply before her. So she stays silent. Yet after Rikers response she decided to speak "Riker... why is it whenever we hear from you its always about someone wanting you dead or you wanting someone dead? Never any hello, how are you guys, i missed you, how've you been doing these past months?" A chuckle could be heard before she continues "Fine... Fine..." A faint sigh can be heard "I'm willing to hear you out at least... Our old base of operations down south should do... And actually show up this time.." With that she let go of the PPT, waiting for a response.
  9. [Game] 25 posts before Jack Lemons posts

    10 This is futile...
  10. 72 Hours Or Less... [Part I/III]

    True that, True that..
  11. 72 Hours Or Less... [Part I/III]

    Is this gonna happen or what?
  12. [Game] 25 posts before Jack Lemons posts

    This is futile 3