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  1. Alexandra Johansson

    Alex grew up to a Swedish mother and a Takistani father, at first in Stockholm. They lived fairly well due to her father being a rich buissnessman. But he and her mother were always fighting, sometimes the reason for the fight didn't even make sense, and it was always about something. Eventually they hit a wall, and the divorce soon followed, when Alex was only 11 years old. Her mother won custody of her, and that lasted untill she fell i'll with cancer, only a year later and was stuck in a hopsital. With nobody to take care of Alex she was forced to leave the country, to go live with her father in Takistan. While the man was a loving, conciderate person, his ways of "looking after her" Usually meant she was stuck in the house most of the time. Overprotective would be a good word, but also smothering. It eventually ended in her counting the days to her 18:th birthday. But she didn't wait that long. At the age of 17 she left both her father and Takistan, lifing with the first train she found to chernarus. When there it did take her long to settle in at first, finding employment in Chernogorsk at the docks to begin with. After a month of sleeping in the cargo holds of the docks however she finnaly scraped together enough money to afford a small appartment in Dubky. Work on the docks paid well, but eventually she decided it was time to find something else. And after almost two months of searching she found work at one of the taverns in cherno, it paid similarly, but the working hours were less taxing, and the work in and of itself wasn't as exhausting. With more free time, she took to hiking whenever she had time. But having little to do she spent most of her time working.
  2. Johanna Bohman

    Born in Uppsala, Sweden. Grew up in the city to a middle classed family. Teenage years could be put as mostly any others, alcohol, parties, the lot. Never dropped out of school however. Originally intended to be a teacher, but that changed once she found an interest in Medicine. Finished Med school at Uppsala universitet at the age of 26 then decided to specialize in Haematology. Once the 5 year training period ended, at the age of 31, she joined the World Health Orginazation because she wanted to make a diffrence. Sent out to treat the Ebola outbreak in congo 2014, but other then that spent no time offshore. She was part of the 300 medical proffesionals sent to South zagoria by the UN.
  3. Hearing Rikers voice once more on the Radio Rebecca decides to hear him out, for old times sake. After he finishes his response she sighed to herself, and just before she had time to start talking Lemons decides to reply before her. So she stays silent. Yet after Rikers response she decided to speak "Riker... why is it whenever we hear from you its always about someone wanting you dead or you wanting someone dead? Never any hello, how are you guys, i missed you, how've you been doing these past months?" A chuckle could be heard before she continues "Fine... Fine..." A faint sigh can be heard "I'm willing to hear you out at least... Our old base of operations down south should do... And actually show up this time.." With that she let go of the PPT, waiting for a response.
  4. 72 Hours Or Less... [Part I/III]

    True that, True that..
  5. 72 Hours Or Less... [Part I/III]

    Is this gonna happen or what?
  6. *She listens to Danny's reply, pressing the PTT to speak but stops as she hears Lyca, grinning to herself at the joke* Jesus Lyca... *She chuckles to herself* It's alright Danny, it's not like i went out of my way to find you either, and im sorry for that. Good to hear you're still alive though
  7. *Rebecca would hear balfours voice as she walks, taking it out and pushing the PTT afterwards* Balfour, i tried contacting you... what you mean brushed off? *She'd let go of the PTT, leaving the radio in her hand as she waits for a response*
  8. *Rebecca would be sitting in front of a fire inside an old. rundown building in the middle of nowhere, playing a quiet tune on an old, beat up guitarr. She'd have her radio next to her, browsing frequencies as she stares into the flames, she'd reach for a bottle of beer, and have a swig, but choke on it as she hears jerichos voice. She'd curse, stumbling to pick the radio up as she listens to the mans voice pressing the PTT a few moments after he finnishes* Jericho?? You're alive?? *She would chuckle* I thought you dead... Good to hear you're still alive. I'll be there... *She'd put the radio away, sighing deeply as she gets up, telling Ita what just happned, only to leave, rifle on back afterwards, giving her a blow kiss as she starts walking over to the old camp*
  9. *Rebecca would be sat down, remembering old times, Her Eyes would be full of tears, Grieveing. She would hear Daniels voice through the radio, ignoring it untill she hears the words " I'm going to be a dad, Kibuka... ". She would start listening to the radio, a faint smile apearing on her face as she whipes away a few tears, trying to bring herself to respond. Eventually she would press the PTT, clearing her throat* A dad Danny? *She would pause for a few moments, still trying to control her voice* It's good to hear.. Some joy once in your life... *She would pause for a few more moments* Take care of her... You need anything, im here for you.
  10. A Time For Change [Open Frequency]

    *Anders would listen attently to the familiar voice, responding once the transmission ends* There better be a fucking funeral... *He would clear his throat before continuing* Who did this? *He would end the transmission*
  11. Ive Been thinking

    You Better be back bud... Or i will haunt you... o7
  12. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    10/10 Das is das Lyca yes? Good Good...
  13. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    All Hail Lemons of the house citrus, King of the Forums and the First beans, Lord of the seven memes and protector of the forum games
  14. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    A wild Lemons Apear 10/10