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  1. Oi Lankin! Why did you change your name? It was perfectly fine and beautiful as it was and you ruined it!
  2. I'd say do me too but it's too late, Crimera (@Crim) has beat me to it
  3. Lol Stefan löven is like: Oi! This ain't America and we ain't Capitalists!
  4. That will haunt me to my grave i swear @Brayces
  5. Oh my! It's a Harvey in its natural habitat!

    1. Harvey



  6. Poor douglas... he will be mourned... @Jman14102
  7. So here is the thing. The purpose of this report is not to get anyone banned or punished. I myself was more than confused about if this was a rule break or not to begin with. Seeing as i could not get a proper answer anywhere i felt that this was the way to go. If staff could clarify the rules that apply in this specific scenario (How long one needs to stay compliant when no interaction or further commands are given from the initiators) I will more then happily close the report.
  8. Server: Server 1 Approximate time and date: ~1:30am Server Time My in game name: Felicia Lindell Name of Allies: Markus Letter [ @Malet ] Rain Valentine [ @GreenySmiley ] Name of suspect: Dimon Andonov [ @Cpt ] Friendly / Enemy Vehicles involved: As far as i am aware, none. Additional Evidence? @GreenySmiley Has a video Recording. @Roach also streamed the entire event which can be seen Here We can all be seen at 28:37 in this recording. @GreenySmiley is wearing a blue checked shirt and a smersh vest, @Malet is wearing a damaged gray hoodie and a plate carrrier. I was wearing a green sweater and black jeans along with a hunting backpack. Detailed description of the Events Me, @Malet and @GreenySmiley were all at the Anarchy summit event Other than that the video provided by @GreenySmiley does a fantastic job of detailing events. Once we enter Green Mountain one of the first things i notice is that Anarchy has a hostage inside the prison building. I procced to stand at the wall outside of said prison building seeing as that is what everyone else seemed to be doing. Shortly thereafter the summit starts, and @LouieRP starts explaining to everyone why the event is even taking place. Shortly thereafter an at the time unknown party initiates on Green Mountain. Me, @Malet and @GreenySmiley put our hands up and laid down on the floor in the interest of our own survival. After not recieving any further instructions by the initiating party we felt that we, in the interest of our own survival, had no choice but to listen to what Anarchy was telling us and get inside the barrack building south of the prison building. In the barrack building we simply stay on the ground, posing as little a threat as possible by either sitting down with no weapons out or laying on the ground with our hands on our heads. At the same time we RP with @Mexi and another person. Eventually the gunfire ceases, and we are again told by Anarchy to step outside of the barracks. We again, do as instructed. The decition to evacutate to a safer place is made and we start heading out north, towards the walled of barn a short hike away. On the way there gunfire resumes, and the command to simply run is given. We do as asked and run all the way to the barn where we wait for everyone else to catch up. Once at the barn and once everyone has caught up the summit is concluded and everyone attending parts ways. Me, @Malet @GreenySmiley @derNils @Strawberry @Malthis @Vrtra Remain in the barn. We procced to stand outsid the barn and resume RP, seeing as it appeared as the fighting had stopped. Some time later, in fact almost an hour after the initial intiation, a gunshot can be heard and @Strawberry is hit in the leg followed quickly by me getting hit in the arm. I take cover and patch myself up before running with the rest of the people in a rough northeast heading. We resume RP for a short while before i felt that it was simply too late and that i wished to go to bed. I wait out my timer while trying to contact a member of staff. I fail to do so due to nobody being in teamspeak at the time. After going to bed and getting on later the same day i get in contact with a member of staff, asking for hit logs in order to contact the person in question, in this case @Cpt. Seeing as he was not on Teamspeak at the time i poke a member of his group asking them to have him contact me when available. He did later that day. In the conversation i asked if he had attempted to Identify targets, to which his answer was yes. I then asked why he decided to shoot me anyway if he then obviously knew i was a non combatant and did not at any point pose a threat or not comply with given demands. He responds with that i ran and therefore he had kill rights on me. I end the conversation after this in disagreement with him. a few moments later i go up to a channel with @Malet and @GreenySmiley inside to ask their opinion, seeing as they were involved. We got in contact with @Harvey and explain the situation to him, he recommends making a report, so here we are. Im am not aware of any rule that specifies how long a hostage has to remain compliant when no further instructions are given to them. Due to the fact, and the video referenced to shows this, that the gunshots stopped for an extended period of time and the fact that we were told that the situation was over, we assumed that the hositlites had ended.
  9. Dubai… Some might call it a city of riches, maybe a paradise on earth. But is it really? Sure, it’s got wonderful skyscrapers, some of the most luxurious resorts, restaurants and views in the entire world. To some it might remind you of Lawrence of Arabia's lost “Atlantis of the sands”. But underneath this polished, decorated, pleasing exterior lies a different story. You see, i grew up in Dubai… To a wealthy oil prince in fact. Can i say that it was hell? Most certainly not, not even close. I had all the things i could ever want, the latest fashion, the latest tech, i lived in one of the highest buildings skyscrapers in the world, with one of the most spacious and beautiful apartments in the world. But, despite all this, none of it was me… I won’t lie, i liked the money, i liked living like a princess, but i hated the smothering. My mum passed away giving birth to me, i’m told dad was heartbroken, that he still mourns her today, enough so that he never remarried, making me the only child. And for everything he gave, he lacked when it came to letting me live my life. It started after high school, or whatever you americans and Europeans call it. I wanted to study mechanics, but of course mechanics doesn’t befitt a “Woman of my status”, as he put it. Instead he forced me into Science, and later Engineering. Then it was the clothes, Being the deeply religious man that he was he always tried to make me wear hijab. I kept refusing, and he kept punishing me for it. You see, in the arabic countries children aren't exactly disciplined with nothing but a stern yelling and groundings. The punishments there are more… old fashioned, if you understand me… In either case, i started being rebellious on that note, wearing more… modern, tightly fitting clothes… or simply “Shorter” clothes. But the worst part, was the permanent damn house arrest. Sure, i was allowed to go out, if i was prepared to download an app on my phone which told my dad where i was at all times, and if i was prepared to get picked up by his hired security whenever he felt that i’d been out enough, only to present myself to what was basically an interrogation. So guess what sherlock, i started sneaking out. I started doing things i probably shouldn’t, because it was fun, because it made me feel better. Picked up parkour around that time as well, along with lockpicking and the like. There isn’t a lot of abandoned or ruined buildings in Dubai unless you hadn’t gathered that yet, so i started spending my free time with more…. questionable… individuals. It got to the point where i even started coming with them on break ins and the like. I never did it for money, god knows i didn’t need more of that, i did it for the thrill. And trilling it was, up until the point where my dad found out. I’m guessing you can figure out where this one is going… Lots of… “disciplining”, lots of yellings, and lots of not leaving the house unless someone that worked for dad drove me to where i was going and made sure i got back straight after. He never let up, and i eventually just had enough. I left the country the moment i turned 18. My dad came to me the same day. I hadn’t hid what i was going to do, and he’d not talked to me for way too long because of it. But… he knew he couldn’t stop me. So instead he helped me out. At first he wanted to get me an apartment to myself in Dubai, but i refused, knowing how society works i didn’t want to make my dad the laughing stock of the country. I had more respect for him than that. So instead i moved to Takistan. I had an uncle there who was more than willing to take me in, and wasn’t quite as narrow minded or religious as my Dad. I dare say that it some of the best times of my life. Dad kept sending money, even though my uncle kept insisting that it wasn’t needed. It wasn’t like he would notice a couple of thousand dollars every month anyway so he kept ignoring it. Uncle still refused a single penny, saying that he lasted just fine before and would continue to last just as good without. He was a shopkeeper, sold fruits and the like, also owned a plantation. In either case, you’re probably wondering how spoiled little me wound up this hell… It was a fairly cold day, all things considered, and dad was driving down to Chernogorsk for supplies. We parked up, or rather, he did, and just told me to wait in the truck. By the way he said it, in other words, because he told me that he’d be back in an hour at most, i don’t think he actually expected me to listen. And guess what? I didn’t. Instead i spent the time seeing if i could climb up once of the smaller buildings in town. While there i just put music on and stayed up there, watching the ocean. My clock started beeping eventually, and i knew i needed to head back. But within that hour, Cherno had turned into hell itself, people dying on the streets and seemingly eaten alive by rabid people. I rushed back to the truck to find my uncle on the ground, throat looking like it was almost bitten off by something. At first i broke out in tears then and there, but as the gunshots started i quickly got up, and ran the other way as soon as i could with nothing but my clothes and a backpack. And that’s all i’m going to share…
  10. Maybe a bit late to the party here so lets just get this over with Nijole "Nikki" Zuraw POV: Me alongside @Oisin and @jason hunter arrive in the hill to the northeast of Electro at around 20:25 server time, give or take a handfull of minutes. As has been stated in dozen or so POV:s before mine, this was to provide overwatch for the UN (Last light) and Viridian. In any case, we make contact with @ExoticRainbow if im not mistaken (The Ghille in the video provided by @cheeks ). He asks where i'm headed, etc. etc. In the middle of it his friend, which again, if im not mistaken, was @Puncture, dissapear, and Rainbow go off to find her. After Rainbow left me and @Oisin leave the hill and go back down to the church. We talk to @Razareth for a few moments before we just stay around the courtyard. Moments after that, as the video shows, the church is initiated on and due to where me and @Oisin is standing we had no choice but to comply. We are taken somewhat closer to the church, and where @Oisin starts speaking to the captors. A few moments later a large group of people come out of the church with their hands in the air and are shortly thereafter marched off in a line towards the coast, me alongside them. After what im guessing is halfway there the ghillie catches up with us looking for me, and then takes me back to the church where @Oisin and @cheeks are standing, just infront of the fountain. After a bit of dialouge we are told to leave towards the coast. So we do. But once we get to the fence on the southern side of the church @cheeks is told to stop by @Puncture, only to be shot in the back by @Dusty. Me and @Oisin continue over to @RogueSolace after the aforementioned events to continue RP I do not have any kind of video evidence or any screenshots, just putting that out there.
  11. Nijole was born on the 19:th of September 1997 in Chernogorsk to a younger couple. Dad was around 27 when she was born. He was a dockworker, a hard working man by the name of Miroslav that still tried to find time for family whenever he could. Mom was around 25, and the family's paper pusher, so to speak. She worked as a teacher, in fact having gotten the job just a few months before she found out that she was pregnant. In any case, She grew up living in a smaller three room apartment in Dubky. There wasn’t anything overly glamorous about her upbringing, started school like any other kid, in which she did fairly good in fact. Everything changed once the civil war broke out however. In the fighting once the Red Star attacked Cherno Nijoles father was killed. As a consequence her grades fell among other things. To make a long story short, at the age of 18 she enlisted with the CDF, that rather than finding some odd job as a mechanic or the like.
  12. Felicia was born in Eskilstuna, Sweden the year 1994. To a loving mother unfortunate to die at childbirth. The plan her father had was never to have kids, but one thing led to another i suppose. Either way with the mother dead he raised and took care of Felicia. And in all honesty made a shit job of it. At the age of 12 she was already around the wrong kind of people, doing the wrong kind of things. It wasn’t anything other than shoplifting and the like, yet anyway, and she still stayed in school. But that would change in the coming years. At 16 she’d already had more than one sleepover at the local detention, and community service was about as normal as household work for her. But things just kept getting more and more serious as time passed by. Simple shoplifting and vandalism turned into break ins and robberies. It eventually got put on hold, since she started taking more risks, and eventually got caught breaking into a jewelry store. Dad obviously knew, but he never really thought it was this bad. And in all honesty it was him trying to deny it rather than ignorance. At the time of the sentence she’d just turned 19. She had just graduated at this point. Prison life isn’t too hard in Sweden, and most of the time was spent either doing some form of work meant to keep you busy during the day, or study, lunch, more work or study only to get locked up in your cell again until the next day, and repeat. Study seemed the better choice for her. Mostly the problem was dealing with the infernable boredom of staring into a wall most of the time. Fights were common believe it or not, mostly they weren't violent, but it did happen. Either way, there's no need to describe prison life here. 14 months later, she was finally out, and quickly found work to be almost impossible to find due to having served prison time. And no amount of looking was going to find her honest work that wasn’t a rip off. There was nothing left in Sweden for her anyway. She couldn’t look her dad in the eye again, she couldn't and didn't face the disappointment in his eyes more than once before she got on a plane heading for chernarus. I’ll be honest, Chernarus wasn't exactly the first choice, nor the second, third or fourth for that matter. But where else was there? She knew people in the country, older friends who’d moved there for the newly found opportunities. Took up residence in Chernogorsk to begin with, in fact living at a friend of her dad's place while she got on her feet. Found work at the same friends small tavern, guy was scottish if that paints a clearer picture of the place. around 35, built guy with a red beard to match. He could stand to lose more than a few pounds. Work was okay, in fact it reminded her a bit of home. In some weird, distant way, probably the alcohol and the drunks. Played the guitar while sitting on the bar whenever she wasn’t serving drinks. Scotsman knew a few chords, rest she figured out herself, youtube and tabs mostly. She found better paying work as a paper pusher for one of the larger industries working out of Elektrozavodsk. Meant less fun, but it payed better than the scotsman. But she still spent most of her off time helping or hanging around the Tavern. She always felt like she had a gratitude debt to the owner. It wasn’t true, at least not according to him, but she wasn’t one to listen to reason anyway. I’d be lying if i said that was everything she did, she wasn’t exactly a law abiding citizen if that hadn’t dawned on you already. However, she had no intent of going back to jail, therefore she never really did anything with any kind of real risk to it. Worth mentioning however. But, as Geoffrey Chaucer once said, or rather wrote in a poem that nobody really knows about anymore. All good things must come to an end. And so they did, roughly a month ago. With the outbreak. Felicia was lucky to have taken the day off, and spent it in her apartment in the Novoselky complex. By the time she’d realised the town was quite literally going to hell most of the town was already gone. She grabbed a pistol along with a backpack and walked downstairs to try and figure out what the hell was going on. And that's when she had her first encounter with an infected person. Freaking out she had no choice but to shoot the poor thing, since it was rushing straight for her. ignoring her warnings to stay away. She stared for a good while at it, dropping her pistol on the ground, hands shaking. She thought she’d just killed someone. Which technically, she had. Even if it was a walking corpse. She’d obviously heard of the outbreak, but discarded the fact that corpses were getting up and attacking people as nonsense. She quickly left the city after that.
  13. @Ron @Terra Thank you both for the warm welcome, hoping to be able to get in game soon
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