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  1. sorry about posting the question lol All I see is Leave the victim(s) with a realistic chance of survival. Providing sufficient food and drinks to allow the victim(s) to survive while in your care and for a reasonable time after. This is not nearly specific enough for what the question was asking
  2. So I have recently been trying to get white listed for dayzrp, and I have failed 4 times, every time because of 1 or 2 questions that have no clear answer in the rules. The Lore questions are just fine, every question has an obtainable answer in the lore section, but the rules either need to be specified better, or the questions simplified. For example today I got this question wrong -snip- //Do not post whitelist questions publicly. Can someone please tell me how I am supposed to deduce the answer from this http://imgur.com/FNSfuHN I have in the past 3 tries always fallen short of passing because of another question like this, where there is no clear answer in the rules.