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  1. Reinstall didnt fix, so im gonna give the name guide a shot. Hey, so I tried this guide and the problem i now have is its not saving as a DAYZPROFILE file, but instead as a regular text documents, so its not technically doing anything, its just made another document. Any advice? The thing is, its not setting it to a default, its setting it to an old username. I had changed it before, I just cant change it from that. Indeed it does. Since it doesnt seem to be working, I can record myself doing it and send you a link to it, prehaps a visual would help more? actually, this did fix it. I had to make a slight change to the guide though, thats all. Hi Everyone! I'd like to start off by saying thanks for all the help, I figured out the issue. Luckily, one person that replied linked me to a guide. Well, it was a working guide, the only issue was that it forgot to say to right click your name, select properties and then uncheck Read only. That way a new document does not have to be made.
  2. No, I tried reinstalling it first, im very short on time right no so I decided to just redownlaod while Im at work. Thats my next try though.
  3. Hi all, So, I applied for this and got in. Well, I changed my In game name to Garry Davison and then had to restart the game, when I come back in, I hop onto DayzRP and get kicked for improper RP name, surely enough, its been set back to my other name! Now, since this is an issue that affects me on only this server, I figured this was the best place to get it fixed. The name basically resets itself to my original name (LocalYT) everytime I relaunch the game. What can I do to fix this?