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  1. *Midnight sits on the porch of an abandoned hunting shack, watching the sunset, with only a small fire for company. The heat burning his face* *shifts away from the fire slightly* *Deep in thought, riddled with emotion, he tries to make sense of his situation and the recent events that have lead him to this night... * *I feel..so..ashamed. Guilty...I basically abandoned him.....no..NO! I never abandoned him! I wasn't to know...how could i know?* *The guilt turns his stomach in knots, holding back a tear he take a long swig from one of the beers he found in the shack, promptly crushes the can and launches it into the tree line.... looks at another for a second...looks away.....reaches for a second can without even looking at it. ppssst.....gulp, gulp.* *I did what any man would do in my situation..ye...thats right..i'm not a coward....FUCK!!..who am i kidding.. I should have gone back and looked for him, i'm not worthy to call him my brother!!* *Midnight quickly polishes off his beer...then another..and another... he reaches for more... fingers walking the wooded deck, he turns to look. All he sees are empty cans strewn on the partly wet decking* *FFUUUCCKKK!!!* *he screams into the night *He spots his radio and ponders for a moment, hesitantly he picks up the radio....and raises it to his mouth..and clicks the ptt* [mp3]http://puu.sh/lHYx1/67a4e6dcc1.mp3[/mp3] *Midnight depresses the ptt...leans for the cassette player and presses play, lies back on the damp decking and once again presses ptt on his radio, drunkenly singing along to his brother.* [mp3]http://puu.sh/lHZV9/4a1baa0e57.mp3[/mp3] *Before long, the only thing to be heard is his snoring*
  2. Errrmmm, oook then. Did you get in that group yet ? no offence to the frenchies, but this looks a little weird! i'll be avoiding that situation..for now at least. Thanks mate. Thanks buddy, i love this game! I got in..now the fun has started! Thanks, likewise! I have a few ideas floating around in my head.... havent found the right screen shot yet..buts im sure it wont be long. Thanks for the help! Thamk you for the warm welcome, i nearly stumbled in there yesterday! Thank you Cheers buddy
  3. Thanks guys, im feeling very welcome!! i Have made whitelist and had some interesting interactions already
  4. Im 36, which only means thats how long its taken to be this damn awesome!...and stupid.....mainly just stupid...ok..ok...just stupid Im male, i know ..ive always been male.......i checked. Im from Wales...sheep jokes are funny, wish they had sheep in Dayz Im a care manager in Cardiff. I have 3 kids, all boys, and thats why im sometimes a little in and out of the game. What a wonderfuuuuullllllllllllll world!!! [video=youtube]
  5. Midnight Jon

    A Man Named Jon

    No problem... I'll generate some imgur links soon and post them here. http://imgur.com/gallery/ZkWNF Hows that? not everything i've done, i havent photographed everything.
  6. Midnight Jon

    A Man Named Jon

    Im glad you were entertained. I very much look forward to interactions with you guys.
  7. Thank you for your warm welcome. Thank you guys, you will see a lot of me im sure.
  8. Good evening fellow servivors, my name is Jon, people call me Midnight... because of my nocternal habits and life style. (ooc). I feel the best way for me to stay within the lore is to just be myself, and play my charactor as if i was actually there in person. I havent yet made the whitelist as i made an error interprating one of the questions... but soon, i will be amongst you, and i look forward to some great rp interactions. OOC i'm a hunter and artist, my avatar is an original painting that i did just a few weeks ago... i feel it fits my back story very well, and offer a digital copy to anyone who wants it, it's royalty free. I intend on making some fan art in the near future based on interactions i come across IC, and will gladly incorporate your IC at request and/or with permissions if i feel you need to be in the illistration to complete the mood and setting.