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  1. Hey Oliv Thanks so much for the links and the fast reply I really appreciate it! I'm pretty lazy to be honest so going to try to simply use a clip from that first link and see how that works out if it's not great I'll just have to do something else like your suggestion Thanks again it really helps!
  2. As the title says I need video clip from a news channel about the outbreak doesn't need to be long or have much information. Need it for a series I am currently working on which I've been posting about here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-new-really-cool-dayzrp-series Please do not feel obliged to check out that thread it is merely for those who are interested. If you do look at the thread you'll see the series has been delayed but with 0.60 out we are determined to finish it (even if we had to restart from scratch) anyway part of the video is based when the outbreak is beginning and would really like a clip like i said to use. It isn't a must but it would be really cool and helpful! If anyone could help me out please leave a reply. Please note that it can't be any old clip as whoever owned the clip would have to be ok with me using it so I don't get a copyright strike or anything. Thanks.
  3. thanks pixel! dont worry you will only have to wait untill 2019 for the first episode to be released! Thanks again man
  4. Haha thanks Castiel we are gonna have to wait 5 months though to release the first episode and the whole season will be done in maybe 6 years if we're lucky! But no seriously thanks man
  5. Hey guys 0.60 is finally out after like 5 months or something lol. Just letting you know we have started working on day0 again we've recorded a little bit and will try to do as much as we can. We are currently busy with school and our other videos and we dont want to take time out of either of them so we are taking more of our free time to do this and will be out as soon as we can. Just thought I'd let you guys know and thanks for the kind words and support and stuff!
  6. Is this series a metaphor for Dayz's development? GOT EM Seriously though, so far this series has perfectly captured the 'DayZ experience'. Lol didn't think about that but it's pretty true and HUGE thanks to you guys still giving us support honestly didn't expect it! Again the series is still a go and pretty much the day 0.60 comes out We'll be jumping on and smashing this series out! We really want to do it and want to make it one of the best DayZ series' on youtube. We want to show lots of emotion through this series as well as fun and also to show off how great DayZ is! Thanks to those who still want to check this out!
  7. Hey guys I have some bad news we just thought we'd let you know that we are going to be restarting day0 since we do not feel happy with the finished product and feel we could've don't much better than we have so we've decided to start it again we are not sure when however depending on when 0.60 comes out. It was originally going to in February if anyone know when it comes out if you could reply that would be appreciated. If it comes out soon then we will start again when it comes out but if not we may just do it on 0.59. Sorry for the inconvenience but we figured we can do this since not that many people would watch anyway and we want to make the series as best as we can so that people enjoy it and we didn't feel that was what we had done with this version.
  8. Zorman1701

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    Yes we understand this and again apologize and accept whatever punishment it may be that we deserve. I will stop at an internet cafe or something tomorrow after work and try and upload what I can. All we ask is that people at least try to see this from our perspectives as new roleplayers as we have tried to see it from theirs and given them the benefit of the doubt when they have got details wrong. this still doesn't excuse what we did during the gameplay now matter how difficult we found it to be.
  9. Zorman1701

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    Tysons role was disrespectful at times but he was still permitted to talk (we thought that this was part of his RP). this is correct sorry for posting without video just trying to help as best I can. and cory if you have read previous posts my internet is capped and Australian internet is slow already meaning to upload the clips would take weeks literally. i have been trying to find a way to get them uploaded and for the admin's sake I will not post again until my video's are up. My I also say that we are not blaming you for the harsh comments against your group. we have apologized for this since these comments are our fault which we have admitted. we believe we should be punished for this as these comments should not have been made and again sincerely apologize for them. Also we have not been lying as we are telling the story from how we saw it and how we remember it. In watching your video I have discovered something that I believe is a big part of this problem. Anyone remember when I said that it was hard to hear you in game due to lag? Well in watching your video I have noticed a few bits and pieces where one or more words are said that I could not hear in game. I'm not sure if this is lag related or maybe people aren't holding the talk button for long enough. anyway I will do my best to get my perspective up showing this as soon as I can.
  10. Zorman1701

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    "Our group the jackals have held a domain over the north for almost a year real time now. When we find people as we have for over a year in the north we always question them and in most cases we judge their strength and weakness as a survivor and attempt to teach them true strength so they may survival the harsh and devastating land that is chernarus. We even met you all earlier in severograd and gave you a pass on our judgement as you seemed polite and had wits about yourself. We even stated that the north was our home." (taken from Jesters last post) we have never heard of your group before and like we said are new and this was our first time up north. Yes you questioned us we passed we left found a car, didn't know it was your car until you had already decided to rob us. I must also ask if you have video footage of this situation? because I do. and It seems you have left out important parts of our conversation. You did not say that you were going back to your family you said you were going back to your home. At one point I ask you if you have any family. You then say "no. I get along with the locals but... I don't know why they put up with me as they don't let anyone else around there." You said nothing about a family. I can also confirm with my footage that I did not say for both of you to put your hands up. You can also see that my weapon is not really ever pointed at you and once i assure you are not a threat it is lowered at stays that way. It also seems that you have heard some things incorrectly or there a part of your post is made up as this " Well if I am not threat, can I just leave. I have family who needs me right now " and was met with, " No, your going to help find these car parts and maybe I will give you a drive to your family " Excitedly I responded with "Really? you would drive me to my family?" and your companion says " No, I said I might drive you, Now come with me " (again taken from your post) is not a conversation that happened. Also might I add that you can see the only reason I keep my gun out is because I had a second on my back which I didn't have in the robbery since i drop in in between clips while we were looting since I had found a wheel. This is how that conversation went. Me - "If you co-operate fully and help in finding the parts for this car, then I may give you a lift to where it is you may be going." (I don't know about where you come from but in Australia when 'may' is used like that it is it is not short for maybe it is another word for will eg. instead of I may give you a lift = I will give you a lift. Jester - "Well, I would appreciate a lift." This shows he chose to come with us where as if he really wanted to go back he would've at least said that he needs to get back. I then reply saying - "Well you might just get one." So I waited some time, looking for an opportunity to run away from your companion and I did and headed towards svergino where I met with Xander King. (again taken from your post) When you can look at the video you can see that there are multiple occasions where you could've ran away. your hands weren't up except for the very start when I checked your weapons and you were never tied. There are multiple occasions where he could've left and I actually leave him several times. Xander found out what had happened to me then contacted the rest of our group and a few of us set up an ambush for when you both returned with all our car parts. Our intention was to take our car after you had built it all for us as you had tried to make me do for you. (your post) If you had have told Xander the truth then he along with the rest of the group would know that at no part were you 'forced' to do anything. We never said come with us or your dead. We never even said you have to help us look for car parts. We say we are looking for car parts and you some with us. Thus you were not our captive not giving you KOS rights. If your intention was to take the car after we built it for you then why didn't you. if that was your intention then you had no reason to rob us. After the initiation we moved you and the car to the north part of svergino where you both went OOC and complied and insulted us and our group. You both in your rage towards the situation became extremely resistant to any type of roleplay and eventully we took gear off you to try and get a response out of your characters and both of you just complaied OOC about that as well. Everything we did was met with OOC sass and hate towards us and our roleplay as a group. We then became sick and tired of your negative attitudes and we let you both go. With a can of food and soda and we send you south from svergino and tell you to get lost. (your post) this makes me wonder if you read Hunter's post at all past the quote. If so then you haven't attempted to understand the situation from our point of view which both of us have and have apologized for and no doubt will get punished in some way shape or form from the admins because like Hunter said it was immature and uncalled for. Also like Hunter said and I have touched on we didn't stop roleplaying. Yes we admit it got a little slack towards the end but not entirely our fault. We did not at any point refuse to roleplay or resist roleplay. Role play was made difficult for several reasons from your group which have previously been stated in posts. We felt we could not react IC to things such as getting our things taken away since a lot of the time whenever we did try to talk and reason with them we were threatened. May I also add not everything done was "met with OOC sass and hate" since if you notice the insults we did send directed to you (again although they shouldn't have been said) were at the end of the roleplay. With the no reasonable chance of survival thing. Most of the towns around there had been mostly looted as well as the fact that we were already about to die and the direction you sent us and where you specifically said not to go eliminated some of those places not to mention our characters never being up there before, Hunter (in real life) not being up there before and me only being there for an extremely short time a long time ago and not being informed by you on any way to survive and just sent into the woods to die. I know for a fact that my character is about to die of dehydration since we weren't given any food or water during the whole robbery. Lastly with the end of that To address the beating we gave your characters it was in response to both of your characters just lipping off to the 5 armed men who were talking to you, You both kept professing your innocence and saying you never pointed a gun at me. Our characters weren't born yesterday and as punishment for your characters lies we roughed you up. In what realistic world did you think that when you have been taken hostage and you start to insult and spit lip at your hostage taker that they won't potentially get aggressive with you and beat you up. (your post) both of our characters were not 'lipping off' Hunter tried not to talk much like he does with strangers (I have video from a different situation to prove that if needed) and my character was simply trying to say what happened. onto the lies. If our characters lying was the sole reason for being beaten, which is the only evidence you have given to justify us getting beaten, then we shouldn't have been beaten as much as we were since we did little to know lying since we never pointed a gun at you the way your group claimed we did and as I said the gun was hardly ever pointed right on you. That was the only lying you said we did which I just talked about. Also when we were being IC insulting your characters we weren't beaten but when we were in the barn even if we just tried to talk so we could roleplay often our characters were beaten even if they accidentally talked over the top of someone stopped and said sorry. Also with your comparison to the realistic world which I appreciate but this however is not a real world. It is a zombie apocalypse on a server where there are rules you have to abide by. If it was a realistic world there no doubt would have been bloodshed considering in the lore it's been the apocalypse for a while and people are getting desperate. Nonetheless I appreciate the reply as well as you trying to clear things up which it has a bit in the same way I hope this does the same. I'm sure that just like you and your group that we want to get this sorted as best as we can so situations like this are not repeated involving our groups or not. Again I apologize for the name calling in game and if any disrespect is interpreted in this post which has not been my intention. Again I hope this clears some things up for you and your group.
  11. Zorman1701

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    Sorry I haven't uploaded my internet has became capped and Australian internet is already bad enough i will upload it as soon as I get the chance. I am so sorry for this inconvenience if I can get it up any earlier I will make sure to let you know again I am really sorry. Hunter Ridley should be posting his POV soon.
  12. Zorman1701

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    When we were being punched there were signs of pain as i would move my characters head each time he was punched and then I even went on to say that we can take a punch. Also we did not feel some of your Rp very good either which could've been misunderstood by us the same way you have misunderstood your roleplay. if we didn't want to rp there would've been several instances where we wouldn't have said anything and ignore the rp when the whole time we were trying to rp in some form admittedly some rp wasn't great but we are fairly new and still tried to rp. I will be uploading my POV as soon as I can which shows them power/metagaming (I get those 2 mixed up) where if we tried to say something they would threaten to kill us making rp a lot more difficult as well as showing them making contradicting commands eg one would say talk another would tell us to shut up. this happens a few times and when this is happening it is hard for other people to rp. plus my character being disrespectful and loud in game was actually me roleplaying because that is a part of my characters personality as he was trying to get his point across and I feel like you have interpreted that as something else. My character started talking less towards the end not because I was ignoring rp but because he got beaten up each time he tried to talk or accidentally talked over someone. I hope this helps to clear some thing up and of course the same here applies to hunter. they have also misinterpreted the initial situation since Jester wasn't forced to do anything. we gave him water and offered the last of our food and when he started to run away we didn't chase because he wasn't our captive. also when Daniel joiner entered the barn and accused us I did actually respond instead of just talking ooc. a lot of the time when we were asked questions we did in fact answer unless we legitimately didn't hear (we live in Australia and our ping is lucky to be 400 when connected to the server so voice aren't very clear and cut out quite a bit. at one point I even say ooc that is is hard to understand them. this being the result of asking what they said a lot or not answering/them not hearing us answer) Also I noticed in one of their POV's they said that When Hunter talked he sounded disinterested this was also misinterpreted since that is how he normally sounds most of the time, it wasn't because of ignoring rp it was him talking and is in his characters personality to be a bit shy usually letting his brother (me) talk as well has having a quiet/slightly mono toned voice Again a lot of the time when we stopped responding was because we had been beaten up when we were trying to talk and again were being threatened to be killed as well as what I previously said so we didn't ignore rp like they are claiming. also some of the insults were supposed to be in character (like the ones from hunter)
  13. Zorman1701

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    ok thanks for letting me know, just trying my best to help out
  14. Zorman1701

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    Do any of the people from the other group have video evidence of what happened? Also my footage was split up because I stopped recording at one point because I am running low on hard drive space but all that's missing is just us looting as i started recording when we thought we might run into someone. hope that's ok Also is it ok if I put subtitles on the screen to show what I'm doing if I don't say
  15. Zorman1701

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    no it wasn't an emergency and no i do not think it was justified to use ooc as excessively as we did and we apologize for that but some of it was justified as we were asking hoping that they would answer with reasons that justify them breaking what rules they did. we want to get this sorted out and that everyone gets the punishments they deserve so that this doesn't occur again and we will do our best to cooperate. One question is that this whole event occurred over quite a long period of time resulting in a couple of hours of footage which will take a long time for you to review and me to upload so would you like me to cut out moments in between our encounters again I will post my report against them on this event as neither parties were innocent and parts of their original statement were untrue or they misunderstood some of the roleplay