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  1. Some of you have never taken constructive criticism when growing up and it shows....
  2. I don’t think this is a good idea at all, you want to remove stashes but then add more barrels and tents which can hold more guns in them? That’s just going to create more of a problem because then you’ll have more space to hoard guns. Sorry I just don’t think this is going to fix the problem, only going to make it worse. Not to mention we should all be focusing on roleplay and not worrying about there being enough military grade weapons for everyone. That’s my my opinion though.
  3. Hello, After updating my game with the 1.02 Stable Branch update whenever I launch my game I get this error below: I've tried clicking 'Ignore' but it just closes the game, and if you click 'Retry' the error will still pop up when it relaunches. I've restarting PC as well as re-downloading the game and I get the same error. Please any help or if others are experiencing this, how did you guys fix it?
  4. 365 days later and I’m finally back.

    1. GalloWB



    2. Roland


      Welcome back, don't cheat 😄 

  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198259740322 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair and fully deserved. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I regret doing what I did, a friend of mine shared the CSGO game with me off one of his spare accounts on steam and we thought it would be funny to download the game and just use mods while playing and I got caught instantly. Which resulted in me getting a VAC ban. Unfortunately, it also resulted in me receiving a blacklist on DayZRP. After taking a long break from everything I've realized that it was stupid of me to do and very immature and would like a second chance. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I wish to have the blacklist removed to continue RPing. What could you have done better?: Not be an ignorant bastard and play the game how it is intended to be played.
  6. Brother?

    1. Username



  7. Come back after about a month and a half break and well same ol shit still happening.. y’all should start a daycare center cause that’s all it seems to be now... drama drama drama

    1. ExoticRP


      I agree

    2. LeaveOrDieRP



  8. A very much needed change, looking forward to seeing the improvement of all groups with group goals.
  9. Don't mind me, just stoppin' in for the giveaway
  10. Welp another year goes by and it still seems likes the DayZ Development team has the same To-Do list as they did from the start for BETA.. lmao

  11. Me logging in to DayZRP forums and then well reading whats happening...




    1. Oliv


      I told my wife to not post this video of me online. Did she listen? Nope

  12. I think the salt meter is broken at the moment cause it definitely should be higher than medium.. lmao


    1. Chewy


      You're goddamn right

  13. Bringin' Roy Cross back, its been a little while... Never really used this character much..


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  14. @Sleepyhead @Rainey @Bravo343 @Jamie Look guys we appreciate your feedback and but the continous commenting and pointing out every single flaw is alittle unneccesary, kinda seems like your baiting for a reaction so like I said we appreciate the feedback and lets leave at that and we will go from there. Thank you, hopefully see you ingame.
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