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  2. This looks great @Rory! Can't wait to be there!
  3. Roy Cross

    My name is Roy Cross, 28 years of age, born and raised in southern United States. I'm writing this as a means to keep my sanity and as a reminder so I don't forget my story. This all happened around a couple weeks ago but I felt I should keep track of this. My wife, Sara, received word that her mother became terminally ill with no sign of recovery, we flew out to Novigrad, Chernarus the next day. I couldn't let her go alone, not after the rumors of Russia silencing their ties to the states and other countries but it was her mother-in-law so of course I had to go. We ended up in a city called Novomi... Novodmitrok... Novodmitrovsk.. I believe, could never figure out the names of these places. We visited the local hospital and saw Sara's mother, she seemed alright but bedridden. I considered that we should return back to the states but never had the heart to say it. That's when it all happened, the city went silent as everybody's eyes were glued to their TV screens, showing the first signs of “The Flu”, people eating people, gunshots. It was hell. I insisted to Sara and her family that we had to leave the city, it didn't feel safe. Unfortunately Sara refused to leave her mother's side. Not even a week passed by before the gunshots began to ring out and the fires began to spread, I thought the virus was bad but fear is much, much worse. It was then that my mother-in-law passed away, Sara was almost soulless. I decided then that enough was enough, I quickly grabbed our things and evacuated the city alongside Sara and her family. I thought heading north towards Russia along with the refugees was the best course of action, I regret doing that the most. We shuffled among the masses of survivors as we approached the border but they built a fucking road block and forced people away! How the fuck did they make something that big so quickly, everyone was clueless but when we got to it, my ears went deaf and people started to drop, they were shooting at us! They fucking shot at people! We ran in the opposite direction but Sara and I were some of the only remainders of the group, she had lost her entire family to those fucks. I picked up a pistol from one of the dead survivors and ran back south, I thought it would be good to have for defense. Unfortunately after everything fell apart, Sara felt there was nothing left to live for and well.. shot herself that night with the same gun. I've forgotten how many days I wept, suicide was a very viable option but I just couldn't do it. Now here I am, surviving day by day, living off baked beans and whatever hasn't already been claimed. My previous past-time of going down to the shooting range back in Texas has come in handy, I've been able to live off hunting wildlife but the gunshots are bound to bring attention. The rifles they had there weren't unlike the ones here, probably all Russian. It helps since they're rather easy to use and clean.. All I can do now use what I have, live another day, see what I'll encounter tomorrow. My days now seem to repeat themselves; wandering through the ruins of what used to be country towns, scavenging what I can before the former locals decide to invite me for one big family feast and I'm the main course, take what I can then run out before I'm seen or smelled. I'll still never get used to killing the undead, not after knowing they were once like us. The woods up north and to the west aren't safe anymore, I've kill nearly 3 men now from trying to rob me in those areas. Seems the wall and lack of food is beginning to drive the wildlife inland, and with our fucking luck, right towards us. Never thought I'd be stuck in this shit hole end of the world, especially not trapped in this godforsaken country, now filled with wonderful distant gunshots and echoing screams in the night. I'm still not sure why I bother writing when I might die in my sleep tonight. I think I'm better off dead, there's barely anyone left these days, no way of getting near the walls let alone get to the other side. Maybe there is no other side, maybe those helicopters that come over are trying to seek refuge, what does it matter anyway. Hopefully I live to see the morning...
  4. In Viridian (Recruitment Open)

  5. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: (In - Game Name): Frankie Diddler Country: United States English skills: First and only language. DayZ Standalone Experience: Around 400 hours or so. Roleplaying Experience: Around a year and a half. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Currently just an average civilian learning to do whatever is needed to survive. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes, prior to the lore wipe I've been in two and after the lore wipe I was in one for a few days. Additional notes: N/A Best way to contact you: PM on forums or sometimes I'll jump in TS. Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2060/
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      That smells like slut shame to me, You can't do that it's 2017 FRIEND

      It's also really hard to find gifs that I am able to use without outright posting porn.


  6. Frankie Diddler

    Frankie was born to a loving mother and a drunk father raised in northern woods of Michigan. It was a pretty small town. He had a younger brother, Rodney, but she was never talked about within the family. Frankie's mom said he was just in a better place now. In his teenage years he would find out why. Frankie ran away from home at 16 after years of traumatizing experiences he had to endure. He and his brother had a lot in common he found out, mostly they're father. He moved place to place, town to town, until he was finally 18. He got a crappy job he hated. After quite some time he decided to get a passport and decided it was time to see the world. He took a plane going to the farthest part of the world from home. Russia. He traveled on foot with a back pack from the farthest part of Russia in the far east that had a airport. He went to town bought supplies and headed out. A few months later he found him self travelling with other back packers they were headed to South Zagoria. He was told it was was great country side with friendly people. Forests everywhere, and more apple trees then forests. Ruined castles and long dirt roads going everywhere, great for tourism. Once he and his friends arrived he found out they weren't lying. Everything they said was true. Only a month after they had arrived things ended up being very different very fast. Bombings were taking place at military bases, people running and screaming scavenging just about everything. Within days towns were wiped clean of people, instead walking people that bite would occasionally pop out of houses making cringy noises. The roads weren't safe the cities weren't any safer. Even the woods were barely safe, and the worst part was he was now all alone. Everyone he came to know and came to love was eaten or killed or in some cases both. Not being able to leave the country either by boat, car or foot was now the worst thing for anyone that didn't shamble through they're afterlife. The wall stopped that. He didn't know how to survive by himself. all he knew since he was a kid was how to hide and how to run. He wasn't good at much else. Alone and not knowing if anyone else is alive, Frankie drifts from town to town looking not to starve and to hopefully not become food for others. Chapter 1: After weeks of starvation and struggling to survive he comes across a large southern town known as "Cherno". Frankie decided to spend a few days there's as he met some nice people. One morning he woke up and everything was just different as if everything was changing for the good, little did he know this wasn't true. There was some good to this day, he finally reunited with his long lost brother but things changed quickly. They went to the pub had a few drinks and decided to walk and talk around the town. Shortly after they were approached by three gentleman who later took them as hostages demanding they would work for them. Frankie and his brother decided it was in best interest to listen and do what they wanted. They were left with their palms cut to show a blood agreement. The brothers were just happy to still be together after everything they had been through. They spent the rest of week around "Cherno" just talking and meeting the locals hoping to find others that are just trying to survive. Later that week Rodney, his brother, broke the news of his beloved wife Vera. She had killed herself after the death of her mother. At this time Frankie is extremely worried about Rodney and his mental health. Rodney always seemed to be fine and happy but two days later showed otherwise. That morning they did their usual stops at the bar and walk around the town, Rodney then asks for Frankie's sidearm to be able to protect himself from the undead. Frankie didn't think much of it due to the fact that Rodney didn't have a weapon of any sort. Rodney then took a walk to the church to speak to god. Shortly there after Frankie heard a gun shot go off from the church. Frankie then went running, to find Rodney dead laying in the middle of the church. This tore Frankie apart more than ever. Frankie is now in the process of moving on and becoming stronger, trying to forget his past and to focus only on the future. Frankie is still unstable but is slowly becoming stronger and more stable as time goes on learning new skills such as hunting, shooting, and crafting. God bless Frankie on this journey...
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    You're fucking lewd and I like it.

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      ayeee O.o idk if thats good or bad...

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    Hopefully tonight's not another Mayweather/Pacquiao hugging match... 

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      Gonna be a 3rd round ko


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      @Shane I'll believe it when I see it lol

  8. S2: Metagaming in Cherno - 08-26-2017 05:26

    Xavier Pak POV: I was wondering around the pub looking to engage in some RP when I came across a man named Rodney. For a while I was with him helping him find glasses to be able to see, I was then approached by Banks and was notified that he may have a lead on the guys that set us up yesterday and he wanted me to back him up so I followed him and after approaching a man and a woman (@Jamie @Sleepyhead) I recognized the voice of the man from him talking to me over the radio yesterday. We were getting ready to initiate but then I noticed another guy sneaking around and hanging around the corner in all black (@Bravo343 I believe) I approached him and began talking to him but he wouldn't speak at all. I then went back down off the ledge and @Banks was being questioned about his outfit and clothing. Another guy approached in all white with a bag apparently giving out zucchini's then @Jamie went AFK and @Bravo343 came back from around the corner and then Rodney came walking over and we talked for a little and then eventually everyone went one direction and I went with Rodney back to the pub. After getting to the pub we decided to go to the market to get Rodney a backpack. After chatting with the traders and getting him a bag we began to leave and were approached by two gentleman accusing us of being Mars Corp. We denied the accusations and just told them we didn't know what they were talking about. After that we went back into town and eventually logged off. Also on behalf of Banks, He wasn't speaking Russian he was using a Russian accent which isn't hard to twist your words after listening to everyone in town use it, so his character could have simply just picked up on it after using that character for so long, just like I have in real life. It works the same way. So I don't know why that allegation is being made.
  9. A lot of fun meeting @Display Name's new character. Definently a character that's fun and enjoyable to tag along with.
  10. Really enjoyed the RP and interaction with @Mr Anon, you being drunk and drugged was hilarious to watch, as always a good time at the pub with @Rory. It was also nice meeting @Kyle_Jones today.
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    Dis a niiiiiiiiiiiice song

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      A reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll nice ssssssssssooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg

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    looking for s2 like...


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