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  2. John Riker

    My name is John Riker, 28 years of age, born and raised in northern Michigan of the US. I'm writing this as a means to keep my sanity and as a reminder so I don't forget my story. I guess this all happened a couple weeks ago. My wife, Vera, received word that her Mother became terminally ill with no sign of recovery, we flew out to Novigrad, Chernarus the next day. I couldn't let her go alone, not after the rumors of Russia silencing their ties to the states and other countries but it was mother-in-law so of course I had to go. We ended up in a city called Novodmitrovsk I believe, could never figure out the names of these places. We visited the local Hospital and saw Vera's mother, she seemed alright but bedridden. I considered that we should return back to Australia but never had the heart to say it. That's when it all happened, the city went silent as everybody's eyes were glued to their TV screens, showing the first signs of “The Flu”, people eating people, gunshots. It was hell. I insisted to Vera and her family that we had to leave the city, It didn't feel safe. Unfortunately Vera refused to leave her Mother's side. Not even a week passed by before the gunshots began to ring out and the fires began to spread, I thought the virus was bad but fear is much, much worse. It was then that my mother-in-law passed away, Vera was almost soulless. I decided then that enough was enough, I quickly grabbed our things and evacuated the city alongside Vera and her family. I thought heading north towards Russia along with the refugees was the best course of action, I regret doing that the most. We shuffled among the masses of survivors as we approached the border but they built a fucking wall! How the fuck did they make something that big so quickly, everyone was clueless but when we got to it, my ears went deaf and people started to drop, they were shooting at us! They fucking shot at people! We ran in the opposite direction but Vera and I were some of the only remainders of the group, she had lost her entire family to those fucks. I picked up a pistol from one of the dead survivors and ran back south, I thought it would be good to have for defense. Vera shot herself that night with the same gun. I've forgotten how many days I wept, suicide was a very viable option but I just couldn't do it. Now here I am, surviving day by day, living off baked beans and whatever hasn't already been claimed. My previous past-time of going down to the shooting range back in Sydney has come in handy, I've been able to live off hunting wildlife but the gunshots are bound to bring attention. The rifles they had there weren't unlike the ones here, probably all Russian. It helps since they're rather easy to use and clean.. All I can do now use what I have, live another day, see what I'll encounter tomorrow. My days now seem to repeat themselves; wandering through the ruins of what used to be country towns, scavenging what I can before the former locals decide to invite me for one big family feast and I'm the main course, take what I can then run out before I'm seen or smelled. I'll still never get used to killing the Nibblers, not after knowing they were once like us. The woods up north and to the west aren't safe anymore, seems the wall and lack of food is beginning to drive the wildlife inland, and with our fucking luck, right towards us. Never thought I'd be stuck in this shit hole end of the world, especially not trapped in this godforsaken country, now filled with wonderful distant gunshots and echoing screams in the night. I'm still not sure why I bother writing when I might die in my sleep tonight. I think I'm better off dead, there's barely anyone left these days, no way of getting near the walls let alone get to the other side. Maybe there is no other side, maybe those helicopters that come over are trying to seek refuge, what does it matter anyway.
  3. Calling to the UN/WHO *Private Freq*

    *X-Pak wakes up from his nap the transmission over the radio and begins to listen closely* Colonel unfortunately I can not risk putting this information over the radio as it could put my life at risk if others are listening. I hope you can understand if you feel that you can not spare the men or the time then god bless you and your men and I hope the best for you and your organization. *X-Pak sets the radio back down and puts his head back and begins to rest again*
  4. *X-Pak resting up against a tree in the shade after a long day over looking an open field just south of Stary Sobor, picks up his radio and presses the PTT and begins to speak* United Nations you there..? Hello..? Hopefully you can hear me, I have some sensitive infomation regarding you and your people. This information that can not be discussed over the radio incase others are listening in. *X-Pak pauses, thinking of the information he overheard* If you can hear me please make contact and we can set a meet point. I believe this information could greatly affect your organization. *Before the radio cuts out X-Pak mumbles* God bless those men... *X-Pak put the radio down on the log beside him and radio cuts*
  5. Group Alliances

    This should be something that is done at the groups discretion. Having every group show their alliances and such is just going to promote more metagame and potentionally cause more issues. Unfortunately it's a no from me just due to the fact that I hate metagame it completely kills the immersion.
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  6. Xavier Pak

    Xavier Pak, mostly known as X-Pak, was a former CIA Special Activities Division soldier. He's been through four tours in Afghanistan and was recently reassigned as a field agent for the CIA tasked with being sent to South Zagoria to find out what was going on in the base just before the bombings and outbreak started. Little is known about Xavier as all his personal information is kept a secret for him to be able to work as an agent for the CIA. Essentially Xavier is a ghost and is on his own through this horrific battle that mankind has been thrown in to with these creatures. Ever since Xavier has been reassigned he has been taught that nobody can be trusted due to mission sensitivity. He's beginning to learn that ever since he was sent to South Zagoria theres very little chance he'll make it back home to the United States of America because of the spread of the outbreak. Xavier was sent here with no knowledge of what could actually be happening, he was the first sent by the CIA to ultimately figure out what was actually going on for the US to take further action if required. Xavier fortunately has no loved ones at home which makes life easier on himself knowing he doesn't have to worry about those at home. After slowly learning about the outbreak and what had happened Xavier tried making contact with the CIA but there was no response. After a few weeks went by he decides to continue living out as his alias. He was sent with being a self reporter who just started his own website called First News. After trying to gain more information he realizes there is no more mission and that he just needs to survive on his own. Xavier goes completely off the grid and decides to use his skill set and live off the land and survive essentially as an animal in the forests. Those who now meet Xavier will quickly realize he trusts no one and will be met with hostility until trust is proven otherwise...
  7. NVFHL - Picking up the phone

    Straight no from me, it's already hard enough to kill as it is to gain rights to execute a hostage who talks shit the whole time. That's the risk you take when trying to get the hostage back without negotiating. -1
  8. Weirdest glitch I've seen

    My friends and I had invisible person glitch roughly 2 weeks ago we crashed a car and ever since we left the car our characters were invisible so when we met up with our friend he couldn't see us, so we started throwing apples at him to freak him out. It was a good laugh but reloggong ended up fixing the glitch.
  9. Conflict within DayZRP

    @Oliv Preach it! +1
  10. Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    I agree with this 100% @Phoenix,there have been multiple occasions where I've held someone hostage and they continue to shit talk and you can torture them and get creative but that will only last so long, and then they will continue to shit talk as if they are the terminator. Essentially, ruleplay over roleplay. Definently needs to be looked at and should be a conversation brought up amongst those who can make a change to either the rules or what have you because it kinda kills RP when you can't kill someone because they are complying but act like they are the almighty god after they been tortured to near death. Regardless of the individual doesn't enjoy the RP, you joined the server and you were put in the situation you don't get to choose your RP situations, it's unscripted roleplay. You play with the cards you are dealt same thing as in real life.
  11. Exploiting 3rd Person

    First person only just wouldn't die justice to a game like DayZ. It's an RP server, myself along with many others love the idea of looking at the character and clothing that they gathered for themselves, and by limiting that would be a big downside for me. Yes first person maybe more immersive in firefights and such but I personally just love looking at my character in different situations that I'm put in, personally helps me get more immersed in to my character. Some may abuse the 3rd person in firefights but it's all part of the game, I mean this is a RP server not PvP so shit like that will happen but how could you confirm someone is abusing it. The only way to stop it would be first person only. You can't really confirm 100% that someone is abusing it just by saying what you saw you need recorded proof from their standpoint. I disagree with punishing those who are accused of third person abuse.