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    365 days later and I’m finally back.

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      Welcome back, don't cheat 😄 

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    VAC Ban - Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198259740322 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair and fully deserved. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I regret doing what I did, a friend of mine shared the CSGO game with me off one of his spare accounts on steam and we thought it would be funny to download the game and just use mods while playing and I got caught instantly. Which resulted in me getting a VAC ban. Unfortunately, it also resulted in me receiving a blacklist on DayZRP. After taking a long break from everything I've realized that it was stupid of me to do and very immature and would like a second chance. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I wish to have the blacklist removed to continue RPing. What could you have done better?: Not be an ignorant bastard and play the game how it is intended to be played.
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    Come back after about a month and a half break and well same ol shit still happening.. y’all should start a daycare center cause that’s all it seems to be now... drama drama drama

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      I agree

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    Group goals overhaul

    A very much needed change, looking forward to seeing the improvement of all groups with group goals.
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    Computer giveaway

    Don't mind me, just stoppin' in for the giveaway
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    The Station: E98 [Open Recruitment]

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    Welp another year goes by and it still seems likes the DayZ Development team has the same To-Do list as they did from the start for BETA.. lmao

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    Me logging in to DayZRP forums and then well reading whats happening...




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      I told my wife to not post this video of me online. Did she listen? Nope

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    I think the salt meter is broken at the moment cause it definitely should be higher than medium.. lmao


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      You're goddamn right

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    Bringin' Roy Cross back, its been a little while... Never really used this character much..


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  12. @Sleepyhead @Rainey @Bravo343 @Jamie Look guys we appreciate your feedback and but the continous commenting and pointing out every single flaw is alittle unneccesary, kinda seems like your baiting for a reaction so like I said we appreciate the feedback and lets leave at that and we will go from there. Thank you, hopefully see you ingame.
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    Black Lake Fishing Tourney & Flea Market (Over)

    This looks great @Rory! Can't wait to be there!
  • My name is Roy Cross, 28 years of age, born and raised in southern United States. I'm writing this as a means to keep my sanity and as a reminder so I don't forget my story. This all happened around a couple weeks ago but I felt I should keep track of this. My wife, Sara, received word that her mother became terminally ill with no sign of recovery, we flew out to Novigrad, Chernarus the next day. I couldn't let her go alone, not after the rumors of Russia silencing their ties to the states and other countries but it was her mother-in-law so of course I had to go. We ended up in a city called Novomi... Novodmitrok... Novodmitrovsk.. I believe, could never figure out the names of these places. We visited the local hospital and saw Sara's mother, she seemed alright but bedridden. I considered that we should return back to the states but never had the heart to say it. That's when it all happened, the city went silent as everybody's eyes were glued to their TV screens, showing the first signs of “The Flu”, people eating people, gunshots. It was hell. I insisted to Sara and her family that we had to leave the city, it didn't feel safe. Unfortunately Sara refused to leave her mother's side. Not even a week passed by before the gunshots began to ring out and the fires began to spread, I thought the virus was bad but fear is much, much worse. It was then that my mother-in-law passed away, Sara was almost soulless. I decided then that enough was enough, I quickly grabbed our things and evacuated the city alongside Sara and her family. I thought heading north towards Russia along with the refugees was the best course of action, I regret doing that the most. We shuffled among the masses of survivors as we approached the border but they built a fucking road block and forced people away! How the fuck did they make something that big so quickly, everyone was clueless but when we got to it, my ears went deaf and people started to drop, they were shooting at us! They fucking shot at people! We ran in the opposite direction but Sara and I were some of the only remainders of the group, she had lost her entire family to those fucks. I picked up a pistol from one of the dead survivors and ran back south, I thought it would be good to have for defense. Unfortunately after everything fell apart, Sara felt there was nothing left to live for and well.. shot herself that night with the same gun. I've forgotten how many days I wept, suicide was a very viable option but I just couldn't do it. Now here I am, surviving day by day, living off baked beans and whatever hasn't already been claimed. My previous past-time of going down to the shooting range back in Texas has come in handy, I've been able to live off hunting wildlife but the gunshots are bound to bring attention. The rifles they had there weren't unlike the ones here, probably all Russian. It helps since they're rather easy to use and clean.. All I can do now use what I have, live another day, see what I'll encounter tomorrow. My days now seem to repeat themselves; wandering through the ruins of what used to be country towns, scavenging what I can before the former locals decide to invite me for one big family feast and I'm the main course, take what I can then run out before I'm seen or smelled. I'll still never get used to killing the undead, not after knowing they were once like us. The woods up north and to the west aren't safe anymore, I've kill nearly 3 men now from trying to rob me in those areas. Seems the wall and lack of food is beginning to drive the wildlife inland, and with our fucking luck, right towards us. Never thought I'd be stuck in this shit hole end of the world, especially not trapped in this godforsaken country, now filled with wonderful distant gunshots and echoing screams in the night. I'm still not sure why I bother writing when I might die in my sleep tonight. I think I'm better off dead, there's barely anyone left these days, no way of getting near the walls let alone get to the other side. Maybe there is no other side, maybe those helicopters that come over are trying to seek refuge, what does it matter anyway. Hopefully I live to see the morning... Chapter One: It's been about two weeks since all this shit hit the fan, and well I'm still alive. I've never really told anyone what exactly I use to do for a living because well it doesn't really matter anymore. I guess I'm just saying this stuff to vent about my past, although I've never been one to talk about my past or what I've been through. I've been thinking about my wife non-stop since she took her own life. I keep thinking maybe if I was home more often that we could've been closer and maybe she wouldn't have chosen to take her own life so quickly. I was just so engulfed in my work, I just never really knew the kind of stress it put on my wife, while she was all alone. Being an undercover agent for the DEA was always my dream job and when I got the job I failed to see what it did to my marriage. Man, this breaks my heart... this could all be different if I would have just been by her side from the start. I've seen some nasty shit in my career but this infection that's going around has to be the worst of it all. I've always been a hard headed kinda of guy but Sara has always made me have a soft spot. Sara if you're looking over me now I've found some people who I feel safe with, I miss you and I love you. You'll always be in my heart. May god bless you. I'm going to go one day at a time and just use what I've learned from job and just keep to myself and find out what the hell is going on here... Chapter Two: Well.. here I am.. finally got the chance to sit down and write. Its been quite a busy week for me. Sara if you're looking down at me and protected me this past week, god bless you... I needed it. I traveled up to the town Stary Sobor on my own a few days back, kind of just went on a solo mission to find some information for the guys I've been with. Everything was great until I got mixed up with the wrong people. Met some guy apart of this Collective group and he needed help, a nice guy I am I decided to. He had me locate a man by the name of John Ryker, well with my expertise in this kind of thing from my past I was able to do so quite fast. I lured the man out to our rendezvous point with these Collective people and thats when everything took a huge turn. These people raised their guns and had this man stripped of his belongings, dignity, and pride before I could even blink. These guys were the real deal, not someone I would wanna be on the other end of the barrel from. I was waiting outside just listening to the screams and cries this man was letting out from whatever they were doing to him, it was awful to listen to.. its like I constantly hear his voice in the back of my head just screaming.. Ugh, well shortly after that more men showed up but they weren't from these Collective guys. I only remember one name in particular, the way the hostage said it just sat it with me weird... Mr. Black... when he said his name you could tell his fear was just resting on the tip of his tongue. I knew this wouldn't be good at all. I began talking to a man named David Banks and Viktor from these Collective people and they told me they are hunting all these former NATO and CDF soldiers and are going to execute them and apparently thats who this John guy was. This David guy kind of seemed a little over the edge especially after he told hes executed three men in the past 24 hours and with no remorse in his eyes. Luckily enough for John god was on his side that day, not too long after we spoke and the other men showed up, seemed like it was eight or more men showed up and had us surrounded with guns, bullets started flying and I fucking ran for my life and kept telling myself... todays not my day, on step at a time... myself and this other guy, don't remember his name, were running across an open field from the firefight and BAM he takes a bullet to the back of the head and drops right next to me. It was either him or me so I had to keep moving with that as my mindset. I made it to a town but I was still being shot at finally one of the men got a clean shot on me and clipped my right arm, making me drop my gun, but it was through and through so I quickly took my jacket off and wrapped it as quick as possible and kept moving south until I hit a big city called Chernogorsk and I've been shacked up here for a few days just laying low. Sara please keep looking over me.. you're all thats keeping me alive right now...
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