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  1. Going to add to praise for shadowplay. Ideally it would be great if Dxtory had support of NVENC so you get shadowplay quality/minimal usage but dxtory's audio channel separation. If you're just recording for fun, go with shadowplay. If you want to create "mr moon" style feature length stuff with lots of post recording sound editing then Dxtory.
  2. This could either be the time I was speaking to staff on the helpdesk TS or from from my second life and I lost connection. My teamspeak name is d0us and you can check that I lost both connection to TS and DayZ at the same time if logging is your concern. I have video of this if you would like. I appreciate that this was a misunderstanding. I spoke to two people in TS, I'm sorry I didn't take their names. I went to helpdesk straight after what happened and discussed this. I also posted a question thread about clarification of avoiding RP which includes what the staff members told me. Again apologies for misunderstanding. I hope my next character has a less salty exchange if we meet again. R.I.P Timor
  3. Thanks for the responses. They seem to largely confirm my original understanding. But just from my short time here it seems a bit unfair that my first example seems to be a grudgingly tolerated practice by established groups while individuals are at risk of getting reported for preserving their character's safety. But sure consider my question solved as I believe I understand the rule. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I thought I understood the terms of 'avoiding rp' but I've had different answers from different staff in TS. And I'm especially interested now as I've been accused of it. When I first came on the server I followed advice and headed to Stary where I'm told many people hang out. I was pretty happy, after 3 days of having no contact to finally encounter so many people gathered around a campfire! So I hello to be erm...roundly ignored. I realised after encountering a few groups like this that some people just don't want to speak to people outside of their group. So I ask a friendly member of staff on TS if this is is the norm. I was advised that eventually I'll find someone to RP with but you will find groups like this, but to not take it personally and move on. Fine However, today I approached Stary again, and heard some people arguing in away that sounded like a hold up. So I thought it would be sensible from my character's point of view to avoid the area. One of the other players saw me do this, confronted me and then reported me. I just spoke to a staff member on TS who confirmed that yes, by avoiding a dangerous area I was avoiding rp. So I don't understand how willfully ignoring players just because they're are not in your clique is fine but a character fearing for his life and avoiding places where he might get killed is bad rp??
  5. d0usted

    How RP changed the way I play DayZ.

    I was a never a kos type on pub servers and never killed a freshy if I could help it. However RP, or more specifically the current RP character I'm playing has had a heavy effect on my public/none rp experiences. I'm someone who avoids conflicts but as my RP character I took on the role of a person in charge of people and adopted a rather authoritarian/school masterish voice which kind of 'stuck' when I switched to PVP. Now I'm not saying I'm a convert to NLP but when I went into a house and was shot I just fell into my RP character and scolded the other player like he was a naughty schoolboy "what did you think you're doing? I'm unarmed? Is this how you play a game? Now put that gun down". The other player actually apologised for shooting me.
  6. Ha I just bumped into 2 big groups of people in Stary and got ignored by both. Just waltzed into the middle of their campfire chats, said hello a few times but ignored, so I just drank some water from the well and got my coat . I guess it beats being shot in the head though.
  7. Hello all, Just thought I'd drop you all a quick greeting. Finally passed that quiz . Been twice around the map and not seeing a soul over two days until I came across a lit up house in Elektro just now that unnerved me after all this time. A few voices in the midst of a heated dispute so I thought, true to character, I'll steer clear and observe from a distance. Eating up all the guides you guys have made, great exhaustive stuff here, cheers. My guy's not a native and bumbled across the northern border in an ill fated smuggling run. All his info about the situation is from outdated and censored Russian media so the last 2 days in the wilderness has taken some time to process. He's realised the route north is blocked to him so he made his way down to Elektro in the hope of finding a boat out. Maybe he'll meet someone who'll lay it down for him: There's nowhere to go and he might as well get used to the idea that this is home... Hope to bump into some of you d0us/Timor Mazerov
  8. Ha, took some lovely photos on the way down indeed
  9. Cheers Phoenix, Yeh I started in Berizino and head inland (avoided Green Mountain and the military bases, yeh watching certain youtube videos told me this was a good idea ). Chilled in Severegrad and made friends with the only infected in Novo . Then came back to the coast and heard the first voices which scared the hell out of me more than any Z would do .