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  1. The Lore Wipe..?

    Perhaps use a different A2 ending? IE, Chedaki victory, NAPA victory, Etc. Less americans/nato/UN, more Russians, chernarussians, etc.
  2. NW AF - Gunfight videos. - Not report just for fun

    The guy in the hangar. Vid 2, 6:00.
  3. NW AF - Gunfight videos. - Not report just for fun

    Lol, the guy with the orange backpack... Thats me. Some guy text initiated from behind the hangar and I read the text as he fired.
  4. >Alexia Alexey. Had lots of fun getting robbed by Henry and you and proceeding to roll with you two. Eventually got captured, (as you can see by my invisible torso in the above pics) and had some great RP.