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  1. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    If I'm going down Post comes with me.
  2. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    I was just giving honest feedback, I know you struggle with being honest so I will let it slide. Your secret is safe with me.
  3. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    @Cormacisn't intimidating, which is why he is a real dangerous piece of shit. Luls you into a false sense of security by sounding like a 12 year old...then he greases you with pvp. @Covert I don't see it, but maybe its because I know him well enough. @Post Is only intimidating because you can never tell if he is going to RDM/KOS you at any given moment.
  4. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    Tbh I can't think of any intimidating Scottish characters, and no member of coldwater was ever intimidating in any capacity.
  5. Roger

    New website Premium perks

    I think thats more aimed at viewing on mobile, where download speed on wifi is an issue; furthermore more stuff means more to load thus taking up more mobile data.
  6. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    What do you mean instead of you... You're just a lesser Vic. For the record Japanese accents are the least intimidating accent.
  7. Roger

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    This argument is kinda like saying we should go to arma 2 because arma 3 is more expensive thus limiting your audience. Arma 3 has a healthy community and as long as we are proactive about dipping into that community audience wont be a concern.
  8. Roger

    Desolation Redux direction poll

    To be totally fair, the last Desolation server might have been light RP; with that being said the RP was fairly good. I had more memorable Rp experiences in that short time than I did in a similar time frame in DayzRp. So perhaps Light Rp would be the best of both worlds in this case.
  9. Roger

    • Roger
    • Oliv

    Expire my points already :V

    1. Oliv


      All of em? How crooked do you think I am?

      *Passes note with secret offshore account info written on it*

  10. Roger

    Radio chatter rules gone too far?

    To be fair, I didn't get points for eating the radio. I got points for staff interpreting my actions as my character eating a radio. The radio chatter where I actually ate my radio I didn't get points, which to me is a little ironic.
  11. Roger

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Cormac Provided some very strong RP today, although he needs to work on his Russian accent a little.
  12. Roger

    To Ex-Horsemen [Old Horsemen Freq Private]

    *Roger hears this over the old frequency and responds* "Its simple, I killed Kelsie. She had it coming and thats that." *Roger Releases the PTT*
  13. Roger

    Pins and Needles

    Well I mean, I agree that it was justified as the rules go; but should those posts have been pointed? I think when your handing out points to people enjoying themselves on their thread in a way that doesn't cause any trouble for anyone else in the community; you might want to stop and think "Huh, is it even worth pointing something some minor?".
  14. Roger

    Pins and Needles

    I think you mean't standard rules and punishments, except for Chernov and Thumper; fuck those guys am I rite? I can get behind not making exceptions for people; whether it be a final warning or specifics of what rule they might have broken. The truth of the matter is though exceptions are constantly made in the case of points and bans; some of them I totally agree with, others not so much. I just find it a bit silly when sometimes the rules are the law, and are carried out in a very black and white way; where as other times its allowed (or people are permd).
  15. Roger

    Pins and Needles

    Seems like something that should have atleast been thought about, especially when you have a thread full of people memeing. I could have agreed with the points if it was on a discussion thread, but when its people obviously having a laugh then why go in and bring points into the matter; I think the fact that its a media thread also makes it kind of silly. Before people start getting the wrong idea, I'm not here to defend a friend who got perm'd (Truth be told I never liked Siorre in the slightest.).
  16. Roger

    Pins and Needles

    Was he trying to derail the thread with his comments?
  17. Roger

    Pins and Needles

    When I was in staff there was always alot of debate about whether a certain post deserved points. Often it would involve multiple people disagreeing. Some being very black and white like Santa Claus working on his naughty list, others felt it was so minor that it shouldn't even be discussed. Most of the time I feel like these discussions end up with no points (As they should for such minor things); although once and awhile we get people online at the time of discussion who are overly sensitive to fun. Generally thats when you see points for things like "issa Knife". I always believed that points discussions should go like this; if you have to debate it for more than 5 minutes it means its so small an issue that it doesn't deserve points. If you have to start pulling out dictionaries to argue semantics, or begin a study group on the rules page; then it probably doesn't deserve points.
  18. Roger

    LiF Status Report 02/02/17

    Stats and attributes are on the same table; and inventories are separate entirely and do not need to be migrated over (As they are coded similar to chests in the database). When I was on the original LiF team, all I did was handle database related things; so I know what Im talking about here.
  19. Roger

    LiF Status Report 02/02/17

    Your not migrating bits and pieces; this isn't like your moving individual characters. The problem is easily handled by migrating the full tables which are independent of most other database tables.
  20. Roger

    LiF Status Report 02/02/17

    Actually its totally possible to transfer over the characters; thats the luxury of having access to a fairly indepth database that logs all the stats and attributes in a fairly easy to access way. All you had to do was simply transfer over the accounts table, and characters table, I guess that was just too much work doe.
  21. Roger

    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    Mentors should be people who are well known in the community for their Rp, and have a very good track record in game. From the start the mentor program has always lacked that, its more or less been filled with cookie cutter rp'rs that really offer no real insight into what is phenomenal rp. At the end of the day, everyone thinks they are fantastic rp'rs when really they are just doing the same old crap as 80% of the people on here; mentors should be those in the community who go a step above the rest and actually strive to create interesting and inclusive rp.
  22. Roger

    "The Book of Chernarus" - Pre-Outbreak Lore

    I agree with this; when we discussed changing the owner of this thread I was very much so against switching it from flashcrack to another loremaster. I understand that as far as TOS goes your work in staff belongs to dayzrp and what not; but I still think credit should be due where its deserved. The only reason I have the thread is because Terra thought it would be funny to give it to me because I explicitly said I didn't want to adopt Flash cracks abandoned baby.
  23. Roger

    Staff Feedback: Roland

    Feedback: I find that you can be very inconsistent with how you handle members of the community from one instance to the other. There has been a number of times where you have made a call that would lead to the permanent removal of a member of the community (Sometimes even over turning verdicts or decisions by other staff). The issue I have is we have all these checks and balances in place to punish community members who act or do things seen as unwanted in the community; often in a way that would allow them to learn from their mistakes. I know there will be cases that warrant a removal from the community; such as very serious violations, or constant repeats of rule breaks/community rule infractions. Those cases are unavoidable and I can totally understand why we have rule 4. The issue I have is that some times members are hit with Rule 4 simply because of how they word things; perhaps they are rather jaded with how things are going in the community or dislike the direction things are headed. I can understand that you might not like seeing those people speaking negatively about the community; but I think its rather unfair to simply permanently remove these people without proper checks in place first. If feedback is negative, suggestion on how to improve: For those cases that arn't out right malicious (jaded perhaps but not damaging in nature) I'd like to see the systems in place be used instead of permanent removals. My examples would be Thumper and Chernov; I won't go into to much detail (This isn't me trying to argue for them to be unbanned), but Chernov for example was on 0 warning points if I remember correctly and he went straight to a permanent removal for speaking out about JimRP. I understand the post was flaming in nature, but I'd like to see the systems that are already in place come into effect before a rule 4 is issued. I can understand repeat offenders having harsher consequences; but I think more warning and engagement should have been present before these permanent removals occurred, especially if the people in question arn't acting in malicious ways.
  24. Roger


    I gave him beanz because Jimrp calls me an asshole and a douchebag to other people; but yes I am the one with the ooc hate.
  25. Roger

    Seeking a good "radio voice".

    Listen here you weeb lookin ass, you dont know quality when you hear it.
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