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  1. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    If I'm going down Post comes with me.
  2. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    I was just giving honest feedback, I know you struggle with being honest so I will let it slide. Your secret is safe with me.
  3. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    @Cormacisn't intimidating, which is why he is a real dangerous piece of shit. Luls you into a false sense of security by sounding like a 12 year old...then he greases you with pvp. @Covert I don't see it, but maybe its because I know him well enough. @Post Is only intimidating because you can never tell if he is going to RDM/KOS you at any given moment.
  4. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    Tbh I can't think of any intimidating Scottish characters, and no member of coldwater was ever intimidating in any capacity.
  5. Roger

    New website Premium perks

    I think thats more aimed at viewing on mobile, where download speed on wifi is an issue; furthermore more stuff means more to load thus taking up more mobile data.
  6. Roger

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    What do you mean instead of you... You're just a lesser Vic. For the record Japanese accents are the least intimidating accent.
  7. Roger

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    This argument is kinda like saying we should go to arma 2 because arma 3 is more expensive thus limiting your audience. Arma 3 has a healthy community and as long as we are proactive about dipping into that community audience wont be a concern.
  8. Roger

    Desolation Redux direction poll

    To be totally fair, the last Desolation server might have been light RP; with that being said the RP was fairly good. I had more memorable Rp experiences in that short time than I did in a similar time frame in DayzRp. So perhaps Light Rp would be the best of both worlds in this case.
  9. Roger

    • Roger
    • Oliv

    Expire my points already :V

    1. Oliv


      All of em? How crooked do you think I am?

      *Passes note with secret offshore account info written on it*

  10. Roger

    Radio chatter rules gone too far?

    To be fair, I didn't get points for eating the radio. I got points for staff interpreting my actions as my character eating a radio. The radio chatter where I actually ate my radio I didn't get points, which to me is a little ironic.
  11. Roger

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Cormac Provided some very strong RP today, although he needs to work on his Russian accent a little.
  12. Roger

    To Ex-Horsemen [Old Horsemen Freq Private]

    *Roger hears this over the old frequency and responds* "Its simple, I killed Kelsie. She had it coming and thats that." *Roger Releases the PTT*
  13. Roger

    Pins and Needles

    Well I mean, I agree that it was justified as the rules go; but should those posts have been pointed? I think when your handing out points to people enjoying themselves on their thread in a way that doesn't cause any trouble for anyone else in the community; you might want to stop and think "Huh, is it even worth pointing something some minor?".
  14. Roger

    Pins and Needles

    I think you mean't standard rules and punishments, except for Chernov and Thumper; fuck those guys am I rite? I can get behind not making exceptions for people; whether it be a final warning or specifics of what rule they might have broken. The truth of the matter is though exceptions are constantly made in the case of points and bans; some of them I totally agree with, others not so much. I just find it a bit silly when sometimes the rules are the law, and are carried out in a very black and white way; where as other times its allowed (or people are permd).
  15. Roger

    Pins and Needles

    Seems like something that should have atleast been thought about, especially when you have a thread full of people memeing. I could have agreed with the points if it was on a discussion thread, but when its people obviously having a laugh then why go in and bring points into the matter; I think the fact that its a media thread also makes it kind of silly. Before people start getting the wrong idea, I'm not here to defend a friend who got perm'd (Truth be told I never liked Siorre in the slightest.).
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