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  1. Failed to install BattlEye - Solutions?

    Awesome, I'll make sure to do that if it happens again to avoid all the fuss, lol. Thanks.
  2. Failed to install BattlEye - Solutions?

    I would've, but now the cmd prompt closes instantly and the reinstall of DayZ is coming up with a disk read error. it may be a problem with my HDD, scanning it for errors now, I'll keep you posted Thanks again. ____________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE - No errors on the HDD, gonna give it a restart and pray for salvation. Be right back. It seems like the restart has done the trick, installed BattlEye successfully and back to working order. Thanks for responding so quickly! In case it happens to anyone else: 1. Reinstall steam 2. Delete BattlEye files from DayZ folder 3. Reinstall DayZ 4. Restart
  3. Failed to install BattlEye - Solutions?

    Hey, - This issue started at around 10am today (GMT) - It is happening on the recent update - I purchased the game I believe over a year ago, definitely isn't a recent purchase. Thanks for the speedy reply. I had the same thing happen to me not to long ago. I tried everything but nothing worked and then one day it just decided to work again, so it may be a waiting game. I'll have to see what happens I guess then, also gonna reinstall steam while I'm at it. Thanks
  4. Failed to install BattlEye - Solutions?

    Hey, I was logged into the Server1 on DayZ when the screen went black and 'Waiting for host' popped up and then crashed the game... when I tried to get back on it I am getting a cmd prompt with the BattlEye install failing... Anyone have any ideas on how to fix? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I've tried... 1. Removing and installing battleye manually 2. Verified the cache with steam 3. Uninstalled DayZ and Reinstalled 4. Run as administrator
  5. Hello there!

    http://i.imgur.com/zSVLRE4.png[/img] Hello! I'm a newbie here and I'd just thought I'd pop in and say hello, looking forward to meeting you all and chipping in on the forums Seeya all on DayZRP
  6. Whitelist problem

    I have the same issue here, I have filled in everything and it is not letting the application go through. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.