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    Ifa you no smile...

    Resting on a fishing dock, a young woman hears a murmur of static emerging from her pocket. She has long forgotten about her radio, knowing the batteries are soon to be exhausted, much like everything else in the world nowadays. She thinks back, trying to remember that frequency she had once found. She remembers a man's voice.. Enzo, she thinks his name may have been. Wondering what the odds are that the strange man will be listening, she pulls out her radio. *She tunes to the channel and presses down on the button, but releases it without speaking.* She wonders if some other arbitrary soul could be listening instead. "Ah, what the hell," she says quietly to herself. *She holds down the button yet again.* "You're English may be weak, but you certainly tell some damn funny jokes."
  2. Lylah Lubov

    New change to whitelist system (1 Nov 2015)

    I really like the idea of this rule. I've been on some other RP servers with friends who weren't quite suited for the community and they always broke a rule or messed up somehow or another. I think a decent percent of the time, if a new member is going to get in trouble, it won't take them very long to do so. This sounds like it has a lot of potential to help solve that issue and I hope it's working out so far. Ps. Still working on my whitelist story, sorry I haven't been very active. Crazy life in the real world sometimes! Plus waiting for .59 and my new rig. Poor framerate and RP doesn't mix well! Still can't wait to come join the fun.
  3. Thanks for the tips! (: And to all the repliers above and beyond, thank you! I already love this community and I just got here. Everyone seems so much more helpful than in any other servers I've been a part of!
  4. Hello fellow survivors! In game name is Lylah Lubov, and that's what you can all call me (: I've been lurking on the website for a while now, even dabbling with my background story here and there; I just needed the right time and place to join you all! I'm studying the lore, rules and newcomers guide while managing RL. For a while I took a break on DayZ due to starting a new job but I have returned and fairly soon I will be applying for the whitelist. Honestly could not be more excited! This looks like an amazing server and community and I've heard so many good things. Hope to see you all soon enough!